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    Beck Arnley

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Beck Arnley
2006 Kia Sedona Disc Brake Pad - Rear Beck Arnley

P311-1642E73    086-1725C  New

Beck Arnley Disc Brake Pad  Rear
Brand: Beck Arnley
Position: Rear
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position
2006 - Kia Sedona Rear
Beck Arnley
2003 Kia Sorento Disc Brake Pad - Rear Beck Arnley

P311-1642E73    086-1725C  New

Beck Arnley Disc Brake Pad  Rear
  • CERAMIC; Original Equipment Type Pad Material
Brand: Beck Arnley
Position: Rear
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position
2003 - Kia Sorento Rear

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05 VW Brake pads.

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Question From jayceevee24 on 05 VW Brake pads.

2005 Volkswagen Passat All-wheel drive Wagon 2.8 L V-6 70,000 miles. Can I just replace the brake pads ($175 at local mechanic), or do I have to replace the rotors too, as Volkswagen suggests ($1,000 at VW)? Pads are thin.

Response From Hammer Time

It needs to be inspected to answer that question but it's pretty standard for VWs to replace rotors with pads. They are engineered with softer metal for better friction and braking but that causes just as much wear to the rotors as the pads. If they are dished out, no question it needs them.

The prices sound a but excessive though it's possible. I did a BMW today that was $1000.

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

>>I did a BMW today that was $1000.<<
Gotta love those European cars!

Response From steve01832

I'm sorry HT that you were subjected to such torture. I think you should get the rest of the week off with pay. I would rather put nitrous on a Kia then work on a beemer.


Response From Loren Champlain Sr

>>rather put nitrous on a Kia then work on a beemer. << Or deal with their owners.

Response From steve01832

Muffy, Muffy, the beemer is in the shop. I must take the Jaguar to go golfing.


Response From Loren Champlain Sr

Ah, you understand what I meant. LOL. Just wonder what percentage of these 'types' are leased vs. owned?

Response From Hammer Time

Just wonder what percentage of these 'types' are leased vs. owned?

In my part of town, they are just spare cars that are left here all summer so they will have a car to drive when they come down here.

Response From Hammer Time

I would rather put nitrous on a Kia then work on a beemer.

You gotta get used to it in my part of town. Remember, my shop is right on the beach in a resort community. Everything's a Lexus, a Beemer or a Mercedes and the Lexus never breaks............ I hate em.

Response From steve01832 Top Rated Answer

Where I live it's Hondas and Kias baby. Let's soup 'em up, chop 'em down, and listen to the angry swarm of bees due to their tomato soup can size mufflers. LMAO


Response From steve01832

Muffy, Muffy, the beemer is in the shop. I must take the Jaguar to go golfing.

This has to be said in the Thurston Howell III accent to get the full effect.


Kia spectra 2006 - brake job

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Question From howard2s on Kia spectra 2006 - brake job

I just replaced my front brakes on my 2006 KIA spectra. the steps i took:
wheel off
loosened top bolt.
removed bottom bult.
clamped break line and disconnected line
pushed in with clamp
replaced brakes
reconnected breakline
tightened everything up and placed tire back on.

brake fluid level is good.

i read somewhere to bleed the brake line. how do i do that and where can i find the valve??


Response From Hammer Time

You should never have disconnected it in the first place. Now you have to bleed the air out of the caliper.

Crack open the bleeder while someone hold pressure on the brake pedal. Tighten bleeder before releasing the pedal and repeat unto you get a pedal. Make sure the reservoir stays full.

Response From howard2s

where is the bleeder located?

Response From Hammer Time

You're over your head. You need to tow it to a shop.
Next time don't take things apart that you know nothing about.

Response From howard2s Top Rated Answer

I'm not over my head. Isn't this forum to help those that try and diy? could have just said it was located on the front of the calipers.

I feel that I was capable of simply changing the brake pads. If there was other issues, I would have taken it to my mechanic.

Response From Hammer Time

Anyone that is not familiar with a brake bleeder, it's location and how to use it definitely should not be messing with something as important as brakes.
The family you kill may not be your own!

