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eagle vision headlights- changing the bulbs

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Question From Guest on eagle vision headlights- changing the bulbs

How do I access the bulbs for the headlights on my 95 eagle vision esi? I've had the car for 13 years and the headlight (pass) went out. I've removed the two screws on the top of the light housing but I can't get at the bulb. Am I missing a screw somewhere? Please help.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

I don't kbow this car specifically but the bulbs should go in/out from underhood side of the housing. Screws seen from outside are probably for adjustment of them only,


Car shuts off, battery light turns on

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Question From solis1ra on Car shuts off, battery light turns on

1.5L 4 Cylinder

Hey guys,

My car has its fair share of issues, but one problem is really becoming a pain. My car will turn itself off, and the battery light will come on. Its been happening for a few months now, and I have kind of learned of ways to prevent and predict when it will happen, but first, here is what exactly happens every time it happens.

After the engine is warmed up and has been driven for awhile,(never happens on a cold engine. Never) whenever I come to a complete stop and the car is still in drive, the idle speed seems to get lower and lower and the car will eventually "click" and turn off, leaving the battery light on. Sometimes, the car will sputter before turning off, sometime it will just click off. I will then attempt to start it again. Most of the time, it will start back up. There are times where it will not, and the engine will just turn over, making a nose like it is trying to start, but it never will, no matter how long you hold the key over. At this point, the only thing I can do is wait a few minutes and try again, and it will start back up.

To prevent this from occurring, I shift the car into neutral at a stop (yes very bad for transmission, I know). Although this helps, even in neutral, it can still turn off. The only sure fire way to prevent it from happening is to slightly rev the engine, (which I can't do in drive) so I go into Neutral or Park. If the engine isn't revved, it will most likely turn off.

Another note is that when I attempt to start the engine and it continually fails, you can smell gasoline rather strongly if that helps.

Other possibly important stuff:

  • The car sat for many years, and needed a new transmission when we brought it back to life if you will.
  • The interior light and headlights brighten as the car is being driven, or the engine is revved. I.E. they are dimmer when engine is not revved or driving.

  • I have heard that I need a new alternator, or I need a new battery, or new spark plugs, or there is something wrong with the fuel line, etc.. The thing is, I want to be sure on what the problem is before I spend any money on something. If you can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it!

    If you have any additional questions, please ask! Thank you!

    Response From Loren Champlain Sr Top Rated Answer

    Charging system voltage can cause the problem you are describing, so I'd recommend that you have it tested, as well as the battery itself. The engine management system depends on at least 12v, or the computer 'runs home to mama'. But, since you said that the engine still cranks over when this happens, I'm not convinced that it is a voltage problem. If the engine is over-fueling, that would match your symptoms, better. A cold engine can handle the extra fuel. A warm engine can't, and will cause rough running and dying at idle. Have the trouble codes pulled (most parts stores will do this for free) and post them here. Don't let them sell you any parts, yet. Pull the oil dipstick and smell the oil. If it smells like gasoline, let us know. And, get it changed.

    Response From solis1ra

    How can I get the engine codes? I know on newer cars it shows up on the digital odometer, but I don't have that.

    Response From Loren Champlain Sr

    No cars have a digital read out of codes that are 'readily available' to the operator. All domestic cars from '83 or '84 have on-board diagnostics which can be retrieved with a scanner. Some parts stores (i.e. AutoZone) will retrieve those codes for you for free. But, some stores will try and sell you parts. Duh. That's why they do it.
    Write down the codes they pull for you and post them here. We'll do our best to sort it out for you.

    Response From way2old

    Hetre is a site that might help you. Click here. Good luck.

    Response From Loren Champlain Sr

    >>No cars have a digital read out of codes that are 'readily available' to the operator.<< OOOPPPSSSS!!!
    Didn't know that, W2O. Now, I do. Thanks.
    btw, that's an excellent site!

