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Fiat 600 loud engine noise

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Question From bibilapetite on Fiat 600 loud engine noise


My Fiat Seicento, 2001, recently started making different noises when I drive it. The engine sound seems much deeper than before and louder. It sounds a little as if I am in the wrong gear, even when I'm not. The car has 55k miles and I recently drove it 2k miles on a road trip.

Last MOT I replaced the whole exhaust. Any clues on what might be wrong?

Thanks a lot!


Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Without hearing the noise it is difficult to even guess. Maybe you should have the exhaust inspected again to be sure a pipe hasn't come loose.

1997 Fiat Punto Engine Heatup

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Question From Guest on 1997 Fiat Punto Engine Heatup

I have a Fiat Punto, 1997, S60 SX, 70000 mileage. Within 10 minutes of driving, the temperature of its engine will go beyond the meters and its engine give s metallic "tatata tatata.." sounds.

The garage told me that it must be the header gasket problem and get it fixed for me. However, they claim the problem was not fixed, saying the coolant leakage might be the root cause and if I don't fix it, in the near future, the engine will burn the header gasket again. To fix the coolant leakage, they have to replace the core tag inside the engine. They said the component will cost 1 pound but the labour is very expensive. And they didn't give me a definite answer whether it'll be fixed or not.

What would you think the root cause might be? What would you think if it's worthy of fixing?

Response From Loren Champlain Sr Top Rated Answer

I can't for the life of me understand what the exhaust leak and the engine temp have in common, but then, I'm 'just' from the colonies. Seriously, though, you need to find and repair the coolant leak, first. Not sure what a 'core tag' is? (actually, I didn't even know that they still made Fiats) Could this be turbocharged? Water intercooled? Maybe, then, it may make some sense. You may, also, want to have the thermostat replaced if the engine has been getting hot.
You guys speak English...not sure what you call the way we speak..Pig Latin? LOL. Have a great week.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I think we are talking about what "we" call IMPROPERLY "freeze plugs" which are not there for freeze protection at all but the name was catchy "Core plugs" is what I call them?!

No matter - if like this in lower pic and leaking they need replacement. Hard to get at some and trouble is if rust was the root cause then all are suspect. Cheap parts, big on labor as said.

They do make expanding replacements that actually work that can fit inside old ones without removing them if there even minimal space to get at them. They look like this if it shows.....

These can't be left to leak or overheating will result of course with any and all of the problems that can cause.

Loren - Pssssst ------ They actually have places where they drive on the wrong side of the road - AND IT'S LEGAL!



Response From Loren Champlain Sr

>>They actually have places where they drive on the wrong side of the road - AND IT'S LEGAL! <<
No Way. Really?

Response From David McCarnoob

Hello, I am having a similar problem could you tell me if you resolved it and if so how?

Disconnected hoses! What are they?

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Question From blinkskaterkc on Disconnected hoses! What are they?

I have two rubber hoses near the firewall (middle between driver and passenger side) that are disconnected and I can't figure out where they go. They seem to be blowing exhaust fumes or air of some kind. On one end they connect to what looks like a brass metal "y" pipe. Any idea where the other ends of these hoses go, or what they're called?

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

I don't know how that worked on a '72 Fiat. That is what you're driving, right?