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1986 Renault Encore Engine Timing Belt 4 Cyl 1.7L Dayco - Timing Belt

P311-3CBA3B2    95119  New

TB-119 , CD119 , U55-4588 , T119 , R0119 , 77.00.718.752 , LB119 , CD-119 , TB119 , 95119 , 45-01895 , 250119 , B119 , 40119 , 25-90790 , 026-0219

Dayco Engine Timing Belt
  • Camshaft Recommended Replacement 60,000 miles, Normal Driving Conditions, Belt Manufactures suggested replacement
  • Timing Belt
  • Product Attributes:
    • Construction: Std Temp And Load
    • Effective Length:
      • 1181
      • 46.50
    • Tooth Pitch:
      • .37500
      • 9.525
    • Tooth Profile: Round Tooth
    • Top Width: 0.75
Brand: Dayco
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block Engine CID CC
1986 - Renault Encore L 4 Cyl 1.7L 105 -
1984 Renault R18i Engine Timing Belt 4 Cyl 2.2L Gates - PowerGrip Premium OE Timing Belt

P311-2F5272C    T140  New

OHC140 , 95140 , T0718836 , 7700718726 , 25-90870 , TB-140 , TB1024 , 7700717284 , J0856351 , 7700853660 , 026-0199 , 95140FN , B140 , 118H95T190 , 7700718725 , 7700718836 , 081632 , B0140 , TB140 , CD111 , T140 , 7700729581 , CD-140 , T0729581 , 40140 , 250140 , 94329 , 45-01861 , 94258 , R1463635109

Gates Engine Timing Belt
  • PowerGrip Premium OE Timing Belt
  • Product Attributes:
    • OE Comparison Rating: Oe Exact
Brand: Gates
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Fuel Type Block Engine CID CC
1984 - Renault R18i GAS L 4 Cyl 2.2L 131 2152

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1987 Renault Alliance wont start

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Question From RenAno on 1987 Renault Alliance wont start


Was starting fine and running great but about 2 days ago I was driving at low speeds and the car just died, I was able to start again but every time I put it into drive it would just clunk out and stall, after about 4 times of this I finally got it into drive and drove it home and it was running alright that night I was able to turn it on and of reverse and drive. The next morning I went out to turn the vehicle on and it wouldn't start it's cranking but simply wont start. I'm new to cars and have no idea what to do this is my first car. Any Ideas? hope I was thorough enough, any advice would be awesome!

Response From Blulakr

Sorry, I\we would need more info from you to even begin to be of help.

Response From Old 396 Top Rated Answer


The engine in Renault uses a timing belt and is an interference engine. The condition you are describing could be a timing belt that is defective and has stretched, and as a result caused the engine to jump time. If this true, and since the engine is the interference type, if you continue to drive the car you could do serious engine damage. You should stop trying to drive the car, and stop making any further attempts at starting it. Have it towed to a professional mechanic so it can be evaluated. With a situation like this it's better to be safe than sorry.

Renault Clio 11, 1.2L (Diet?) MTV W reg (2000)

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Question From videoteknix on Renault Clio 11, 1.2L (Diet?) MTV W reg (2000)

Renault Clio 11, 1.2L (Diet?) MTV W reg (2000)

Could anyone tell me which end number one spark plug is, Cambelt or Battery side?

The reason I ask is because I had an arduous task of replacing a water pump.
In doing so I had to dissasemble the power steering, engine mount,altinator oh and yes the timing belt, but to our amazement we ended up with no spare parts at he end of the build :) (oh... and no leaks)

I wont say I'm much of a mechanic or even one at that, I'm one of those ppl that will get there hands dirty to save money.

Anyway..putting it all back together with bleeding knuckles and a swear box full of 10 pences. I turned the engine over it ran lumpy :S

so to my way of thinking I could only quess that the plug next to the cambelt isnt number 1 !!!! Before I could get the same answer from RenaultLine.. I got a barking 1342! then they hung up 0.o

so now I turn to you guys..................

Response From zmame

#1 cyl should be the first plug on the side of the pullys .. i be know thats the way most are toyta, honda, chev, ford.. can't be %100 becuase i've never seen a Renault Clio working in canada lol. hope this helps

Response From videoteknix

Thanks guys, but reading someone elses post ppl are saying the french like to do things backwards :s so 1342 should be 2431? no 1 being battery side. Well I'll keep you all posted, for I am about to take another look today.

Response From videoteknix Top Rated Answer

WOOOHOOO :) I was correct in thinking that number 1 plug is battery side. Put it all together and it started straight away...not woithout hiccups I must admit :S I heard a dry noise and worked it out that the Power Steering unit was empty..new oil soon rectified the problem..^^ cheers guys :) oh btw im from England :)

word of warning! " Dont DL the clio manual"! the only one I found was either Russian or French hahahahaha
unless you can translate go ahead but for me pffft!

Response From Tom Greenleaf


Note in the diagram below the belts are shown left and #1 is typically left and cylinders #ed as shown for an in line engine of four cylinders. If you look at a typical rotary distributor which you may not have the firing order here would be 1-3-4-2 ** NOTE - that is if the rotor of distributor turns clockwise. If it turns the other way you need to switch the "3" and the "2" on the distributor cap to fire right.

