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2006 kia sorrento radio access

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Question From Guest on 2006 kia sorrento radio access

2006 kia sorrento,4WD.,BUCKET SEATS, COUNSOLE.


Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

How do you remove Radio Kia Sorento 05

Kia Sephia only starts sometimes

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Question From Guest on Kia Sephia only starts sometimes

My 1998 Kia Sephia only starts sometimes. It has a new starter and new battery and new sparkplugs, but it doesn't turn on sometimes. What can I do?

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

If it has a miss and your experiencing power loss I'd say timing belt is loose or out of time, this is real common in Kias

Response From Tom Greenleaf

When it doesn't start try to test for spark or lack of fuel as the problem and go from there. When it does start does it keep running for you as long as you want?


2001 kia sportage alternator

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Question From Guest on 2001 kia sportage alternator

hi, i have a 2001 kia sportage 2 wheel drive. i need an alternator, and was wondering if anyone knew if i had to purchase it from the kia dealership, or if i could get it from auto zone? there are those 2 different types, and i don't know if it really matters or not. please help!

Response From way2old

You can purchase one from the aftermarket if they have one available. Usually a lot cheaper and almost last as long as OE. If there are 2 types, you need to be sure to get the one that your engine calls for.

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

Thank you so much!

Response From Guest

Thanks for your help!

1994/1995 Kia Sephia Question

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Question From Amazee on 1994/1995 Kia Sephia Question

The Kia Sephia: I know that they had different seatbelts the first few years. What kind were they? Where they the kind that are permanently fixed to the door or are they the kind then when you open the door they go down towards the windshield? Please answer. Need help.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I'm near certain you'll have to contact Kia to find out exactly which ones did it which way. These or any cars for decades have made alterations by option packages and the country they were sold to originally to meet that country's or state specs. If you had a specific vehicle with a VIN # they should know how it was made,


Response From Amazee

Well I live in the U.S. Would that count?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Ask Kia - could be state by state and I just can't know. Cars sold to at least CA and MA have different requirements than others,


Response From Amazee Top Rated Answer

How would I contact Kia through e-mail?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

An owner's manual should have contact info or just Google them out. They might have all been the same for export to the US but I just don't know. Perhaps call a Kia dealer? Keep in mind the Asian cars are good at custom making their cars - right hand drive, metric dash and not here but other countries don't allow red rear directionals, white headlights and the list goes on.

Powered side directionals in some places, third brake lights, safety glass and so on.............


Kia magentis rev counter not working

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Question From TraceyConn on Kia magentis rev counter not working

Hi we have a 54 Kia magentis the rev counter has stopped working no lights have come on and speedo is fine , we have checked the fuses and they seem fine , does anyone have any suggestions please

Response From nickwarner

They didn't start selling Kia here in the states until the late 90's. We don't have any access to the repair info for something not sold here. For a 54, it was certainly a cable operated tach and I would take the cable off the back of it and start the motor to see if it spins. If it doesn't you have a broken cable, if it does your gauge is bad.

Response From TraceyConn


I have tried looking the rev counter now works erratically then stops there are two wires that appear to go in from the engine to where the dash board would be as you can tell I am clueless and cannot afford a mechanic help

Response From Tom Greenleaf

TraceyConn: Sorry for all the regs here that most wouldn't have exacting information for this car.

Basics - You just said you were looking for wires from engine and guessing you mean to what we would call the firewall (metal between dashboard and engine) where it probably has a bunch of wires pass thru some kind of connecting block.

Seems by your comment you found a place that you either just touched or tested somehow that now gives you erratic "rev counter" operation. If that is correct that is an area to look for some problem like burned or rubbing wires.

Just a general warning is to be very careful with any testing of wiring as items routed through control modules (likely for this) can be harmed or ruined at great expense.

If you find a place where wire insulation isn't right or perhaps soft on outside but still there it may need a repair right there.

If you can describe what you found and where especially how close to moving or hot parts I think we can help with that much,


Response From TraceyConn

Sorry for the confusion 54 reg is a 2004 model , thank u for the reply I will check that today

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

I doubt that refers to the year Nick. Kia didn't even exist back then.

Response From nickwarner

That makes it even more confusing.

Response From Hammer Time

That is the model

Response From nickwarner

I guess I should've listened to those anti-drug ads in the 90's. Problem was I like eggs and they always made me hungry.