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1999 Pontiac Montana Turn Signal Light Assembly TYC

P311-0CD35D0    W0133-1843182  New

TYC Turn Signal Light Assembly
  • NSF Certified
  • Left
Brand: TYC
Additional Fitment Information:
1999 - Pontiac Montana
2003 Pontiac Montana Turn Signal Light Assembly TYC

P311-53CA0D7    W0133-1843181  New

TYC Turn Signal Light Assembly
  • NSF Certified
  • Right
Brand: TYC
Additional Fitment Information:
2003 - Pontiac Montana

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2003 Pontiac Grand am signal lights

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Question From mcmunson43 on 2003 Pontiac Grand am signal lights

The signal light on my 2003 Pontiac Grand Am work intermitently,

The auto parts stores don't list a flasher, I cannot find a relay on the car marked turn signals. Checked under hood, and both side dash panels.

The fuses for the Hazards and Turn signals are good.

The hazards also don't work.

Any suggestions?

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

The flasher for both the turn signals and the hazards is built into the hazard switch. That's likely where your problem is.

2002 pontiac sunfire

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Question From katie on 2002 pontiac sunfire

i just bought a 2002 pontiac sunfire and the day/light/bright lights work fine but none of the turn signals, hazards, or brake lights work, and it doesnt make a clicking sound when i try and use the signals or hazards, what could it be?

Response From Hammer Time

Probably a bad combination switch but the circuit needs to be tested following a wiring diagram.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

http://contentinfo.autozone.com/znetcs/content/how-to/en_US/0996b43f/80/a0/12/ba/00238_fl12_flasher.jpgAn automatic-reset, circuit-breaker-type switch used in directional signal and emergency signal circuits.


Both could be messed up by the one circuit breaker not resetting properly if there was a good reason?


Response From Hammer Time

It has no lower brake lights Tom. That flasher isn't going to cause that.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

That was the "prize in the Cracker Jack" box version of AllData that said both were powered by a resettable breaker with no better info. I figured it was one of those that can get hot, cut off the flow, cool and work again and just didn't work again. Never saw one go bad but have heard them when a dead short was on that circuit?? If it's anything like what I'm thinking that wouldn't be the cause but the result,


Response From Hammer Time

That's a picture of a flasher. Neither the brake lights nor the turn signals are powered by a circuit breaker.
If the high mount, 3rd brake light works, then the brake light switch is powered.

would a bad combination switch affect the break lights?

Yes, it would but only the 2 lower lights and not the high mount as they pass through that switch to cancel brake lights for turn signals, which is exactly what you described.

Response From katie

would a bad combination switch affect the break lights?

turn signals won't work

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Question From matuke on turn signals won't work

My turn signals won't work on my 1994 pontiac grand am they worked before now. I replaced the turn flashers the hazard lights work but not the turn signals I'm stumped and don't have the money to pay someone. thanks

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Do they light and not flash or not light at all? There should be separate flashers for hazzard and turn signals. Are fuses ok? Check on the simple stuff first,


1997 Pontiac Grand Prix - Left Turn Signal / Elec Window

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Question From upmm019 on 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix - Left Turn Signal / Elec Window

Hi I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix with about 120k. 3.8L non turbo charged. Automatic.

It has two problems that I'm totally stuck on where to go next ....

The first problem and most annoying is the left turn signal blinks fast as if a blub is out. However, after checking each blub they are fine.

When the left turn signal is turned on ... it blinks fast at the rear but does not blink at all in the front left.

I've cleaned all of the contacts with electrical cleaner and then used that clear electrical goop to keep the moisture out. Does not appear to work.

could this be a relay problem (doubtful as it hear it when left or right is on), could this be a problem at the turn signal switch in the column? What can i do to trouble shoot it?

The second problem is with the drivers side electric window. You can push the button to make the window go down, which it will. However, when you push it to mak it go up it sometimes works sometimes it does not. When it does work it only moves the window part way up and then you have to wait and try it again and again to get it to go all the way up.

Is this a switch problem or more so a window regulator/motor problem as I'm not sure what sort of symptoms they give off when bad or going bad.

In any event, in my opinion the window moves up really slow when it does work.... Any troubleshooting tips would be helpful.


Response From Hammer Time

Your turn signal problem is in that left front light. You need to use a test light to check for power and ground but it could be a bad socket.

The window problem is likely a bad motor but it will have to be checked closer with the door panel off to confirm power and ground arriving at the motor at all times.

Response From upmm019

what would go bad with the socket? When can a person get a replacement socket? Do they patch in by soldering the new one in?

I know I've checked the blubs and they are good. This car, when the turn signal is on the larger blub blinks and the smaller blub that adjoins it blinks too but they alternate. That little blub does nothing, I believe it stays lit when the left turn is on ......

do I need a special tester for this?

since it does work, meaning both the left and right come on .... is it safe to assume it is not the relay or the actual turn signal switch in the steering column?

Response From Hammer Time

You need to use a testlight to determine if the socket is receiving power and ground. If not, you can buy a replacement socket to splice in.

Response From upmm019

Ok. I'll get a test light and check it.

if there is not juice going to it... there where does a guy go..... the flasher and the turn signal switch must be good if the left rear turn is blinking.

Response From Hammer Time

Not necessarily. They are independent wires leaving the switch. It could be the switch or any of the wiring in between.

Response From upmm019

I suspect there must be some sort of short in the system.

Some days both blinkers work just fine and other days. the left one blinks fast in the rear but the front left does nothing.

How common is it where the socket is the culpret?