    [Help Needed] Compilation of Car Repair / Tech. Q & A

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    Question From Ploofafa on [Help Needed] Compilation of Car Repair / Tech. Q & A

    I am trying to locate 31 great questions about common, or not so common, car problems. Think of it as a small guide for the car-illiterate (much as I am).

    I thank you all for the assistance you can provide.

    Response From nickwarner

    First off, please don't take what I say as condescending, but as friendly advice. When you look at problems people have had in the past and the fixes that got them on the road, realize that a majority of the problems have multiple causes. There are posts all the time by people destined to save a buck who go replace every single sensor in an engine, the computer and many other parts to only have the same problem. If they had the problem properly diagnosed the first time they actually would've come out AHEAD monetarily after so many unneeded parts were installed. I applaud you for taking an interest in your car repair and everyone looks to save a buck. If you want to learn how to diagnose and replace some parts on your car then you are a more involved owner than many who only do something when the car will no longer move and substantial damage is done. Get a good shop manual for the exact vehicle you have and look through it. But if you have pretty much no tools and all are made in china, do yourself a favor now and either invest in a decent set or don't bother. I'm losing track of how many jobs have been towed to me because of inexperience and substandard tools. Realize that good tools aren't a cost, they are an investment. This forum can help you quite a bit as a novice. There are many people who make their professional living as mechanics as I do who can talk you through troubles you may have with your car. Certain things will be beyond your ability and its a smart man who admits that. I know you want to save your money doing it yourself, but realize that us pros have 50 to 100 THOUSAND in our toolsets by retirement commonly. Thats why this costs so much. I just bought a scanner last week for my shop and it was $4000! I needed it or I wouldn't buy it. Would I rather rent a cabin up north for me and my girl to have a great weekend? Yes. But I bought that instead. Those of us in the industry spend a lot of money and thats why it costs good money for repairs. But you get good repairs for your money because of it. Please feel free to post anytime you need info on a problem, and give all the details you can (the post that says "read this so we can help you" needs to be viewed). We will find the information you need. Its what we do. Help us help you

    Response From re-tired Top Rated Answer

    Here are some typical questions that have stumped the best.

    1970 buick skylark 350 v8 4dr sedan. to make it short....broke distributer base, bent shaft to oil pump, scored gears so oil pump will not seat.
    mechanic states will try to resurface, i know this can't be done. next message he states he replaced scored gear and got car started, will be replacing oil pump in morning.
    mind you, this is not a shop which works on cars as aged as mine. i would like to know, where he got the gear, then the oil pump. did he just install oil pump repair kit? or what??

    Umm..I want to find "The biggest auto repair shop in asia" and I just can't find anything.If anybody know ..please let me know how ,where it is.
    Thank you for every answer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    I am totally baffaled as to what is wrong with my 96 Ford Ranger..I fixed the muffler pipe by the flange and then the truck wouldnt start.. realizing that the starter(once I tapped it)had a problem, I replaced that and when I went to place it(the starter) into position It grounded and sparked.. thinking no big deal, I continued to replace the Large wire that leads from the starter to the solenoid which had rusted off at the end, (Before this when I turned the key I would at least get a click in the solenoid).So I thought, maybe I blew the solenoid.. so , After replacing the solenoid I tried the ignition again. now I get Nothing!! not even a click in the solenoid. I have no lights, nothing.. I even replaced the battery thinking It must not be any good, I should at least get my headlights to work! I have checked my fuses, both inside and under the hood, nothing seems wrong.. Please if anybody has any answers or suggestions.. I would love to hear them.

    I have a '95 Eagle Vision TSI 3.5L V6. I was driving it down the highway and when I activated the Cruse the car died.

    I thought it was the fuel pump, but I tested that theory.

    Then I checked to see if it was getting any spark. It was not firing.

    What should I do now, or should I just take it in to a mechinic. I am a novist at repair. '

    my SR5 light turned on a week ago or so...does anyone know why it could be on? it was never on before...i dont think its supposed to be on....

    Just thought I would show you what we are up against sometimes.