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Heating Issues Fiat Punto 2002

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Question From Troy.smith on Heating Issues Fiat Punto 2002


I have a problem with my heating system on my Fiat punto Elx.

Yesterday evening I accidently left my interior light on in my car for about an hour and a half. When i returned to my car I found that my heating system would not work, No cold air nor hot air would come through the vents. Also when i turned my lights on i noticed that backlights on the symbols on the heating controls no longer worked.

Could this be a fuse problem?

I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to cars, so excuse me for my non technical terms.

Thank you in advance.


Response From Jeff Norfolk

First thing to do is check all the fuses.

Response From Troy.smith

First thing to do is check all the fuses.

Hi Jeff

Checked all fuses they are all fine. Battery is measuring 12v so that seems ok. Other forum responses think it might be the heater fan resistor?



Response From Jeff Norfolk

Don't see many Fiats in my neck of the woods but a resistor is possible. I don't have any wiring diagram information available so I wonder what a bad resistor would have to do with the back lights on the control head. Just a thought. May or may not be related to your problem.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Quote:>>Battery is measuring 12v"

If that's with engine running it's not enough.

To add to Jeff's post - check fuses with a test light and bulbs might have overheated. Dunno but would check,


Fiat Punto 1.2 R reg 1997, Help

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Question From David McCarnoob on Fiat Punto 1.2 R reg 1997, Help

Hello, a few months ago, like the moron I am, I ran my car out of oil. since then its needed more water and im sure its going through a bit more oil, in the last few days its gotten worse, not holding water but no leak, the temp goes sky high and the heaters blow cold air, the thermostat has been changed, worked for 10 mins then stopped, its a fiat punto r reg 1997, should i replace gaskets ie rocket, head or could it be something worse?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

I strongly suggest a full diagnosis before spending too much on an engine that you know was run out of oil. Get that done before you decide on what to do as gaskets alone may not solve all the problems,


Response From David McCarnoob

Cheers Tom

Fiat 600 loud engine noise

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Question From bibilapetite on Fiat 600 loud engine noise


My Fiat Seicento, 2001, recently started making different noises when I drive it. The engine sound seems much deeper than before and louder. It sounds a little as if I am in the wrong gear, even when I'm not. The car has 55k miles and I recently drove it 2k miles on a road trip.

Last MOT I replaced the whole exhaust. Any clues on what might be wrong?

Thanks a lot!


Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Without hearing the noise it is difficult to even guess. Maybe you should have the exhaust inspected again to be sure a pipe hasn't come loose.

fiat punto mk1 rev counter

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Question From Guest on fiat punto mk1 rev counter

hi i have a 1.2i r reg mk1 fiat punto and it doesnt have a rev counter and i was wondering if i am able to install one into the car as i would like to have one in there and am i able to take the clock out as i dont need it if not i will install it out of the dash

Response From Loren Champlain Sr Top Rated Answer

rev counter? Must be an 'English' term for tachometer? LOL. Most parts stores sell 'add on' tachometers. Sun is a very good brand. Will come with installation instructions. I've got one I'd give you, but sounds like we may be a few miles apart.


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Question From josephineeisenber369 on FIAT BRAVO NAVI DVD and gps

Hi guys

i just bought a car and now i am having some problem with my DVD and also gps, its not working

properly and now i want to change it, now one of my friend told me about a product and now i just need to

know how will it be

here is the link

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

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