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Squealing, scraping noise when steering. could it be the gearbox?

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Question From sampunto on Squealing, scraping noise when steering. could it be the gearbox?

Happy New Year. I have a Fiat Punto, 2002 registration, manual drive. It's developed a problem: after driving at speed for 45 minutes or so, there is a screeching noise, sometimes a scraping noise. The noise goes when the steering wheel is in a certain position. At times it the noise is not too bad; at other times it is very loud and sounds like something serious is going wrong. Gentle braking sometimes momentarily quietens the noise.

We took it to a garage and who took it for a drive, and they thought it was the clutch or the gearbox. Does that sound reasonable? i didn't know the steering was connected to the gearbox.

We had the brake pads changed less than a year ago. The front wheel has a recent dent in it, probably from an incident with a kerb, so I wondered if it could instead be a wheel alignment or brake alignment problem? Any thoughts?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Of course a guess but I'd be looking at the brakes and bearings. New pads alone are not the end all of a brake job. The damage to wheel should be fully checked out as to what else might have been damaged,