When testing how does one know what is ground and what is hot/blink/hazzard and hot runing light?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Testing for ground you would back power a test light. You may be over your head with this seemingly simply fix and YES sockets are a common problem,


Response From Guest

Yeah, it may be simple but not even the experts can fix it.

I've had it to the local pontiac dealer several times for this issue and they tell me it's dirty connections.

They say they clean and then put that goop on to keep the moisture out.

However, I've done the same and it still continues to plague the car.

I don't think I can do too much harm to it.... Will see what I find when the car is here over the weekend.

Response From Hammer Time

I don't think I can do too much harm to it....

Famous last words

Response From upmm019

Alright.... I suppose it's over my head but I'm looking for help and appreciate the advise you give.

I have not gotten a test light yet but I think I've confirmed there is no power to the left side turn signal.

I disconnected the left headlamp assembly and plugged it in on the right side and threw on the right blinker.

Everything worked. So is it fair to say the socket is not bad?

The other thing I noticed is the smaller blub that blinks on and off when the main blinker is on does light when the head lights are on so it seems that is getting power... however, when it's all hooked up nothing happens to the left side when the left blinker is turned on.

That said, where should I go next to trouble shoot? Blinker Relay?

Response From Guest

I got a test light and probed around and I can only get the test light to light on one of the the three wires.

I took both headlamp wiring harnesses and plugged them into both the right and left. they both work just fine on the right. they do not work on the left.

All blubs are functional all the way around the car.

My son who drives the car told me today that during one stop / left turn it worked. Meaning the flasher didn't blink fast and the turn signal light in the dash lit up.

However, it's intermittent.

While messing with the left harness it started to work. Seemed it was positional. I checked all the wires and there is continuity.

There was a ground splice but I checked it too and it's clear.

The only thing that I seen that seems odd is that the turn signal lights in the dash only work on the right when the harness is disconnected. It blinks fast but on the left with the harness disconnected it does not light at all in the dash.

Could that help diagnose the problem?

Response From upmm019

That last point was not clear..

When both the left and right are working correctly the dash turn signal lights work. Blink at a regular pace, etc.

However, when the left is not working .. the left dash blinker light does not light at all.

But if I disconnect the right side and turn on the right blinker or flashers the right side dash blinker lights but the left does not.

Seems to me if the right acts that way... then so should the left. Meaning that if the left turn signal is out or unplugged the left should blink fast but the left dash blinker should light up but it's not.

does this help provide any insight as to where I can further troubleshoot this issue??

Response From upmm019

I looked a little further and still cannot find out what the issue is.....

Any suggestions based upon my last few reports?

Response From Hammer Time

You could have a bad combo switch in the steering column but you going to have to test the wiring coming out of the switch to determine that.

Response From upmm019

Ok. just so I'm clear...

the MultiFunction switch has individual wires that control each of the four turn signals...

I guess I just assumed that if the left was working in the back there must be a short of some sort....

In any event, where can I get a wiring plan so I can see which wires I should be looking at....

Response From Hammer Time

Yes, that's where that wire originates

Response From upmm019

Well, I got the turn signal switch out...

there are three plugs.

One is black and has numbers/wires that run from 1-17

One is grey and has numbers/wires that run from 1-13

One is a small black plug with two wires

that said, how do I use this mapping back to that wiring chart you show?

I should be able to use a tester to test all four signal connections correct?

Response From Hammer Time

Your testing a yellow wire coming out of the switch

Response From upmm019

So, I'll admit this is way over my head but let me continue to try if you don't mind helping me...

I see there are two solid yellow wires on the grey connector...position 7 and 13.

To test the switch alone do I not need to connect to another wire to complete the circuit?

e.g. a ground and the wire that controls the left front turn signal. So if I have the turn signal on and the multi-meter connected the circuit should be intact if I take the signal off of the left position it should break the circuit, correct??

Also should I just be testing the continuity or should I be using the mulitmeter a different way?

Response From Hammer Time

Your testing for power coming out of the switch on the yellow wire when the turn signals are on. I can't help you much beyond that. Someone is going to have to know how to identify and test the wire.

Response From upmm019 Top Rated Answer

I thought there were individual wires for each of the four signals...

You point to the Yellow wire but shouldn't I be looking also at the LtBlue and DkBlue wires too?

I know at the turn signal socket there is no yellow wire.

Response From upmm019

OK... I got a new turn signal switch and am in the process of replacing it but didnt get far....

How do you get the top part of the steering column shroud off?

It's loose and have the bottom one off but the top I cannot get off due to the plastic around the key. The plastic part.

Anyone know how to get that off?

I'm at a stand still now...

Strange and difficult turn signal problem

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Question From Guest on Strange and difficult turn signal problem

Its very strange, the 4 way emergency flashers all work properly and blink. When I use the right turn signal, everything works fine. But when I use the left turn signal, the indicator on the dash stays lit (doesnt blink or click), and the lights outside turn on, but don't blink...Im pretty stuck here. Im just an average joe, with limited knowledge, but Im always ready to take something apart, with a little advice. Please help, thanks.

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

Also, it is a 1992 pontiac Grand am.

Response From DanD

Try a new turn signal flasher; I know it doesn’t make sense because both left and right signals use the same flasher unit. But if the resistance value in the left turn circuit is a little on the high side, it may stop the flasher from working because of the extra load.
I’ve seen this a number of times that everything left and right seem to be working and all the lights visually look the same but one side or the other will not flash. The flasher might be getting weak and unless the circuit is perfect it can’t handle even the smallest amount of extra load.
Don’t forget that there are two flasher units one for signals, one for emergency lights; make sure you’re replacing the one that’s clicking when the right turn is switched on.