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2008 Dodge Ram 3500 Auto Trans Filter ATP

P311-2BA9E47    TX-111  New

ATP Auto Trans Filter
Brand: ATP
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Transmission Drive Type Transmission Manuf. Code
2008 - Dodge Ram 3500 Automatic RWD 545RFE

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Changing Transmission Filter Mazda 626

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Question From 2001626 on Changing Transmission Filter Mazda 626

2001 Mazda 626
V6, 2.5l
Automatic Transmission- GF4ael
67,000 miles

Hi - getting ready to replace transmission filter on my 01 v6 auto. I picked up a filter from Advance Auto, the Brand is Pro-King. Wanted to get some opinions as to the quality of this brand, or is their a brand of filter that is better for this trans. Or should I get it from Mazda? Thanks

Response From steve01832

Filters are usually an aftermarket product. What you may want to do though, double check with the dealer on what kind of trans. fluid your vehicle uses. If it is a synthetic, you can't just throw Dexron in it or the trans. will fail.


Response From 2001626 Top Rated Answer

Thanks for the reply and will call the dealer. One last question. I have been told that the trans filter in there now is a wire screen, but the aftermarkets are more of a filament (cloth?). Should I be concerned? Can a tranny flush still be performed with the new aftermarket filter?

Response From steve01832

If the manufacturer calls for just a screen, you can just do the flush. Your best bet is to see what the manufacturer recommends.


automatic transmission filter change

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Question From Guest on automatic transmission filter change

transmission on a 89 oldsmobile cutlass. was wondering if anyone knows anything about how to change the filter. transmission is slipping out of gear and sometimes it wont go back in. other times you got to ease on it. sometimes foward drive wont work other times reverse drive wont work. anyone got a idea of what my problem might be.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Surely you have checked that the fluid is fairly clean and of course full now.

This slipping is usually game over t=for the transmission.

The filter should be held in by a small bolt or a bail. Changing fluid won't hurt but only a low chance of solving the trouble, T

Response From darrin

well i'm hoping that it might help fix it. i'm hoping that it might be a cloged filter but i know that it usuall means it's done. theres just one bolt right. besides the ones on the pan. this is my first time changing the filter.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I don't know how filter is fastened exactly but if you just look at it - it whould be fairly straight forward. It may not come out even with fasteners removed as it could be also friction tight to a strong rubber seal kind of like a PCV valve does.

Good luck and let us know if it works or helps. You'll know pretty quickly, T

Response From darrin

well man, i changed the filter and the fluid. started it up. ran good. took it to town. put 5 bucks in gas in it. broght it home. brought it up to about 70 to see what it would do cuz it was running good. real good. got to the road i live on and it stoped moving. put it in reverse and it started grinding. put it in drive and it moved but it wouldn't go. it just slowly creeped forward. i guess i need a new transmission. but i was wondering if you knew anything about that 3.3l bolting up to a transmission thats bolted to a 2.3l. i think it's the same tranny. just not sure. they both say hydromatic on the pan. what you think. should i try it.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Valiant effort Darren!

I think this battle is lost so the options are................

Good used (good salvage yards will know what models and years will just bolt in and they are pretty good at guessing which ones are good.) Some will install what they sell!

Off to get rebuilt which would have a substantial warranty. Getting pricey though and may get up to $1500.

New out of box is wicked expensive and I don't know of many who can take that expense on an older car.

Of interest: I always have driven older cars -- right now an 89 with 210K on it and it purrs but it's rusting and won't spend big bucks on that one anymore. There is a time to cut your losses and it's hard to tell when. There were a few that I spent way too much on as they were a love affair. At the end of the day they are just metal objects.

If this car is in nice overall shape go for it. Just looked at a flyer of used cars here and I was shocked at the prices!!

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

Y'all come back if only to say "hi" T

Response From darrin

well the engine thats in the grand am has 222,990 on the od. but it's in very good shape. no rust or anything. interior is perfect. the engine in the olds has maybe 20,000 on the rebuild. it reads 113,000 on the od. so i was going to try to mix and match. the grand am is a 92 and the olds is a 89. i know there both gm cars so wouldn't they bolt up. i'm going to have to experiment with it. in my book they say that all cars listed here come with one of two possible transmissions. a 3t40 a 3 speed and a 4t60e a 4 speed.the 3 speed was 96 and later the 4 speed 96 and earlyer. now both 2.3's and 3.3's are listed in the book. i'm wondering if it would work. i see your from massacusets. i'm originaly from new york but i'm living in south georgia now. i know what winter does to a car up there. total rust out. well man thanks for the info. i'll get back to you if i have any luck. and i'm gonna keep an eye on this site.

