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I love geo metros

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Question From NJ___Jon on I love geo metros

NO ONE else does. Why do you guys hate them?

Response From Hammer Time

What the hell, rubber bands are much cheaper than gasoline. Just don't let the school bus back over you.

Response From ozwhiz

Geo Metro's are really fun to drive. The one I used to have had a 3 cyl engine. Very easy to pull the engine and reinstall it.

Response From Double J

Don't recall anyone here posting a 'Hate Metro thread.'

If you ask any technician/mechanic/person who works on cars for a living or even one who has a hobby of working on cars ,they'll all tell you something or two that they dislike about any vehicle made.That includes the high end vehicles.
Ask Cadillac technicians after a long day,ask Mercedes Techs after a long day,you'll see what i mean.
Ask a mechanic from an independent shop after a long week of working on a variety of makes...Betcha you hear a few expletives....

As far as a Metro,when they first hit the market ,they were considered a throw away car..used to be called the Bic lighters of the auto industry.
But ,after the last couple years of rising gas prices,the Metros,at least in my market,have made a Comeback ,so to speak.People have started restoring them and/or fixing them up .Some guys i know have picked em up ,repaired them and sold em for profits.
I'll love one of those little B**t**ds if it makes me money!Cash cows...

Response From NJ___Jon

Craigslist is loaded with them. I personally love them.

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

NJ___Jon; Funny, was just talking to a customer today about them. They have come out of the woodwork in the past year. Didn't know that there were so many left. I've always thought that they'd make great boat anchors, but, the owners are laughing all the way to the bank, now. My cousin bought one new, many years ago, and boasted 54mpg.

Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

Maybe you are just confused NJ___JON. This is CARJUNKY. Not Craigs List.

92 Prizm 5spd transmission problem

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Question From Dale jr on 92 Prizm 5spd transmission problem

I have a problem with my 92 geo prizm 5spd manual, I could use some advice from someone knowledgeble about manuals. Thanks in advance for any light yall could shed. Ok it goes like this:

1. DURING cranking, in Neutral,(I bypassed clutch start switch long ago) the car races forward as if in gear and it will only stop rolling if I push in the clutch. Possibly Internally stuck in gear? How do u fix that?

2. My car is parked in the driveway on an incline without E-brake on and it wont roll backwards, I cant even push her down the hill??? Only when I push in the clutch will it move. Stuck in gear? But which gear?

3. And lastly, with the car off I can shift into every gear fine except the shifter will just barely seat into first.

I dont know jack, but Based on my limited knowledge this indicates to me the clutch is doing its job and the tranny is stuck in a gear, maybe internally. Is it possible, and how do I get it out of gear?
Additional info: 150k miles, 1.6 4afe toyota motor. clutch fluid is level and I bled the slave cylinder, no help, I put a new clutch assembly on 2000 miles ago. A-ok until now. Problem started after a burnout, tranny was about half full on gear oil when this happened due to leaky axle seal. I need to know if the tranny is shot so I can hold on to my$ and go pull another one, or if this is a clutch,fork,TOB, etc.issue. Thanks.

Response From Dale jr

Yep yep so im gonna do the swap. The pick n pull is doing 50% off this weekend. Ive done auto swaps a hundred times, nothing to it, but, really this job is kind of intimidating. How difficult is it in comparison?

Response From Sidom

Those aren't too bad to do. Having a rack would make it nice, working on your back kinda sux....

This is a frt wheel drive, so the engine will need to be supported before the tranny is removed. OTC makes a real nice engine support for a couple of bills. I've seen guys use a couple of 2x4s going across both strut towers. I have a 4' water pipe I use as a cheater bar that I use to use before I got an engine support and that worked real well...
The main thing is,,,,, whatever is used,, is safe & secure.....That it's not going to go anywhere,,, because besides one frt mount, this is what will be supporting your engine...... I would really steer away from a floor jack under the oil pan.......I've seen that done as well but really don't like that setup....but that's just me......

Your Geo does have a Toyota drive train in it but I can't say for certain what is interchangeable & what isn't.....Most wrecking yards have interchange manuals and could tell you........I can't say for pick & pulls in your area but around here they don't have them, all the regular ones do though......... Hell here they won't even tell you if they have year & model you are looking for.....They want their $2 so you have to go look for yourself..........

Response From Dale jr Top Rated Answer

Oh and I heard corollas have the same trannys as geos. True? And what years will fit my 92 Geo motor? Thanks fellas

Response From Sidom

Problem started after a burnout, tranny was about half full on gear oil when this happened due to leaky axle seal. I'm not quite clear on this statement...... The tranny got very hot due to low oil or you were spinning your tires?

Response From Hammer Time

Maybe his user name says it all......LOL

Response From Dale jr

Ok to clarify, I burned out skipped first, hit second, third, fourth, neutral at stop sign, burn out again, and idont remember what gear I was in when it stuck in gear, but the gear shift isnt stuck, hence I dont know what gear its in. Anyway, I got out and checked fluid, and it had 1 qt. Should have 2. I knew I had a leak and I should have fixed it. Im an idiot. Live and learn.

