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2000 Lexus SC400 Engine Oil Pump Genuine

P311-0197B5A    W0133-1739185  New

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Genuine Engine Oil Pump
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Brand: Genuine
Additional Fitment Information:
2000 - Lexus SC400

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Kia Sephia oil pump

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Question From fishinhic on Kia Sephia oil pump

1998 Kia/Sephia sedan 1.8 DOHC 3rd motor
Oil light came on, lifters started knocking, oil level is fine. would it be the oil pump and is the oil pump in the oil pan?

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Your description definitely sounds like you lost oil pressure. It could be a plugged oil pick up screen but most likely is a bad pump. The pump is not in the pan. It's behind the crank pulley and driven by the crankshaft.

Here are the instructions to replace it

Oil pump shaft

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Question From drillvnv on Oil pump shaft

1983 351 ford , like to know easiest way to replace oil pump shaft, thanks

Response From 61suburban Top Rated Answer

The oil pan will have to be removed,then the oil pump.The shaft is located between the pump and the distributor.Why do you want to replace the shaft ? This is not a common part to fail.

1985 Ford F250,460 engine.Install Distributor?

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Question From Dnake1 on 1985 Ford F250,460 engine.Install Distributor?

I'm tryint to replace the Dristriburor. The gears mesh fine but cannot mesh with the oil pump.The problem is the connector or coupling on the oil pump is hexagon shaped and is very loose.It flops around lays towards one side rather than in the center of the hole.Is this an adapter or is something wrong with the oil pump.?
. Have not tried turning it yet for anignment purposes.
Thank you.

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

Put a socket that fits on the oil pump shaft on a long extention and keep spinning the oil pump shaft until the distributer fits on it. I just had to change mine and a plyed with it for about an hour until I figured out the oil pump shaft was getting in the way then it only took me about 10 minutes to get it on

Response From Hammer Time

This is an old thread and likely not being watched any longer.

Response From Hammer Time

Try putting the shaft alone in first with a long pair of needle nose pliers and then the distributor.

2000 ford mustang gt 4.6 oil pump

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Question From rodnbren on 2000 ford mustang gt 4.6 oil pump

Hey there I was wondering if anyone knew how hard it was to change the oil pump in a 2000 ford mustang gt? if the motor could be jacked up and the oil pan dropped? How much pressure should it have on the gauge? what is the average life span of a oil pump?

Thanks Rodney

Response From Sidom

What type of problem are you having?????

Response From rodnbren Top Rated Answer

well I am in another state other than my step son is in. he had problems with his heads and they was replaced by a garage. and they are saying that his oil pump isnt pumping right. so I was wondering if it could be the gauge or really is going bad. whats your alls suggestion. sorry for the long delay for the reply back. Thanks Rodney

Response From Sidom

Well from your info I'm guessing there is an oil pressure problem going on. There are a few things that could cause this and a bad oil pump is one of them.

There is not much either one of us can really do. We're both far removed. Most shops are capable of diagnosing this problems. If for whatever reason you or your step-son aren't comfortable with one shop I would suggest finding a shop you are more comfortable with....

oil pump removal 2005 buick rendezvous 3.4

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Question From bldbill on oil pump removal 2005 buick rendezvous 3.4

Looking to change oil pump on buick rendezvous . Any tips would be welcomed.

Response From kev2

I could add a step by step BUT I will first ask WHY are you condemning the pump?
this is a major job -- flat rate @ 7hrs... that's for a pro in fully equipped shop.

Response From bldbill

Low pressure light came on, change the sensor yesterday no problems. Wife went to go to work this morning and light came on, now it is running rough.

Response From bldbill Top Rated Answer

So I do have to pull the engine. Was hoping that with technology nowdays they would of figured something out by now

Response From Discretesignals

You don't have to remove the engine, but you'll need an engine support adapter because you got to drop the subframe to get the oil pan out. Suggest you pick up some service information. Try AlldataDIY.

Response From bldbill

Going to garage, I have the knowledge but not the tools. Too old to put it on blocks and crawl under it. 210,000 on engine. maybe time for a new car payment.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

210K and this issue: OK if tested REAL and low enough as you just said to run lousy because of true low oil pressure there's some pretty nasty damage going on already. If a pump alone was free it wouldn't make it right.
Got to know the warnings and heed them. Low oil level not to be confused and low oil pressure a different and very fatal problem to an engine.

Do check or have check with a gauge and if real causing it to run lousy think hard about keeping this vs IMO a marginal fix if a new oil pump even shut out the warning?


Response From bldbill

The first thing I did was check the level. just changed the oil two weeks ago. It was fine. Low oil pressure sensor was leaking so I changed that. ran it for a bit seemed ok. I have it being towed to a trusted garage and they'll let me know what's up.

Response From Hammer Time

Smart decision

Response From bldbill

Thank you !!

Response From kev2

your next step is to confirm oil pressure, a mechanical gauge is used - often installed where the pressure sender is.
I would also scan for codes- would confirm if any sensor issues ie wiring etc.
I want to add oil pressure sensor not oil level sensor.