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chrysler concorde brake issues

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Question From fausty on chrysler concorde brake issues

98 chrysler concorde lxi, 3.2 liter.

hello gentlemen. i have an issue with a steering pulse when braking. any pointers on where to start. rotors, wheel bearings? my nearest parts store is 20 miles away. i was maybe thinking of making a big list, starting with the cheapest items, and returning what i don't need. any help is appreciated.

Response From Hammer Time

That is nearly always the result of rotor distortion. I don't recommend trying to resurface them as the problem will likely reoccur quickly. You should also replace the pads at the same time, regardless of their condition.

Response From fausty Top Rated Answer

Ok thank you. Rotors are fairly cheap anyways, and I have been meaning to do a pad pop anyways. I will keep you posted. I was hoping it wasn't the tie rods so this kinda makes my day. Easy fix.

Response From Hammer Time

Loose tie rods would exaggerate the problem but the rotors are the trigger.

Response From fausty

Ok thank you. How do I check the tie rods? My haynes manual has check info on almost everything but not that.

warning lights

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Question From mevimanbl on warning lights

I drive a 2000 Chrysler Concorde with a 3.2 liter engine. it has 114000 miles on it. I recently hit a median and i had to replace the whole front end. Everything from rebending the frame to the struts and tie rods and wheel bearings. After about a week of driving my car, the airbag, ABS light, and the traction control light is always on. My horn and my cruise control doesnt work and neither does my heater. It just stays on constanly and i cant change the settings

Please help me

Response From Loren Champlain Sr Top Rated Answer

Unsure of the heater issue, but the rest could be a clockspring problem?

Left Tire Doesn't Turn

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Question From x101011x on Left Tire Doesn't Turn

So I have a
Chrysler Concorde
3.5 L
with 300,000K

Recently I noticed that the steering wheel seemed to have some 'lag' to it. Meaning that whenever I turned the wheel, it took longer than it seemed it should to feel a response in the tires. Last night I was turning around in my street, and ran over a large piece of snow. Once I tried to drive forward, I was stopped because my left tire was turned all the way to the right. I tried moving the steering wheel back and forth and got no response from the tire.

What has happened to my steering column/wheel arm?! How much do you think a damage like this will cost to repair?

Response From Hammer Time

Yes, you should have been having that checked long before this. You're very lucky it didn't happen on the highway where it could have ended real bad. Get it towed to the shop ASAP.

Response From johnbouf123 Top Rated Answer

Yes, you should have been having that checked long before this. You're very lucky it didn't happen on the highway where it could have ended real bad. Get it towed to the shop ASAP.
Absolutely do not try to drive the vehicle if one tie-rod is broken the other propably is bad too!!!!!!!!!Very very dangerous for you and others!!!

Response From techforfree

My guess you have a bad outer tie rod end..good luck

300 C front steering problem?

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Question From tony300c on 300 C front steering problem?

I just got into my 2006 Chrysler 300C and when I backed out I heard a weird noise coming from my front passenger wheel well so I went out side to see what was wrong and I noticed that with my wheel straight the left front wheel was straight but the passenger side was turned in at a 45 degree angle. I am just initially trying to troubleshoot to find out what could be broken and how much the part and the labor should cost when I take it into the mechanic. It is a bummer because it is a leased vehicle and my return date is in less than 2 weeks, I appreciate any feedback and my best guess is that it has to do with something in the steering or the suspension but if I could narrow it down to possible parts so that I could look up the price online I can start to plan for the damage to my pocket.

Response From Hammer Time

If the wheel is still supported and upright but just steering in the wrong direction and you haven't totally crashed the suspension, then it's a problem with the tie rod, either broken or disconnected.

Response From rayben17 Top Rated Answer

im new here dont know how to post on threads , but maybe mention , these vehicules have a lower strut bar is what dodge lieks to call them , ive seen that fall out before a tie rod looks like a tierod but with a puck style bushing on the other end mounted in the subframe

Cluncking noise driver side suspention

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Question From locko on Cluncking noise driver side suspention

I have a problem identifying the correct part for a Voyager. The car presents with a clunk/ knocking noise just below the driver peddles, i have accessed 2 different mechanics who have replaces the drop links and the Top Mount Strut at great expense considering the noise remains. The latest mechanic believes that it must be the Lower arm wishbone; however I’m reluctant to explore this as this again may not repair the problem.

Could anyone advise, if experienced this before?


Chrysler Voyager 2.5 CRD 2003

Response From ramit98 Top Rated Answer

i have an 07 caravan doing the same thing when i stop then go it clunks dealers changed sway bar link and bushings , tie rod end all inner and outter , strut bearings , steering rack , left axle , even did a brake servise ...., its driving me nuts!! have you found the issue on your 03?

Response From locko

Nope! The mechanics’ have not got a Scooby Doo. I'll just have to wait for the clunk to get louder... Crazy!

Response From autojoe

I use a steelman wireless chassis ear for all my under car like a charm.has not failed me of the best peices of equipment that I have.You put clips on different areas components and can switch channels to isolate noise and pinpoint location.

Response From Sidom

I would suggest unbolting the links to the struts and drive the van for a short distance. If the noise is gone more than likely you have bad sway bar frame bushing (even if they look good) than need to be replaced and then the links reattached...