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renault cleo 2002

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Question From Guest on renault cleo 2002

my service abs light stays on does anyone know how to reset it

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

They don't sell that car where I live but let's give it a shot. Some will reset by disconnecting the battery neg for a while. If it comes right back try looking at each wheel when off where a magnet and star wheel sense the speed of each wheel and blow them clean with shop air.

The default setting should be regular brakes and it may take a scanning machine to find the problem if it persists but don't even bother untill the light is on if it goes out for a while, T

noise from back end renault megane x reg

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Question From nellybobs on noise from back end renault megane x reg

hi wondered if anyone had any ideas about the following problem

when i set off in my renault megane there is no noise then when i get past 20mph theres a noise that sounds to becoming from the back wheels kind of a dull whirring sound and it gets louder and louder the faster i go its only just started to do it and its driving me mad

any ideas

thanks neil

Response From Tom Greenleaf

That is consistant with a bad wheel bearing so they should be checked,


Response From nellybobs

is this a costly fix or can i do it myself

thanks neil

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Bear with me as I haven't seen a Renault in ions of any kind but I'm guessing it's front wheel drive only and has sealed rear bearings and hub as a unit. If you have anti-lock brakes it may have a sensor in that hub.

If FWD only you can jack up and just spin rear wheels and you should hear the noise. Good bearings are almost silent. They could be expensive and could be difficult and if you think that's it just describe it and I can guess at how to replace it.

Perhaps another here knows the car exactly but let's find out if it's a bearing at all right now -- probably is.

See what you can determine and hit back. If nothing check out the tires themselves as they can do funky things and rotate them and see if sound follows the tire if the case,


Renault espace 03. Need help !!!!!!

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Question From Marlot on Renault espace 03. Need help !!!!!!

Brought the car second hand and its spent more time in garage than myself driving it.
Power steering went and the auto gear box stopped working. It's diesel auto on 03 plate.
Since I have had it back I steering is just not right really stiff and feels like its not going to turn, steering is lighter when I break.
I have taken it back a few times and they saying there is nothing wrong but it just doesn't steer and feel very unsafe in it
Please please could you give me advice

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Is fluid full. Belt tight enough?

If fluid low it could have ruined its ability to pump.

I don't understand the connection with brakes so far,


Response From Marlot

It's had a new power steering pump put on it and balancing and tracking been done and still really stiff when turning

Response From Tom Greenleaf

You said it's been checked out and declared there's nothing wrong? Someone is missing something.

If this is being checked with all four wheels hoisted it pretty much should steer easily as there's not grinding of tires if just sitting in place and perhaps weight on struts is part of this picture?

IDK - rack and pinion may be binding inside. If I could feel this in person I'd like to hear some effort being spent right from the pump. It may not be getting pressure to where it is really assisting your intent to steer it.

Just curious - will this steer normally to you if in reverse? There might be a clue there?


Humming noise

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Question From king2807 on Humming noise

I have a 2001 Renault laguna dci and i have humming coming from the front .I have changed the front bearings, drop links, bull joints and driveshaft gaiters but the humming is still there .Anyone got any ideas ?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Doesn't matter but that car is not sold where most regular techs here are. They make a mechanic's stethoscope that may help isolate the exact item or items making noise which would help in not wasting money on replacing items that were not the cause,


Response From king2807

The specialist over here reckons it is the brakes but i know it can not be

Response From Hammer Time

The specialist over here reckons it is the brakes but i know it can not be

So, why don't you just get a second opinion?

Response From king2807 Top Rated Answer

I have not had chance yet the brake discs and pads are new.The noise is when i am driving only.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Does this noise only happen while moving? If brakes most will change the sound when using them. May have to remove them for a real look if so. Brake noises are also speed related and would change the noise depending on speed.

Pretty much I can't think of a brake noise if sitting still if so,


clutch problems

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Question From stu374 on clutch problems

i am looking at a renault clio for my daughter it a 2001 1.2 16valve and i would like some advice about the signs of a worn clutch it has 60k on the clock so not to bad mileage however the clutch pedel is higher than the brake pedel and the biting point is right at the top although there are no signs of slipping can anyone help

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

The biting point being at the top is a good indicator