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2002 Mazda Protégé: help identifying broken part—pictures included.

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Question From jvanderh on 2002 Mazda Protégé: help identifying broken part—pictures included.

Info: 2002 Mazda Protégé, V4, 65,000 miles

We took off the driver’s side tire to check the brake pads, and found this thing was disconnected. I am trying to find out what it’s called, and whether any other cars share the same model of the broken part, so that my stepdad can find one at the junkyard even if there aren't any 2002 Protégés there when he goes. He thinks it is some kind of stabilizing mechanism, but is not sure exactly what it does.

The car is not having any major problems, although there is a thunk (a feeling of something dropping/thudding under me) when I go over bumps, and the breaks squeal as if the brake pads were going, but the brake pads looked perfect when we checked them. I’m not sure if any of this is related to the broken thing.

I think I successfully attached the photos. If not, I also put them here:

Any advice greatly appreciated.


Response From Hammer Time

If your referring to that vertical rod running parallel to the strut, that is your stabilizer link. It will cause your car to lean and dip excessively on turns.
Don't waste your time at a junkyard. They aren't that expensive.

Response From jvanderh Top Rated Answer

Thank you for responding. I googled strut, and I think it is parallel to the strut. I added another photo to the above link, with the broken thing circled in red-- it's towards the bottom of the page.

I also added a picture from rock auto's order page, because I couldn't figure out how to link to the direct page with the part on it. If someone could let me know whether they're good to order from, and whether that looks like the correct part, I would be much obliged. It looks a little bit different, but maybe this is a generic replacement, not made by Mazda?

Response From Hammer Time

Yes, that is the stabilizer link. Yes, Rock Auto is OK to deal with. I have bought from them with no problems

Response From jvanderh


2001 mazda tribute has squeaky driver side front wheel

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Question From Guest on 2001 mazda tribute has squeaky driver side front wheel

Hi, my 2001 mazda tribute has a squeak coming from the front wheel on the driver side. It doesn't squeak when you push on the brakes. Please let me know what you think it might be.

Thank you,

Response From Hammer Time

That sounds like the warning sensors for the pads are starting to touch. Looks like it's time for new brakes.

Response From suiterjohn80 Top Rated Answer

the front brake pads are good I just had them checked, could the rotors be making the noise? It looks like a deep scratch is in the driver side rotor. And the noise happens every time the wheel rotates when driving. It sounds like squeak, squeak , squeak , squeak, like the wheel makes the noise everytime it passes a certyain spot when the car is driving, but when I brake it goes away. It is 4 wheel drive, so could it also be somthing else?

Response From Hammer Time

I think you should have them checked again and this time have them look at all 4 brakes pads not just one and specifically look at the sensors.

2009 Mazda 6 - Brakes Keep Failing

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Question From jsirianni on 2009 Mazda 6 - Brakes Keep Failing

I have a 2009 Mazda 6 with about 65k miles on it. Over the past year I have had the brake pads changed on both sides twice. The first time I had them changed was August 2013 and in October 2013 I needed to have them changed again. The same problem occurred twice where I would come to a slow stop and the brakes would start grinding. It almost sounds like someone is scraping a rusty pipe against the asphalt. In October 2013, my mechanic changed the pads on both sides and the rear right caliper. Today while I was driving home the same sound starting to occur once again.

Here is a list of trouble-shooting my mechanic did back in October 2013 ( please forgive me if I do not translate this correctly. I am copying this off of a note he gave me):

1. Pads frozen in mounts - OK
2. Brake has pinhead inside - OK
3. Caliper hanging up or rusty inside. Piston rusty or emergency brake faulty.
4. Faulty disc pads - not often. Rare.
5. Caliper slides frozen - OK

This will be the THIRD time this problem has come up in about a year and a half. I've owned four cars in the past and I have never had a continuous problem like this. Can anyone suggest what might be the issue here? What would cause my brake pads to wear so quickly three times over the course of a little over a year? I would appreciate any help I could get!

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Is the wear occurring at any particular wheel?