All this also means you need to know you've started with #1 properly. If this engine doesn't use a rotary distributor I couldn't find any info on it and I tried

Good luck,


1997 Renault Safrane Exec won't start

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Question From spongmonkey on 1997 Renault Safrane Exec won't start

I went out to my car yesterday and it wouldn't start. I know very little about cars but i'll explain what I've found, and any help at all would be appreciated.

the car turns over, I've replaced the spark plugs and confirmed that all of the plugs do generate a spark. The immobilisor lights is out, as is the ECU dignostic light. I've tried 1/2 a can of easy start in the air box and the car doesn't run on this either. The car will also not bump start. this leads me to believe that the problem may be fuel related?


Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Bear with me - you've used some terms I am not familiar with. This use of what you called easy start? Is that like a spray ether which we call starting flluid? If so and that didn't work you may have used too much. It should have at least bucked or something if lack of fuel is the problem. I suspect a timing problem from what I see. Check that the distributor's rotor turns. You may have a timing belt broken and in some cars that's "game over" for that engine - hope not. Come back with anything you find - here to help you, T

Response From spongmonkey

Thanks for the reply. Easy start is a spray ether that usually helps start a car if it really doesn't want to go. There is a belt to the right of the engine which is there and in tact, let's hope that's the timing belt, in which case it hasn't snapped! I'm hoping it's a simple timing problem but i'm not usually that lucky with car-related problems :( It's booked in at the garage tomorrow so I'll let you know what they find

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Those timing belts don't last much longer than 60,000 miles or 100,000 KM and they don't factor time usually from what I've seen in maintenance schedules. They can jump a tooth or break completly. Most will still run just one tooth off and after that all bets are off. Hope it's that simple and let us know. Others will benefit from what you have wrong and fixed. Be well, T

Renault Clio Ripcurl, low milage big problems

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Question From KirstyBHE on Renault Clio Ripcurl, low milage big problems

I have a Renault Clio Ripcurl 2007 1.2 16 valve, I bought it second hand from a Renault dealer 2 years ago, it has a full service history and has been running fine. Over a month ago the engine light came on and the car kept cutting out. My local mechanic said that it looked like it was the computer so he told me to send it back to the dealership to have it repaired. At this point the car wouldn't even start so It was towed away by the garage.

The mechanic said that it was the timing belt and I agreed to have it fixed for £310 (my car has done 35,707miles) after a few days I received another phone call saying that the problem was worse than expected and that they would have to check the head gasket and I could expect a bill for £1,200 if its a worst case scenario.

I phoned on a regular basis to see what the progress was with the car only to be fobbed off by the receptionist so I told her that I wanted a revised invoice because I wanted to know about the work and the charges. Finally the Service Manager phoned to say that the car was fixed and he sent me an invoice, even though the car had passed the test drive he said that he wasn't happy with the car and he wanted to keep it in longer to tune it but the price will not be affected by this.

Finally after my car had nearly been in the garage the best part of a month, I phoned up yesterday and my car was ready for collection.

I was not happy with the service so before I paid (£1,263.22) I wanted to speak to the Service Manager. I explained that I couldn't understand why a car with low mileage can have problems with the timing and he told me that it wasn't the timing the problem was with the valves. Basically because I have low mileage the valves were not making a seal with the cylinder head so there was low compression within the engine!! this is where I got confused and gave up, he said that I could make a complaint to Renault and see what happens. All I wanted was to pay for the car and get out of there on the condition that the car was ok and parts and service had a warranty for 12 months which they are.

I drove the car home approx. 22 miles and the car was good. I went to start the engine this morning and the engine light came back on and the car cut out, I tried it a couple of times with no luck. The car has been towed away to the dealership again and I'm back to square one minus £1,263.22.

Please can someone give me some advice, I have been very reasonable with the dealership but I can't help feel that I'm at the losing end.

Kirsty G

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

I think you need to get higher up than the dealership. That's a lot of misdiagnosing for 22 miles IMO. Not sure how you contest issues where you are but think you may have to. That and taking near a month just isn't right no matter what was wrong. Car not sold here but doesn't matter, this is all wrong to me,


2002 Clio Loss of Power when accelerating?

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Question From tyrie_uk on 2002 Clio Loss of Power when accelerating?

Hi Guys

Before i start let me say that i have a...

Renault Clio 2002
54000 miles on the clock

Today i went to drive away from work and do my 8 mile journey to my next job and i pulled away in 1st gear(everything ok) and when i put it in 2nd and started to slowly accelerate like i usually would there was no power, or not the usual power.

I could put my foot to the floor and it would not speed up quickly, it slowly increased in speed, the same for changing to 3rd gear and fourth gear, the speed is taking a long to to increase and pushing harder on the gas doesn't make it go faster in comparison to pushing just a little on the gas???

I'm at a loss what could be wrong, i know i should see a garage but does anyone know what could possible be wrong here? best case and worse case scenario so the garage dont try and rip me off?

This problem continued throughout my 8 mile journey, a real issue when i pull away from lights at a less than usual speed and take too long to get to 30

Many thanks


Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

This is not a car that we have any info on in the US but you want to check things like the timing belt, assuming it has one.