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Should I buy a 1998 Geo Metro

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Question From ForwardMotion on Should I buy a 1998 Geo Metro

A mechanic has a 1998 Geo Metro for sale for a low price and I was thinking of buying it. However one of my friends who knows about cars told me not to buy the Geo Metro because he says those cars "drive like a tin can on the highway". However another person told me that even though it's not as smooth of a ride that it is still safe to drive.
Info: I think it may be around 150,000 miles but I am not sure I really remember.

Response From Discretesignals

That is totally your decision. They are crap cans and were designed for fuel economy. I suggest before you even considering buying it, have it checked out by your own mechanic. At least you'll know what your getting yourself into.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Ditto, it's a cheap can on wheels and meant to be. If as DS said you check it out and it's all up to snuff and don't expect more I'd consider one.

Laugh > Rented one about that year in FL no less DS just to save someone from having to pick me up. OMG - I'm used to luxo boat vehicles and thought it wouldn't even do highway normal speeds without exploding with all the noise and it was new! Same then I just wanted inexpensive and it was both the rental cost and the car. Didn't really expect much. As for working on them, never and don't even know anyone who has one but they are around.

No, now for just local tooting around who would care if that's you need and don't mind. Constant long trips I think this type car would wear you out. Either way with anything used have them independently checked out before any deal is made,


Response From Discretesignals

The four banger version had a Toyota engine in it, I believe. I wouldn't touch the 3 cylinder version with a 10 ft pole.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Sorry to even comment on it DS and OP. Really just don't know these at all just one I rented and drove just to a home and back to an airport only. It must have had the 3 cyl as it always felt like it was struggling at normal speeds. I can't imagine that lasting so well for higher mileage.

For all I know whole new engines are cheap enough it may already be done? There's still the whole rest of a car so miles count.

Price, condition and what you plan to use it for and how much. Only you can know what is right for you. If price was no object I would seek out a known better car - several like a Toyota Corolla has impressed me in general,


Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

A Geo Metro with 150K? That thing is already all used up.

I love geo metros

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Question From NJ___Jon on I love geo metros

NO ONE else does. Why do you guys hate them?

Response From Hammer Time

What the hell, rubber bands are much cheaper than gasoline. Just don't let the school bus back over you.

Response From ozwhiz Top Rated Answer

Geo Metro's are really fun to drive. The one I used to have had a 3 cyl engine. Very easy to pull the engine and reinstall it.

Response From Double J

Don't recall anyone here posting a 'Hate Metro thread.'

If you ask any technician/mechanic/person who works on cars for a living or even one who has a hobby of working on cars ,they'll all tell you something or two that they dislike about any vehicle made.That includes the high end vehicles.
Ask Cadillac technicians after a long day,ask Mercedes Techs after a long day,you'll see what i mean.
Ask a mechanic from an independent shop after a long week of working on a variety of makes...Betcha you hear a few expletives....

As far as a Metro,when they first hit the market ,they were considered a throw away car..used to be called the Bic lighters of the auto industry.
But ,after the last couple years of rising gas prices,the Metros,at least in my market,have made a Comeback ,so to speak.People have started restoring them and/or fixing them up .Some guys i know have picked em up ,repaired them and sold em for profits.
I'll love one of those little B**t**ds if it makes me money!Cash cows...

Response From NJ___Jon

Craigslist is loaded with them. I personally love them.

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

NJ___Jon; Funny, was just talking to a customer today about them. They have come out of the woodwork in the past year. Didn't know that there were so many left. I've always thought that they'd make great boat anchors, but, the owners are laughing all the way to the bank, now. My cousin bought one new, many years ago, and boasted 54mpg.

Response From way2old

Maybe you are just confused NJ___JON. This is CARJUNKY. Not Craigs List.

92 geo storm. wont start?

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Question From jaudry on 92 geo storm. wont start?

92 geo storm, replaced starter, plugs, rotor , & cap. Have no spark at plug. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turns over no spark. Is there safety reset button or switch somewhere? Died running on road, sputtered then no restart.

Response From DanD

No sorry to say; there is no “reset” button.
Maybe check & see whether the distributor is turning? Remove the cap & crank the engine; have a look if the ignition rotor is rotating. If not the timing belt may have broken?


Response From jaudry Top Rated Answer

Dan, can you tell me what the "restart relay" does?

Response From jaudry

Thank you Dan. I will try to check timing and if getting spark out of coil. If unsuccessful I will drive it off into lake and use for trot line weight. I thank you very much for your time and trouble.
Respectfully, Jim

need radio code for 94 Geo Storm!!!

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Question From Guest on need radio code for 94 Geo Storm!!!

I need the radio code for 94 Geo Storm. I recently had my battery changed & it locked up. Someone help me!

Response From steve01832 Top Rated Answer

Write down the complete VIN number of the vehicle and call the GM dealer. If the code is in their computer database they can give it to you over the phone.


No replacement Catalytic Converter for Geo Prism

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Question From Guest on No replacement Catalytic Converter for Geo Prism

My '97 Geo Prism is ready to be junked because my mechanic says that "they don't make catalytic converter for your car, anymore." With a spent C.C., I can't pass the smog test and renew the Prism's registration. Anyone out there know how to solve my problem? Thanks.

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

Just to add; You'll need to find out why the cat is bad. A cat will destroy itself if you have an engine management problem. This needs to be addressed before you replace the cat so that you don't ruin the new one.
From the two pics that Tom showed you, the top one must be either welded or clamped in place. The bottom one is a 'direct fit' type. I'd recommend going with the direct fit. If you have had the trouble codes pulled, post them here, and we'll try to guide you through any problems.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

So true and thanks Loren. I don't know why but when I saw the type I was thinking it was rusted out at the connections more than burned out which absolutely requires finding out why!


Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

If just the converter itself it's available quickly as seen below at AutoZone by chance I checked them - check anywhere you wish.

Original ones are suggested and cost more and can be worth the extra and should still be available?

Muffer type shops should be able to do this with generic parts too if you are wise to that (I don't care for that way) quite a bit.

Here's a current listing for the most popular 1.6 for this car,


Maremont / Catalytic Converter Part Number: 38542 / Price: $90.99
5 YR
Magnaflow / Catalytic Converter Part Number: 23886 / Price: $100.99
LLT Notes: Direct fit