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2004 mitsubishi eclipse

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Question From turbo321 on 2004 mitsubishi eclipse

Having replaced drums and shoes on rear,and also replacing front pads and having rotors turned I still get a shaking in the steering wheel when I brake.Any ideas what else it could be.

Response From Hammer Time

You need to replace the front rotors, not turn them.

Response From turbo321

why would you think the rotors need to be replaced.I've had them turned and they were put back into specs.I don't understand why

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

You don't turn rotors into spec by turning them. You take them out of spec. When a rotor is already distorted and you make it thinner, it distorts twice as fast the second time. Also, the cut is only as good as the guy operating the machine. It is very easy to "miscut" a rotor because it wasn''t mounted straight and make it even worse than it was to start with. Rotors are cheap now and a "warped" rotor should be discarded. That's not what resurfacing is intended to do.

Response From turbo321

beings that it seemed like a fairly respectable brake shop that I took them to,I'm finding it hard to believe that the rotors need to replaced.Would anything else cause a similar problem.Maybe something in the steering or rack and pinion possibly.

Response From Hammer Time

OK, whatever you say

Response From turbo321

just trying to find answers.You don't have to get mad

Response From Hammer Time

I'm not mad. You come here to ask the professionals what the problem is and when they tell you, you tell them they are wrong. Good luck with it.

beings that it seemed like a fairly respectable brake shop that I took them to,I'm finding it hard to believe that the rotors need to replaced.

Respectable brake shop?

That's an Oxymoron if I ever heard one.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Ditto with HT - days of turning rotors are about done. With metallic pads the rotor was probably out of spec before taking more off. They are usually marked for min thickness and bet if you measure one they are under spec AND possibly miscut as said. So that's two ASE certified opinions,


2006 Mitsubishi eclipse 2.4L Brakes making rough noise on sharp right turn

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Question From Charlesx97 on 2006 Mitsubishi eclipse 2.4L Brakes making rough noise on sharp right turn

For a 2006 mitsubishi eclipse 2.4L GS after I make a sharp right turn as I straighten out the wheels and I pump the brakes I hear a deep rough squeak. It sounds like metal rubbing together. The sound continues as I keep driving straight and pump the brakes until eventually it stops on it's own. I just replaced the brake pads on all four wheels like 3 weeks ago what could it be?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Whole host of reasons for this:
1. Just replacing pads and nothing else done.
2. New pads are hitting a rust ring on outer rotor surface.
3. Splash shield could be touching rotor or bent/damaged.
4. Caliper hardware not inspected, replaced or lubed.
5. Improper installation of any parts involved.
6. Twisted flex hose locking pressure to a caliper.
7. Defective flex hose(s) themselves.
8. Retracting pistons such that ABS items have old dirty brake fluid in sensitive components.
!! - Wheel(s) loose!
!!! - Cheap and or defective new parts.

The list could go on forever but IMO those would be most common,


Battery & Brake light coming on.

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Question From 2001Eclipse on Battery & Brake light coming on.

I just had two belts changed today on my 2001 mitsubishi Eclipse. Driving away, my battery and break lights came on for a couple of seconds. Later when I went somewhere else, same thing happened. They came on together, but only for a couple of seconds and went back out. Could this have something to do with the belts that were just changed?


Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Yes, it could. Take it back and have them check it.