Response From Guest

the 4t60e is an electronic trans. the other im not sure about but if it not i dont think they can be interchanged. by the way why did you even continue once you saw broken parts in the pan?? i mean they obviosly came from the transmission and i would guess they are their for a reason.

Response From darrin Top Rated Answer

them plastic peices looked like they had been there for a long time. they left marks on the bottom of the pan and the entire pan was coated in a jello like substance that i'm guessing was metal particals and old fluid. wasn't sure if it was just a minor problem or not. but now we know. i belive both transmissions are 3t40's. gonna have that checked out.

Response From darrin

well i pulled the pan off. the magnet is very dirty. like jello. and theres some white plastic ring type thing in the bottom of the pan about the size of a big grapefruit. it is broke. i found 3 peices of it. i couldn't find the rest of it. any idea. the filter was a pull off type. my fluid looks dark red. like maybe say brick red. i think i might have to rebuild this transmission or get a new one. i'm going to try the new filter and new fluid first just to see what it does. sometimes they have a way of fixing themselves. but sometimes they dont. i'll let ya know what happens . thanks for the info

Response From darrin

i'm draining the fluid out of it right now. i'll keep you posted just in case it aint. thanks man.

car noise

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Question From RichardGilpin on car noise

2006 dodge ram 2500 w/ cummins deisel engine. i hear a high pitch noise like a loose belt when I accelerate. never did this before until after i changed the transmission filter and fluid.

Response From kensoncustom

did the filter look the same as the one you took out they have a deep pan filter and a short pan filter.do you have gasket instaled properly?sounds a restriction

Response From RichardGilpin

yes, I compared the old filter to the new one, and they matched. the gasket installed correctly. I was thinking about changing the filter again.

Response From nickwarner

Did you change the fluid as routine maintenance or was this acting up a bit and you thought a fluid change would help?

Response From RichardGilpin

I changed the filter as routine maintanence, and also because it felt like the transmission was slipping when I turn a corner and accelerated, like maybe it was low on fluid.

Response From Sidom

It probably would've been a good idea to check the fluid level before you did the service just to verify if this was a low fluid problem or something more serious.

Tranny services like any other service is to be done as maintenance and not to correct a problem. With transmissions, if you let the maintenance go to a point where you are getting shifting issues. You've done serious damage to the tranny and it doesn't have long to live, even if the service has seemed to "help".

Now if it was just low, that would actually be a better thing but the leak would definitely need to be fix......

Response From mmiigu

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Response From Hammer Time

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Response From RichardGilpin Top Rated Answer

no I did not change the oil cooler filter, only the transmission filter. there were no signs of any leaks. I was overseas for about a year and the truck stayed parked in the driveway. I had a family member start my truck about once a week and let it run for awhile just to keep the battires charged. when i returned from overseas and started driving again thats is when it felt like it was slipping when i turned a corner and accelerated. it would not slip from a normal stop and go, only when cornering.

Response From Sidom

Sitting can be very hard on a vehicle. It's good you were having it started but it's still not the same as driving it....
I'm guessing that you weren't way over on the mileage for the service and it may just be a seal getting hard and no sealing correctly. 1 year isn't a killer & hopefully the service & driving it again will take care of the shifting issue....

Is the noise still there? You may want to see if you can duplicate the noise while the truck is sitting still so you can trace down where it is coming from....It very well could be a belt. Rubber parts & the exhaust take sitting the hardest...

Response From Discretesignals

Sorry I made a boo boo post earlier. 48RE doesn't use an oil cooler filter even though the TSBs in the 48RE section were for the 45RFE / 545RFE.

Response From RichardGilpin

cant say for sure what type of transmission I have, but I was thinking it was the 44RE. the truck is a 2006 dodge ram 2500 mega-cab with the cummins diesel.

Response From Discretesignals

It's definitely not the 44RE. It's a 48RE.

Response From Discretesignals

If your brake torquing it and it is making the noise, you could have a torque converter problem if the noise is coming from the transmission. I'd run it to a transmission shop and let them have a listen.

Response From RichardGilpin

sounds like the logical thing to do at this point. Thanks for your input.

Response From Discretesignals

Let us know how things go.

Response From RichardGilpin


Response From RichardGilpin

yes the noise is still there. it will not make the noise when it is sitting still. i have revved up the engine in park and also in nuetral but it does not make the noise. it only makes the noise when i aacelerate, especially if i go to get on the freeway. it does not slip only makes that high pitch noise

Response From Discretesignals

Does it make the noise if you brake torque it?

Response From RichardGilpin

yes it does. it almost sounds like a dry bearing in the turbo.

Response From Discretesignals

Did you use ATF+4 fluid? Fluid level has to be checked with the fluid warmed up and the transmission in neutral with the engine running.

Response From RichardGilpin

yes, i used the atf+4 synthetic that it calls for.