Response From Sidom

Been there & done that.........It happens........The one plus in this, if you take it on & fix it you'll be getting some valuable experience....

Just by skimming your post, it really sounds like you have an internal problem. I'm not sure if this is driveable or not, really doesn't sound like it is.....

What I've seen with manuals that get jammed before. If you put it into another gear beside the jammed one, it usually binds & won't move. If you put it in to the jammed gear position, it will move or move with some noise...

You definitely want to make sure it isn't a linkage problem, but once that's confirmed, the quickest & cheapest solution would probably be a used tranny....

Response From Sidom

Maybe his user name says it all......LOL

Was thinking the same........Kinda sounds like he may of blew this one up....

Response From Dale jr

Hi thanks for the imput, so when you say "manipulate the linkage", could you please explain to me what to do here? Appreciate it.

Response From Hammer Time

Go right to the levers at the transmission and see if you can shift it into neutral there.. You can observe the shift levers as someone tries to shift it from inside to see what the problem might be.

Response From Hammer Time

Sounds like you already have the right idea. The trans is stuck in gear. You can try manipulating the linkage to get it into neutral but be very carful if the car is not parked on level ground.

'92 Geo Storm GSi keeps stalling :[

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Question From MRxAmazing on '92 Geo Storm GSi keeps stalling :[

Storm GSi
1.8 L 140 hp (104kW) engine

I've had ongoing issues with my car for a while. First both front axles went bad. Then needed new brake pads (most likely at least 1 new rotor still needed). Next the battery died (which has been replaced). I believe I may need a new alternator still, though. And now the most troublesome issue for me yet:

When driving home from work a few weeks back, my car began shaking pretty violently (my car would shake frequently, but not nearly this bad) when slowing down and coming to a stop. Eventually, it just stalled out altogether when I came to a stop light about 15 minutes later. I was able to get it started and managed to get back to my home, but it stalled out again as I slowed down to turn into my driveway. It's been rotting away there since. Each time I HAD tried to start it, I had to step on the gas a bit to get the engine going and keep the car running. When I switched it from Park to Reverse, it would stall out as well. As of before, though, it started up pretty easily and was running without my assistance.

I'm not sure what the issue is. I've heard several opinions, but maybe someone here can help. My main problem is that money is kind of an issue for me and I'm near my breaking point on this. If this is something that's gonna cost me around $400+, I'm gonna just junk it.

I'm gonna post a video I just recorded of what is currently going on when I start the car. If you can help, I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance :)

Links from other sites removed

Response From Discretesignals

The audio quality is pretty poor, but it almost sounds like the engine has a dead miss in one of the cylinders. You have to find out which cylinder it is and then determine if it is fuel, spark, or mechanically related. You won't know if it is worth fixing until you find out what is wrong with it.

Response From MRxAmazing

Hmmm so it's possibly a bad sparkplug? I was thinking that myself. A buddy of mine who is a mechanic was working on my car on the side and when doing my tune up, he couldn't get 1 of the 4 sparkplugs out. None of the tools he had were working.

Could this be the result of that one being old and the others being new? I also have a new fuel filter that hasn't yet been put in to replace the old one.

Response From Discretesignals

To find out which cylinder is missing you can unplug one injector connector at a time with the engine running. This disables that cylinder from firing of which ever injector you disable. Which ever injector that is unplugged doesn't change the running of the engine is the cylinder that is missing.

Which ever one you determine is missing is the one you should check for spark at using a spark tester. If you have spark on your tester with it plugged into the wire, pull that plug out and inspect it. If that spark plug looks good, swap it with another cylinder and see if the misfire moves to the other cylinder. Let us know what you find out.

Response From MRxAmazing Top Rated Answer

Ok, thank you. I'm gonna look into the matter a bit more tomorrow. Hopefully it's solved easily and won't cost me an arm and a leg.

need radio code for 94 Geo Storm!!!

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Question From Guest on need radio code for 94 Geo Storm!!!

I need the radio code for 94 Geo Storm. I recently had my battery changed & it locked up. Someone help me!

Response From steve01832 Top Rated Answer

Write down the complete VIN number of the vehicle and call the GM dealer. If the code is in their computer database they can give it to you over the phone.


95 geo prizm

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Question From Guest on 95 geo prizm

recently a purchased a 1995 geo prizm. One week later I started noticing this humming noise when I turn the car on that doesn't go away. Also, when I accelerate, I hear a...umm...odd sound coming from the front of the car. Kinda like a whistle maybe...or the sound of a top spinning. Please help.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Check for a bad bearing in a belt driven something. Taking belt off may make it easier to isolate which one if that is the problem,


Response From deelacy Top Rated Answer

Is the bearing or belt for the humming sound or the acceleration noise?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

If need be - take the belt off. Engine can run for a short while without it and if noise is gone it would be belt itself or belt driven item. Don't drive a car with the belt off and not for long even for a test,