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94 geo prizm no lowbeams

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Question From bhcarcare on 94 geo prizm no lowbeams

my 1994 geo prizm has had a problem with the headlights no working but the highbeams do, almost a year ago i had the local mechanic fix it but last night after i was leaving someones house they started going on and off at random times until they went for good for about a half hour. so i stopped and flipped the switch off and on a few times with no result but i was delivering pizzas so i had to get going so i was driving back to the store with my hazards on and sometime while i was driving they came back on. when i got to the store i checked the fuses and tugged the wires going straight to the bulbs and the lights still worked so now im just trying to figure out wut i can do to make sure it doesnt happen again, thanks!

Response From steve01832

From the description you gave you may want to check the headlamp relay.


Response From bhcarcare

im a newbie, where would i look for that?

Response From steve01832

The relay is located in the fuse/relay block under the hood. I have also attached the headlight wiring diagrams for you also.


Response From Loren Champlain Sr

Sorry Steve; Your posts weren't showing yet when I posted.

Response From steve01832 Top Rated Answer

That is not a problem Loren.


Response From Loren Champlain Sr that you don't have two low beam headlamps burned out; 'gut' instinct would be the dimmer switch(top pic) that is causing your grief, but you will have to access the switch at the time it is acting up to verify. If it tests good, then testing the headlamp switch (lower pic) would be next.

96 Geo Prizm, wont start

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Question From jw6397 on 96 Geo Prizm, wont start

I just bought a 96 Geo Prizm, someone had replaced the engine and it wont start, I noticed when I put a fresh battery in, the daytime running lights came on without the keys in the ignition. It turns over, but wont run, and lights stay on at all times.

Response From nickwarner

Pull the DRL relay and see if it has power to the control terminal. If not, the relay is sticking and replacing it will cure the trouble.

Response From jw6397

Will that stop it from starting though Nick?

Response From nickwarner

No. The DRL circuits have nothing to do with your engine running. They are a key-on accessory. Have you ever heard this car run on the new engine or did you buy it like this? You are either missing fuel, spark, or both. Check fuel pressure at the rail and check for spark while cranking. Post back with results. Also, look very closely for anything that might not have been hooked up by the last guy working on it if you bought it non-running. Pull some spark plugs and check to see the condition. Might be something cheap and easy that will get this on the road for you. Check the little things first and find out if you have fuel and spark. Post back with what you have and we can guide you to the next step from there. If your engine light is on get the codes and post them too. The more information we have the more we can do for you here.

Response From jw6397 Top Rated Answer

I pulled the DRL relay behind the headlight, that stopped the lights from being on constantly. Checked all the spark plug wires with a timing light while I was turning it light, appears to be no spark, is there a sequence of things I should go through for the ignition system Nick?

Response From jw6397

The check engine light comes on without the key being in the ignition and the temperature gauge cranks, when I turn the key to ON, the temp gauge goes back down?

Response From nickwarner

this sounds like an ignition switch as its affecting key on circuits while off.

Response From jw6397

The check engine light comes on without the key being in the ignition and the temperature gauge cranks, when I turn the key to ON, the temp gauge goes back down?

No Headlights

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Question From Edfireball on No Headlights

95 Suzuki Swift (same as Geo Metro) headlights flickered and went out. Came on again later, but don't come on now. Daylight running lights work. Neither high or low beams work. High beams do come on when flashed on turn signal. Relay #1 energizes marker lights. I can feel relay #2 energizing, but no headlights. Swapped #1 and #2 relays with no change. Chilton manual shows drl control module, but where is it? and does this seem like the next step?

Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!

Response From steve01832

You may want to check the headlight switch. The DRL relay is pulled in when the ignition is turned to on. The headlight relay is pulled in by the headlight switch. If the headlights work on flash to pass that rules out lamps, fuses and wiring on the headlight side. Sounds like you lost the relay control which is the headlight switch itself.


Response From Edfireball Top Rated Answer

Thanks for the help Steve. I actually tested the headlight relay and it is energizing and closing. The crude wire diagram that I have leads me to believe the "hi-low" switch is bad. I do have ground going through the relay. I guess that means pulling the steering wheel and light switch.

Thanks again

1992 Geo Prizm battery drains/starter won't turn

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Question From driveway mechanic on 1992 Geo Prizm battery drains/starter won't turn

I have a 92 geo prizm that has been eating up starters at a rate of a new one every 6-12 months. At first I thought bad rebuilds but now the battery drains without running the vehicle. Replaced battery and as soon as it was hooked up the voltage dropped across the terminals to 9 volts. Starter would not even make a noise when the key was turned. Pulled starter and had it tested. seems fine... do have headlights until the battery totally drains. Any ideas for someone who is inept at finding electrical problems?

Response From Hammer Time

I would suspect you have something wired wrong. Don't hook up that battery until you find it.

Response From driveway mechanic Top Rated Answer

Haven't wired up anything since getting the car and hooking up the wires on a starter is a no brainer. Thinking I must have a short somewhere? Between the battery and fuse panel? Starter relay maybe?

Response From Hammer Time

It might be a "no brainer" but it sounds like you messed it up. There could be a problem with the way you are testing it too but it take one hell of a draw/short to pull a fully charged, good battery down to 9 volts. It's certainly enough to start a fire.