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1985 Renault R18i Engine Water Pump 4 Cyl 2.2L Airtex

P311-37079D1    AW3410  New

1-678 , 131-1992 , 157-2040 , 157-2050 , 175-2050 , 18-387 , 1WP3410 , 20129 , 237033 , 252-149 , 42275 , 506076 , 51-1637 , 55-3410 , 5583815 , 57-1250 , 7701461405 , 7701463182 , 8982775053 , 96054 , AW3410 , BWP-678 , CP3410 , ELG-WP3410 , JR775053 , NP1341 , NP1378 , PA0188 , PA272 , PA272/R , PWP-678 , T1463182 , T1468182 , T2125 , US3410 , VKPC86602 , W678M , WP-678

In Stock & Ready to Ship
Airtex Engine Water Pump
  • Engine Water Pump
  • Product Attributes:
    • Fan Clutch Included: No
    • Hub Height: 61.98
    • Impeller Material: Cast Iron
    • Impeller Rotation: Standard
    • Impeller Vane Quantity: 8
    • Includes Back Housing: No
    • Mounting Hole Quantity: 7
    • Pulley Included: No
    • Water Pump Drive Type: Serpentine Belt
  • The Airtex New Water Pump features all new, original equipment-quality components for proper fit and long-life performance. Each pump includes heavy-duty unitized bearings, pressed-on hubs, precision machined housings, unitized seals and optimal impeller clearance, plus all new water pumps are 100% factory tested to assure the highest quality product. Each unit is built to meet or exceed all Original Equipment specifications and is validated for fit, form, and function. Also, application specific design to ensure a perfect fit and correct operation for unsurpassed quality that you can trust.
Brand: Airtex
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block Engine CID CC
1985 - Renault R18i L 4 Cyl 2.2L 131 2152
US Motor Works
1986 Renault R18i Engine Water Pump US Motor Works

P311-4B5A9D4    US3410  New

In Stock & Ready to Ship
US Motor Works Engine Water Pump
  • Case hardened bearing
  • Includes installation sealing devices
Brand: US Motor Works
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Submodel
1986 - Renault R18i Sportwagon
US Motor Works
2012 Renault Scala Engine Water Pump US Motor Works

P311-0D56365    US9416  New

In Stock & Ready to Ship
US Motor Works Engine Water Pump
  • Case hardened bearing
  • Includes installation sealing devices
Brand: US Motor Works
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Submodel
2012 - Renault Scala Dynamique
US Motor Works
2012 Renault Koleos Engine Water Pump US Motor Works

P311-0874977    US9427  New

In Stock & Ready to Ship
US Motor Works Engine Water Pump
  • Case hardened bearing
  • Includes installation sealing devices
Brand: US Motor Works
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Submodel
2012 - Renault Koleos Dynamique

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CarJunky AutoAdvice

Renault Clio 11, 1.2L (Diet?) MTV W reg (2000)

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Question From videoteknix on Renault Clio 11, 1.2L (Diet?) MTV W reg (2000)

Renault Clio 11, 1.2L (Diet?) MTV W reg (2000)

Could anyone tell me which end number one spark plug is, Cambelt or Battery side?

The reason I ask is because I had an arduous task of replacing a water pump.
In doing so I had to dissasemble the power steering, engine mount,altinator oh and yes the timing belt, but to our amazement we ended up with no spare parts at he end of the build :) (oh... and no leaks)

I wont say I'm much of a mechanic or even one at that, I'm one of those ppl that will get there hands dirty to save money.

Anyway..putting it all back together with bleeding knuckles and a swear box full of 10 pences. I turned the engine over it ran lumpy :S

so to my way of thinking I could only quess that the plug next to the cambelt isnt number 1 !!!! Before I could get the same answer from RenaultLine.. I got a barking 1342! then they hung up 0.o

so now I turn to you guys..................

Response From zmame

#1 cyl should be the first plug on the side of the pullys .. i be know thats the way most are toyta, honda, chev, ford.. can't be %100 becuase i've never seen a Renault Clio working in canada lol. hope this helps

Response From videoteknix

Thanks guys, but reading someone elses post ppl are saying the french like to do things backwards :s so 1342 should be 2431? no 1 being battery side. Well I'll keep you all posted, for I am about to take another look today.

Response From videoteknix Top Rated Answer

WOOOHOOO :) I was correct in thinking that number 1 plug is battery side. Put it all together and it started straight away...not woithout hiccups I must admit :S I heard a dry noise and worked it out that the Power Steering unit was oil soon rectified the problem..^^ cheers guys :) oh btw im from England :)

word of warning! " Dont DL the clio manual"! the only one I found was either Russian or French hahahahaha
unless you can translate go ahead but for me pffft!

Response From Tom Greenleaf


Note in the diagram below the belts are shown left and #1 is typically left and cylinders #ed as shown for an in line engine of four cylinders. If you look at a typical rotary distributor which you may not have the firing order here would be 1-3-4-2 ** NOTE - that is if the rotor of distributor turns clockwise. If it turns the other way you need to switch the "3" and the "2" on the distributor cap to fire right.

All this also means you need to know you've started with #1 properly. If this engine doesn't use a rotary distributor I couldn't find any info on it and I tried

Good luck,


2003 Renault Scenic cambelt

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Question From tf549 on 2003 Renault Scenic cambelt


On trip to Devon heard a poof, lost power and car started to overheat. We were recovered to our campsite in Devon and the car taken to a local garage. The garage diagnosed a broken cambelt with some damaged valves. We had the car taken back to our local area as the garage there had replaced a water pump and changed the cambelt at the same time 14 months ago and said it might be covered by warranty. They have contacted the place that supplied their parts - the cambelt had a 12 months or 60000 miles warranty but the company insisted that as it was over 12 months it wasn't covered. The garage says the repair will cost around £1000 which is about what the car is worth. Is it reasonable for the parts company to say they will not contribute under the warranty - it has been around 10000 miles since the belt and water pump were replaced. The garage said the belt shredded rather than snapped.

As it stands I will probably have to scrap the car rather than have it repaired as it seems a bad investment to put £1000 of work into a car that will only be worth that much after the repair and the garage says there may also be damage to the bottom part of the engine too which they won't be able to tell until they do the cylinder head work.
Any advice greatly appreciated on whether I should try to talk to the parts company myself about the warranty, whether the garage's position is reasonable and if scrapping the car is the best course of action Many Thanks Trevor

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Of course it's reasonable. The warranty was 12 months and you are over that. I don't think you would have been eligible even if you were less that 12 months because the belt itself wasn't the cause of the failure. something else caused that belt to shred, whether it was installed wrong or another component failed but the belt didn't shred by itself.