Response From jsirianni

I'm not really sure. I'll be honest, I don't know anything about cars. I'm just reiterating everything on the receipt from October 2013 mechanic and the trouble-shooting note he gave me. He put Bendix brake pads on back in October. That's something I left out.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

1. Pads frozen in mounts - OK
2. Brake has pinhead inside - OK
3. Caliper hanging up or rusty inside. Piston rusty or emergency brake faulty.
4. Faulty disc pads - not often. Rare.
5. Caliper slides frozen - OK "
Noted an ~5 year old low mile car and this already. Your last noted work from October, 2013 is the car now having troubles again or just wondering why the run of bad luck?

This much corrosion seems a bit unusual to me so fast. Bad/defective parts should be noted (pads especially) right away if fit isn't right on cheap stuff especially (Bendix not know to be the cheap stuff) was common once and personally found terribly made backing plates of pads (needed to grind off burrs) and recycled metal of a rotor showed threads of a bolt - all Chinese requested cheap parts.

There's something wrong here. These slides get greased when you are there with grease made to take the extremes and short of dunking this car in salty brine not sure how this happens so fast from last time worked on.
Something wrong with approach, the work, parts probably cheap not as stated Bendix. I wouldn't do just one caliper if one was corroded on one side you do the other as well.

Seems a combination of what this car has been thru and either your request for cheap fixes or tech is not giving it enough attention or doesn't know, not allowed time enough or communication problem.

If different techs where you are going all the time try to deal with same person if a repeat customer and perhaps find out if this person is experienced/trained enough for hassles of this kind,


Response From jsirianni

This doesn't seem to be bad luck here. As you suggested, there's something wrong here. I take it to a mechanic who has been working on cars practically all his life. He's been my personal mechanic for a good 10 years now. Upon further inspection, the sound definitely appears to be coming from the rear brakes. In October the brake pads were replaced as was the rear right caliper. Thanks for the help!

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Quote from your notes "Caliper slides frozen - OK "

Well - since this mechanic has been there so many time why are those frozen? Lazy now or rushed? Brake grease can take quite some time and even adverse conditions and they've been messed with all these times I'd be checking or re-greasing those every time they were touched or many times just when checking with a caliper off.

I'm not there to watch and argue what I would do vs what another would do but it's pretty standard to do BOTH calipers unless a problem right away with a new one.

Done doing crap except my own a loooooong time now. This isn't new tech for a mechanic but parts can suk as said.

You may really like this person and fully trust everything but who knows - he might be "burning out" from doing this crap too!

You said but not included that back brakes making the noise and r. rear caliper and set (both sides) pads replaced. With ongoing troubles the rotors should have been at least the lightest turn to refinish but may not have been touched. That alone can make noises if not done - not always but on the list.

I don't know of this make of car being a problem in general like this so that leaves something is going wrong. Best I can do from a web site and what I've read that you posted it needs better attention,


Response From kev2

Does anyone who drives vehicle use both feet ?
Has anyone checked the ABS for codes - unlikely BUT quick easy.
Has the flex lines been changed? A common point of restriction.

Knocking noise after replacing rotor and brake pads

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Question From neurocom on Knocking noise after replacing rotor and brake pads

Hi all,

I have a 2006 Mazda 5 and recently replaced rotor and brake pads. On the first day, there was no problem.
However, from second day, the issue appears.

The issue is that...
Whenever I starts driving in the morning(long time parking), I hear knocking noise around the wheel, then it goes away after a few minutes. It's very loud.

Can someone please help me finding out what the problem is.

Check this video I recorded.

Thank you in advance

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

YouTube failed for me but not essential. It happened right after the work so go back and check what you did. Specifically looking for caliper anything including any bracket used, all is tight and any anti-rattle parts intact and in proper position. Slide bolt thru many may be an issue, not tight or who knows?

Rare for new but pads and break off of backing plates so would about need to lift up caliper to see if that happened and if so toss all right now for another brand.

Check your work, the problem wasn't there before you did this,