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chrysler concorde brake issues

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Question From fausty on chrysler concorde brake issues

98 chrysler concorde lxi, 3.2 liter.

hello gentlemen. i have an issue with a steering pulse when braking. any pointers on where to start. rotors, wheel bearings? my nearest parts store is 20 miles away. i was maybe thinking of making a big list, starting with the cheapest items, and returning what i don't need. any help is appreciated.

Response From Hammer Time

That is nearly always the result of rotor distortion. I don't recommend trying to resurface them as the problem will likely reoccur quickly. You should also replace the pads at the same time, regardless of their condition.

Response From fausty Top Rated Answer

Ok thank you. Rotors are fairly cheap anyways, and I have been meaning to do a pad pop anyways. I will keep you posted. I was hoping it wasn't the tie rods so this kinda makes my day. Easy fix.

Response From Hammer Time

Loose tie rods would exaggerate the problem but the rotors are the trigger.

Response From fausty

Ok thank you. How do I check the tie rods? My haynes manual has check info on almost everything but not that.

98 chrysler concorde help

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Question From fausty on 98 chrysler concorde help

98 chrysler concorde lxi 3.2 130,000 miles.

i think it's the transmission. i am not much for drive train repair so this is new to me. never dealt with trans problems before.

i overshot neutral into reverse going about 10 mph yesterday. the car didn't jump when i did it, i believe the safety just put in neutral anyways. the next time i got in the car i put it in gear and started going i noticed a clunk, the car jumped slightly, and the speedometer ceased to work. i still have all the gears (including reverse), but in any of the drive gears there is considerable deceleration when i let off the gas (feels a lot like downshifting in a manual), however i do not have this when i manually switch to neutral, in which case it rolls fine.

i should also mention that it has needed front end work for some time. steering wobble, pulse when the brake is depressed. the whole works, i just don't drive it that much so i haven't gotten to it.

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Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Side Topic but about this car: Wouldn't be surprised if you were going on your third rebuild at the miles...............


(typo corrected)

Response From fausty

nope. never had a single issue with the trans or engine since i bought it new. just oil changes and suspension.

i read about "limp mode" after this. which is another thing it may be. this is where the trans locks in second, and gives you reverse and neautral, i ordered an odb II scanner on amazon since the nearest auto zone is 35 miles away. also on this car you can depress the odometer trip reset while turning the key and get codes, although what i'm getting doesn't make sense to me. it reads 0 (may be just a starting point) and then six digits after. 247898. which if that is a truncated version of the odbII it could be p0247 (turbocharger issue) which my car does not have, and p0898, which i cannot find a definition of.
here is a video of the diagnostics:

Response From zmame

I not a chrysler guy but that looks to me like its a self test for the cluster it's self and not the PCM.. Your powertrain codes are stored on the PCM that would be your PXXXX codes. You will have to get it scanned or buy a code puller and get it yourself. Although a code puller only pulls generic codes and may not pull transmission codes.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

fausty: Just one back when, when all seemed right but stuck in low gear with everything looking good. Long retired but had associated specialty shops for whacko stuff or stuff I couldn't do alone.

Same bull on a similar Caravan at the time. (Mopars can share a lot) AYOR - disconnect neg post on battery, turn lights on which won't light of course but sucks the juice out of crap in vehicle. Shut them off, reconnect battery (ten or more minutes) and trouble may be gone! Why? I have no flicking idea but it worked!


Response From fausty

hey thanks so kindly for the replies. i have not tried the excellent hack yet tom. just got home from camping, but i will tomorrow. the obdII tester came in my while i was out though and i am getting p0700, which i believe is "trans control sys malfunction"? which could then be the vss. i have the haynes book and it instructs on how to check the sensor with the trusty multimeter, so hopefully i'll get time here. it's my wife's 2 week vacation right now so...much margarita and such. :)

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Have a great vay-cay. Easy on those Margaritas. I hear you can use them for transmission fluid


Response From fausty

hey alright. i finally got to fixing it (can't believe it took a month to get time). it was the input side vss. thanks a lot.

now for my next issue: steering pulse when i brake. warped rotor? wheel bearing? what say you fine gentlemen?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Please start a new post with a new issue but for now if brakes are making braking funny it isn't funny and could be bearings, brake parts and needs to be found at once and fixed!

Response From zmame

Sounds like your transmission issue could be a VSS(speed sensor). I would get it on a scanner and see if the PCM is reading the VSS and then have it checked with a scope and make sure the VSS is faulty and replace. If the vechical dosen't know what speed it's going it screw up shift patterns.

Response From fausty

hmmm interesting. i will go drive it around the block and see if it shifts out of first.

(edit) it is indeed stuck in first. i feel kind of silly for not catching that. but i haven't been above 25 since it happened, so there's that.

Response From zmame

Like I said above it's more then likly a VSS or related wiring.

Response From fausty

thanks. appreciate the pointer.