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1976 Chevrolet truck

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Question From TravisH on 1976 Chevrolet truck

How Is Everyone:

I have a question there is nothing wrong with my transmission on my pick-up but wanted to ask which transmission cooler line is the return? I've read it's the top others say it's the bottom so figured better ask. The reason I'm asking I purchased one of those external automatic transmission filter kits. The truck has a TH350 transmission also has any one had any experience with these kits?


Response From gsferraro

According to the chart that i have, the top line is cooler return. Sorry for the late reply. Gary

Response From TravisH Top Rated Answer

Thankyou; Gary for getting back with me. From what little I could find on the internet came to the same conclusion the top line on a th350 was the return line or cooler line. If you don't mind me asking where did you find your information flow chart? Travis

Response From gsferraro

I have some older stuff in a binder from back in the day, im a transmission shop owner, gathered info through the years at seminars. Gary

Transmission not going in gear after chaning fluid

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Question From jhbhoward on Transmission not going in gear after chaning fluid

1993 Chevrolet Corsica
124,000 miles
6 cylinder

I had a bad transmission leak and needed to replace the gasket and did the transmission filter as well. The car ran fine, but after changing the fluid and adding 4 qt dexron iii and the stick showing full it will not attempt to go into gear at all.

I am thinking to go ahead and redo the process, maybe the filter came unattached or something? Does anybody have any suggestions or had this problem.


Response From chevyrocks8727 Top Rated Answer

Im prety sure that the filter may have came loose. remove the pan and make sure its fully attached to the valve body. In some tranny models, it comes with a seal like an o-ring shape when you buy a filter kit. Double check the filter seal. If the filter comes out easy, replace the seal a new one. hope this will fix the problem.