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2000 Ford Contour Auto Trans Filter ATP

P311-3BBC3E6    B-236  New

ATP Auto Trans Filter
Brand: ATP
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Transmission Manuf. Code
2000 - Ford Contour CD4E
1997 Ford Contour Auto Trans Filter 6 Cyl 2.5L Fram

P311-0B263A6    FT1167A  New

Fram Auto Trans Filter
  • Replaces FT1167 Transmission Filter w/UltraCork Gasket
  • FRAM
Brand: Fram
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block CC CID
1997 - Ford Contour V 2450 155

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Transmission not pulling

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Question From DustinBobbitt on Transmission not pulling

I have a 4 cylinder 2000 Ford Contour 133k miles

Ive only driven the car for about 2 months, Ive never had an issue with it until yesterday other than an occasional hard shift when driving the car hard. Yesterday when I dropped the car in drive it wouldnt pull at all, I sat in my apartments parking lot contiually reving the car high in drive but it wont do anything, its like the car is in neutral.
Reverse works and I can drive by manually shifting from first to second and then putting the car in drive, but if I put it into drive before reaching 3rd gear it jumps back to neutral.
I checked the linkage, and the lever it connects to on the transmission; when put into drive the position of the lever coincides with the neutral position.
I called a few local transmission shops and they diagnosed is as a broken sprag, but from reading online it seems like it could be a clogged transmission filter or a faulty transmission range sensor.
Prior to this issue I would sometimes here a whistle coming from under the hood when driving, I didnt know until today that a whistle is indicative of a vaccum leak, but wouldnt it throw on my check engine light?

I am happy to provide any more details as I am desperate for help and will LOVE YOU forever for ur assistance as this is my only car and daily driver, manually shifting everywhere I go is a definite pain and sometimes 3rd doesnt catch right away which Im sure could lead to even more problems. Thanks in advance <333333

Edit: I have checked my transmission fluid, its at the correct level and is a nice cherry red, it doesnt have any bad or burnt odor

Response From Tom Greenleaf

"I called a few local transmission shops and they diagnosed is as a broken sprag, but from reading online it seems like it could be a clogged transmission filter or a faulty transmission range sensor."

Well? Why not let them actually look at it?

As for trans filter if that is clogging the trans is done with IMO.

I'd check motor mounts to know engine sits in proper place without abnormal movement most just observe with hood open if alone shifting, brakes applied firmly in place shift forward to reverse and watch it with a reasonable fight with throttle. If it seems too much with a helper you should be able to see which one(s) might be trouble.

Noise? A noisy vacuum leak would almost certainly cause the engine to run poorly and set a code. At least visually check vacuum items and air intake parts are all good and in place. Not totally sure if vacuum leak if real is the cause of what you described with trans shift or feeling like neutral. That so far seems linkage is just not behaving and that/those trans shops seemed to be familiar with it over the phone so let them look right at it and point out the issue if obvious would save you a lot of grief guessing,


Response From DustinBobbitt

Thank you for your response. Can you answer me this, as unfortunatly I dont have a properly functioning car to make comparison. The lever the linkage connects to that is actually on the transmisson. (maybe its called the transmission range sensor) From outside the car watching the lever, when I put the car in drive and its not moving, should the lever be in the same position it would be when I put the car in 1st gear or should it be the same as when the car is in neutral

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Sorry if I'm misunderstanding you. I take it you can at least think you have it in DRIVE coming from park, passing neutral and it's still in neutral but if you go down the range to lower gears and back it will stay in DRIVE - are we on the same page?

If so I think the linkage is just enough stretched or off/worn in a way that has it just on the edge of correct and defaults to neutral. If so I would think you could just nudge it more just a bit towards lower gears and it would engage. I'm just not sure if that can be adjusted better or new parts would be the fix for that if it's exactly like that.

There were other models older than this goofy things were so common to all similar models folks and techs would either replace lots of shift parts or some folks just learned to put up with it but I do NOT know of this car to be one of those so there's something to be either adjusted or replaced is about all I can say without observing this in person,