Response From howard2s

the breaks were fine. just needed to stiffer. i'm aware of what i'm doing. if i couldnt stop in the driveway, i wouldnt take the car out on the street.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Quote ">>I'm not over my head. Isn't this forum to help those that try and diy?"
You are over your head for brake work if you have to ask for where a bleeder is and that's so fundamental. Site does cater to DIYers but this is too much for many out there to DIY. Brakes are not the place to learn by trial and error nor is much else involving control of a vehicle,


brakes squealing

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Question From Guest on brakes squealing

I have a2005 Kia Sedona with around 21thou miles. I just had front rotors replaced and also new brake pads put on. Also the drivers side axel was replaced and pass. side strut replaced for other probs. My brakes steal squeal real loud, and the dealership does not know why.

Response From dave284 Top Rated Answer

First thing, did the dealership put the brakes on?

'03 Kia Rio knock sounds

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Question From member101 on '03 Kia Rio knock sounds


Just changed the right lower control arm in the front suspension at dealers garage. Kia rio 2003 model. 120000km timed. However after a week of driving i noticed an annoying sound that comes only at low speeds and appears to be from suspension or front. Its nothing to do with the wheels.

Its hard to describe: It single click sound that comes the moment the vehicle slows after it lunges forward or backward with acceleration or deceleration of the gears. Its a manual transmission. But it is most audible at slow speeds of under 20km p hour.

I am at my wits end trying to figure out what it is: as i have changed almost all bushings in suspension. Including Tension rod bushind, control bar bushings and now the lower control arm bushings. What could it be?

Would be greatly appreciated if you can point me in the right direction now. Thanks alot in advance.

(edit to just change subject line)

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

I wouldn't exclude wheels quite yet as it only happens when moving.

Guess: It could be brake pads moving as a maybe. If they can move (cool/cold) forward and backward by hand in their spots there could be broken or missing clips and anti-rattle parts that control noises with them??


noise from brakes

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Question From omar on noise from brakes

Kia Spectra 2002.

I have been having brake problems for a while. Theres a sqealing/stuttering noise when I press the brakes. I last got the brake pads replaced 2.5 years ago. I have also had this problem where the brake light comes on kind of frequently and I need to regularly put in more brake fluid .

Now I have had 2 evaluations:

First mechanic: told me that basically everything from front pads/callipers/rotors to rear drum/shoes need to be replaced with an estimate of around 550.

Second mechanic: told me that just the front pads and rear shoes need replacement, not rotors or drums. But also, he said that the proportioning valve needs replacement because it wasnt "distributing the brake fluid evenly". The total cost he said was 450.

I am a bit confused. Why did one tell me about the proportioning valve replacement and the other did not? Should it cost that much for just the valve + pads/shoes?

Any thoughts?

Response From wllmford7 Top Rated Answer

Some brake noise is normal and unavoidable. I had a squeak noise when i press the brakes. had replaced the brake pads but still the same problem. Please provide me solution to this problem

Link Deleted,not allowed.

Response From speed

i know this is unlikely yhe cause of your squeling/squeking but i am working on a 1972 karmen ghia at my school for project car. it came in with squeaky like yours right. well we found teh calipers and pads were toast and that the rotors had also glazed over. you may try using emery cloth or sand paper and rubbing them a bit. we have yet to test the brakes but its just a trick my teacher new for glazed rotors. just a tip but like tom said find the leak. and get a third opinion.

Response From Mr.scotty

I love old Air cooled Vw's.
Do you have any pics of it?
Maybe you can post it in the classic car section.

Response From Mr.scotty

And no, Nobody has posted anything else about this car.

Response From speed

when i get the new phone ill take some and post some.

any developments on this car yet?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Some questions and comments:

*What was done 2.5 years ago and how many miles ago was that?

*Cheap parts can wear fast displacing fluid but that's fast to set off a light.

* Noise? Cheap pads and shoes and not servicing or replacing rotors and drums is a no go. Check yourself - many are not that expensice and I don't approve of machining rotors and drums as they are thin enough when new.

* It shouldn't be consuming fluid! If leaks aren't found then gotta look harder. Can be sneaky and get sucked in thru a vacuum booster but usually shows signs if so.

* Second mechanic just want to do pads, shoes and a proportioning valve? I don't know how this tech determined proportioning valve was bad but if just slapping on pads and shoes that's shade tree work - not professional.

Prices of parts varies and there is a wide range of qualities. The noise could be fluid in the wrong places, worn out parts, broken parts.

This needs a full inspection - perhaps by a mechanics #3 and so far I haven't seen the reason for fluid loss. Not good,