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RV or Renault Trafic axle seals

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Question From mrbeyer on RV or Renault Trafic axle seals

Itasca Phasar (Same as Winnebago Lesharo or Renault Trafic
2L Turbo Diesel

Unable to find the rear axle bearing seal part number or source. The Renault Trafic was used as the chassis for the winnebago Lesharo and the Itasca Phasar. Really need this axle seal. 1985-1986, Vin number available if needed.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Barely have a chance as this isn't sold to the US or if so not by any "Renault" name. I don't know if axle is custom for this or what if Winnebago used it ( a US coach maker for mostly campers ) they bought it from a car maker.

Try this: Look for part # on the seal if you have to really clean it or whatever. Look for a tag on I think you mean an "axle/differential" ??
Next would be go to a real parts outlet and see if it can be matched up by size if an old one isn't really destroyed then if so the right parts people can try with specs taken from axle and where seal presses in,


Response From mrbeyer

part number is 325, no cross reference, no manufacturer. Entire chassis including rear axle is for the Renault Trafic. It is very difficult to find, has a very narrow profile. Been to several bearing places, numerous parts place, and a couple rv places, no luck.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I tried another approach as it seems you've been to and asked but no good help for a few bucks USD worth of parts. I just Searched Axle Seals and your part # which didn't work but lead to sites that you can order by size. Those would be US based probably and I didn't dig in for a plain freakin' phone # if need be.

Link thu "Bing's" search engine was..........

That's what the dang parts outlet have at their fingertips or should and just didn't help you or didn't know how?

Parts is it's own profession in many ways but keep searching and you'll find it or better questions asked for you to check or sent on to another source. I can't believe it's not even somewhat common probably used in other assorted things you don't even know about?

Search away and at some point may need exact measuring tool I could use a "Vernier Caliper" type tool would do,


Renault Megane N reg

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Question From tammy moore on Renault Megane N reg

Hi Renault Megane key not working and has built in immobilizer cannot start engine now can anyone help?

Response From DanD Top Rated Answer

Every manufacturer has there own ideas as in design of theft deterrent and I myself don’t have any literature on this vehicle.
Sorry but maybe someone else will chime in?

Response From tammy moore

thank you for checking anyway

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Like Dan, I have no info on this car but your dealer whould. That may be the fastest way to get this fixed. T

renault megane

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Question From chinchin on renault megane

i have bad tickover when cold 1.6 1998megane rt sport

Response From Loren Champlain Sr Top Rated Answer

chinchin; I hate it when that happens (tickover). One of our guys got bitten by a tick. I believe that Renaults are made in France. Any more questions?

Response From Double J

Poor guy comes here for help and gets ..........

I guess America can't /shouldn't bad rap any foreign car makers when GM and Chrysler are tanking....

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

>>Poor guy comes here for help and gets .......... <<
You are absolutely right. I appologize for that. It's just that the some manufacturer's have a 'reputation' for making 'junk'. Renault and Peugot (both French) fit that catagory. There ARE others, but those two stick out.
I have, absolutely, no idea what 'ticking over' means. Sorry.

Response From chickenhouse

Yeah, I agree, but--- YA KNOW? Sometimes ya just can't help yerself.

renault engine imoboliser

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Question From hammerchewer on renault engine imoboliser

Hello and welcome
Does anybody know how to dodge or bodge a renault megan scenic , the engine imoboliser has pack up and the man from the garage is talking £1000 yes £1000 to fix this is more than the car is worth HELP!

Response From DrElectrics

Those are tricky things. the immobiliser is wired into your start relay. You cant remove it, cause car won't go. Go and see an auto electrician and see if he can somehow bypass the module

Response From hammerchewer Top Rated Answer

thanks for that , any idea what is a realistic price?

Response From DrElectrics

How long is a peace of string? Go to a recommended auto electrician. Someone you know, or your friends know. It all depends on the wiring time and labour cost. Just let him know, you think you know the problem and let him test my theory. Advice is always free from those guys. If I would hazard a guess. I would say max 2.5 hrs labour and whatever 4mm Twin sheeth costs these days.

Renault Clio 2009 2.0 - Clutch Pedal Problem

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Question From MQAutos on Renault Clio 2009 2.0 - Clutch Pedal Problem

I have a renault clio 2009 which I fitted with a new clutch pedal (the clutch pedal has an automatic bleed system)

what is the procedure to bleed the automatic clutch system?

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Sorry, we don't have that vehicle here in the US and Canada so we have no info on it.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Never saw one except pics. If parts new it still has to be an hydraulic master and slave cylinder some fussy to bleed. After that original bleed it doesn't need periodic bleeding or adjustment is likely what your info means,