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1971 Jaguar XJ Engine Timing Chain Eurospare

P311-30E861A    W0133-1631390  New

Eurospare Engine Timing Chain
  • Lower
Brand: Eurospare
Additional Fitment Information:
1971 - Jaguar XJ
1970 Jaguar XJ Engine Timing Chain Eurospare

P311-33879EA    W0133-1630246  New

Eurospare Engine Timing Chain
  • ; Master link for this chain - part # SLD
  • Upper
Brand: Eurospare
Additional Fitment Information:
1970 - Jaguar XJ

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1996 2.2 Chev S10 timing chain rattle

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Question From fortino on 1996 2.2 Chev S10 timing chain rattle

When the truck idles, the timing chain rattles. We have replaced the timing chain, tensioner and gears but it didn't work. Someone said just put up with it but we think the chain will wear out again quickly if we do that. What do we try next?

Response From Hammer Time

Did you replace the nylon tensioner?

Response From fortino

Yes, actually we replaced the timing chain and it was OK for a few thousand k and started rattling again. So then we replaced the timing chain again, the tensioner and the gears. That didn't work, it still rattles. As soon as you give it gas the rattle goes away.

Response From Hammer Time

New timing chains don't rattle. Your noise is likely something else.

Response From fortino Top Rated Answer

Hmmm, I was afraid of that!!

2005 Nissan xterra timing chain

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Question From ericwalker on 2005 Nissan xterra timing chain

I have a Nissan Xterra 2005 with 150k miles. The dealership mechanic suggests to replace the timing chain and water pump. This was recommended as I just had a new clutch and flywheel installed. What are the symptoms that indicate that this work is needed, or is this "recommended" service necessary?

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Do they have any justification for recommending this. As a rule, timing chains are not replaced on a preventative basis, only when there is a failure but that doesn't mean they couldn't have a good reason in this situation.

Response From ericwalker

thanks, turns out timing chain is ok..

Response From Hammer Time

Thanks for following up.

Question closed now as solved

whining noise

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Question From milling machine on whining noise

I have a 2000 nissan maxima air, automatic, v-6, 3000 twin cam 24 valve engine. It has a whining noise near I would say were the timing chain tensioner is located. I have disconnected all the belts so it is not the rubber drive belt tensioner, or the power steering pump or the altenator or the compressor. The whining noise seems to get louder as the RPM's increase. This car has a timing chain and a timing chain driven water pump. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Response From poonamt93

Could be anything, belts, alternator, water pump, my case it was my alternator, after I got that changed, the noise went away.

(No ad links please)

Response From Hammer Time

Could be anything, belts, alternator, water pump, my case it was my alternator, after I got that changed, the noise went away.

If you had read the thread first before being in a hurry to get your advertising in, you would have read that he removed all the belts and the noise was still there.

Response From milling machine

The problem turned out to be a bad compressor clutch, the noise is now gone. Somehow I thought the noise was still there with all the belts off, that threw me off. Oh well, it is fixed now thanks for the help.

Response From Sidom

Well glad you finally got it tracked down & fixed..........

Thx 4 taking the time to let us know the final outcome

Response From Hammer Time

If the noise is still there with all the belts removed, then your most likely looking at a bad water pump. That is the only component in there that has a bearing.

Response From milling machine

But wouldn't a warn out tensioner make a wizzing noise, it sounds closer to the tensioner than the pump.

Response From Hammer Time

There are no pulleys on the tensioner. It's just a nylon rubbing block. If the nylon came apart, the chain would be rattling all over the place.

Your not going to know for sure what it is until you take it apart anyway.

Response From milling machine

I bought the water pump for it and will change it out. And I will look at the tensioner to see if it has worn thru. This engine has three tensioners. Have you ever seen a tensioner that has worn thru and the timing chain was just touching bare metal and making a whining sound ?

Response From Hammer Time

Sure, but it won't be a whining sound. It will be a loud rattle.

You shouldn't be buying anything yet. You still have no idea what the problem is and won't until you take it apart.

Response From milling machine

Thanks for the response, I will change the water pump because I already have it now and let you know if that was the problem.

Response From Hammer Time

I hope you realize what your getting yourself into there. This job calls for 13 hours of flat rate and one mistake can cost you a couple thousand in bent valves. This is no car to learn on.

Response From milling machine

I have the factory service manual and it seems the hard part is hoping the chain does not skip a tooth or two when you release the chain tensioner and then turn the crankshaft counterclockwise 20 degrees to take out the old pump and put in the new one. But this is how they say to do the job. I know how easy it is to skip a tooth on a timing chain, I changed a chain on a toyota truck a few times, and when you loosen the tensioner the weight of the loose chain sometimes makes the camshaft move. But I think your right about it being the pump, it has 130,000 miles on it and most likely the bearing tolerances have opened up and small amounts of coolant are seeping in there causing the whining noise. Thanks again.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

The water pump without the timing chain is much easier. It's replacing the timing chain that is real hard.

Timing chain repair

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Question From jhensarl3 on Timing chain repair

Should I have to pay for this repair?

I have a 98 Saturn SL2 with 140,000 miles on it.
I took it to a locally-owned repair shop (that has a good reputation) because the accelerator was sticking. They said the throttle body needed to be cleaned.
After cleaning the throttle body (chemical and brush cleaning while on the car) they tried to start the car and heard a loud back-fire.
The car will not start. Only 25 pounds of compression in each of the cylinders.
They pulled the valve cover and discovered the timing chain has slipped.
The shop claims they did not cause the timing chain to slip, that it is just a coincidence.
Therefore they say I am responsible for the timing chain repair.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

The timing chain was already worn out. Nothing they did caused any more wear to the chain than it already had. The backfire just exposed it. You needed to change it anyway. Be thankful it didn't happen on the highway and have to be towed in. It would have if you continued to drive it.

Response From jhensarl3

The 98 Saturn has an actual chain, not a belt. Does a chain wearout? I tore into the engine to replace a head gasket 4 years ago (about 90,000 miles). I just re-used the chain (replaced the guides). Should I have replaced the chain at that time?

Response From Hammer Time

The Saturn has one of the highest timing chain failure rates of any engine, especially the DOHC like you have. The chain is so long, it gets stretched out easily and all the guides wear out. You also have to be very careful of bending valves because I believe it's an interference engine. I'm betting that chain was making a lot a rattling noises leading up to this. It should have been changed long ago.

timing chain

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Question From larrycoffman on timing chain

I would like to know how long it takes to change a timing chain in a 1989 toyota p/u 2.4L

Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

AlldataPro states 9.2 hours without fuel injection or turbo. 10.2 hours with fuel injection or turbo.