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2004 Acura MDX - Air Filter

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Question From richbopp on 2004 Acura MDX - Air Filter

Where is the air filter on my 2004 Acura MDX V6? How do I get at it to change the filter?


Response From Tom Greenleaf

I can't know every car ever made but it's basic. Follow any snorkling from intake and there should be a square or maybe round item that will come apart and house the filter. Some need to have something else moved to get at it but most are straight forward.

I will suggest to really try to not unplug electrical stuff if at all possible, You'll find it, T

Response From richbopp

This is driving me nuts. I've been working on cars for my whole life. Have a vintage Vette in my shop and was raised by my auto mechanic Dad. So I'm not new to the under the hood stuff..... but this thing is no where to be found. Off to the dealer tomorrow to see where they hid it.

Tom, thanks for the info. I'll post the location when I find it.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Thanks for posting what you find. We are all in this together and some cars like to hide things.

I was shocked to find a car's battery under its back seat once!! -- and nothing other than a Rolls put it in the trunk?? It could go on forever, spare tires put in the engine compartment by Fiat, and things like that. T

Response From Guest

I just remembered that a neighbor works for Acura dealer and drove over to his house. He gave me that look, like I was crazy and lifted the hood, opened the filter compartment and went....."Holly sxxx..... there's no air cleaner in there.:

I was sure that the box with the screws on it as part of the in line air intake was supposed to be where it was found, but guess what. This car has no air filter in it. We bought it new, have had dealer service from day one. Looks like a factory slip up....

I was first to open the box becasue it has a factory seal (kind of a sticker) at the seam that I had to break to get ito the box earlier today.

Oh well, at least I know it's "supposed" to be.


Response From Tom Greenleaf

Thanks for the report. I've never seen a car without an air filter. Silly lawn mowers even have them. Boats do NOT but use spark arrestors that would still stop a leaf or large item.

If somehow a car can be made without one on purpose I'm confused. Good grief a car may live in Shangri La but many still have to deal with dusty roads and the makers all know that.

I'm shocked about this and Acura is NOT some no name car. Please let us and the world know what happens with this, T