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2007 KIA Rondo Constant Problems

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Question From dmfoley on 2007 KIA Rondo Constant Problems

Just wanted to let everyone know the constant problems I have had with my 2007 Rondo, purchased in May and currently has 17,000 miles on it.

Date In For Repair,Days To Repair,Reason
05/14/07,2,Front End Alignment
05/28/07,1,Oxygen Sensor
06/11/07,1,Oxygen Sensor
07/03/07,1,Oxygen Sensor
07/09/07,22,Crank Shaft Pulley
09/17/07,1,Oxygen Sensor
12/06/07,48,Acceleration Issue/Computer
Total 76 29% of days owned

Click here to visit the webpage I created to communicate all my problems - home.wyan.org/~foley

Response From dave284 Top Rated Answer

I would get a better lawyer

2000 kia sephia wont start

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Question From Metaknight42 on 2000 kia sephia wont start

My 00' kia sephia will not start.I tried turning the key and it does nothing,not even the slightest sign of it cranking up.Any suggestions? Also, where Is the transmission fluid dipstick on my model sephia?

Response From DrElectrics Top Rated Answer

this will give you a step by step way to diagnose your car yourself. Its very simple.


01 KIA Sephia

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Question From BRAD4569 on 01 KIA Sephia

My girlfreind has a 2001 KIA Sephia, the doors (front driver and passenger)
refuse to close when it get bitterly cold outside (IN Michigan), any suggestions?

Response From Guest

I've been having the same problem with my 2000 Sephia (I also live in Michigan). It has escalated this year so I took it into the shop and found out my lock and latch are corroded with rust. I'm now wondering if the cover in one of the other posts would have helped keep moisture out and kept it from rusting. You definetely want to do all you can now because getting a door lock and latch replaced is costing a lot more than I expected.

Response From Double J Top Rated Answer

I found this bulletin...may apply to your vehicle based on the production date....hope it helps...

Body - Door Latches Freeze In Cold Weather
Sephia/Spectra DATE
September, 2001 SUBJECT
Sephia/Spectra Front Door Latch
This bulletin provides information relating to a change in Sephia/Spectra front door latches to prevent freezing in extreme wet and cold weather. This may occur when the vehicle is left standing for prolonged periods and does not occur while vehicle is in use.

To correct this condition a plastic cover has been added to prevent moisture from entering the door latch effective 2/13/01 production.
The new cover should be used as a field fix for in use complaint vehicles produced from 4/03/98 to 2/13/01.
1. Lower the window and remove speaker or manual mirror control (depending on trim level) by grasping at top and bottom and pulling straight away from door.
2. Remove screws from pull handle and inside release cover. Remove manual window crank (if equipped), remove cover. 3. Remove two clips from front edge of door panel and one screw from rear edge.
4. Using a suitable trim panel tool, loosen door panel clips along bottom and rear edge of panel. 5. Remove door panel and disconnect power window switch wiring (if equipped). 6. Peel back top left corner of moisture barrier and remove Styrofoam insulator.
7. Position latch cover over latch. 8. Line up tabs at top right and center left of cover.
9. Reassemble door panel in reverse order of disassembly. 10. Repeat on the other front door. AFFECTED PRODUCTION RANGE:
1998-2001 MY Sephia/Spectra produced from 4/03/98 through 2/13/01.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Warm up whole car if you can first. Use WD-40 on latching mechanisms on the door as best you can - you can test with the door open closing the greasy latch and releasing with the door handle with it unlocked of course. It should snap open by itself freely. If this is caused by cold grease not moving properly that should fix it.

If this car has a self locking system when doors are closed it may have partially failed.

Do the doors even make the first step of latching shut as in latched but not tight or do they just butt and not latch at all?


kia Rio Idle issue

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Question From hrashidi1959 on kia Rio Idle issue

I have a kia rio 2001 .in normail drive the idol is fine but when i turn the AC on the idol goes down significantly . is there way I can adjust the idol

Response From dave284 Top Rated Answer

http://www.autozone.com/az/cds/en_us/0900823d/80/04/b3/21/0900823d8004b321/repairInfoPages.htm check this.

Kia Sephia oil pump

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Question From fishinhic on Kia Sephia oil pump

1998 Kia/Sephia sedan 1.8 DOHC 3rd motor
Oil light came on, lifters started knocking, oil level is fine. would it be the oil pump and is the oil pump in the oil pan?

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Your description definitely sounds like you lost oil pressure. It could be a plugged oil pick up screen but most likely is a bad pump. The pump is not in the pan. It's behind the crank pulley and driven by the crankshaft.

Here are the instructions to replace it