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1988 amc eagle keeps dying when slowong down

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Question From bigdd2011 on 1988 amc eagle keeps dying when slowong down

I have a 1988 AMC Eagle station wagon with the inline-6 4.2liter engine. It was running fine until all of a sudden it started dying every time I use the brakes and slow down, but it still idles and accelerates like normal. I tried adjusting the throttle control, checking the fuel pump, and checking all the fuses, but it still dies.

Response From nickwarner

check for a vacuum leak around your power brake booster. See if it will do it when holding still and pressing the brake down.

Response From bigdd2011

I tried the brakes while holding still and the car stayed running fine, but when I put it in gear and just rolled a few inches forward and hit the brake it died.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

This seems so related to using the brakes that the booster or line to it seems likely. Plug it off in safe area as you won't have power assist and if it won't die that's the area to dig into for a leak.

You should feel power assist after engine is shut off at least one good time and if not booster is probably leaking and consuming too much vacuum,


1994 Eagle Vision High Idle & Stalls often

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Question From iceman1308 on 1994 Eagle Vision High Idle & Stalls often

1994 Eagle Vision esi 3.3L V-6 & 235K miles. Two problems: Not sure if it's related, but seemed to start after lots of snow got into air box while slamming drifts on the road. After initial start-up, it goes high idle (1500-2000 RPM) after 20-30 seconds & stays that way. I let go of brakes & it takes off! So...my brakes are shot.

Second, my car will just die after 8-10 miles. Almost clockwork when it dies. I crank over for 10 min & it fires up. Drive 8-10 miles & it dies. No error codes come up that I know of. I changed fuel pumps & fuel filter. Does the same thing. Any advice will be appreciated.....

Response From nickwarner

Look for vacuum leaks. Could've broken a hose hitting the drifts, and with the age of those hoses it was time anyhow. Get the computer scanned anyhow, sometimes you think its not showing any codes and it turns out the engine light bulb is just burned out.

Response From iceman1308 Top Rated Answer

The hoses were in rough shape, so i changed them a few months ago. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to help. I've heard people say it could be anything from a crank sensor not getting the cylinders synchronized to ignition issues. I guess there is a idle sensor too somewhere? Like most, i hate to bring it in to a shop to do a scan & blindly replace things charging me way more than the car is even worth, & still not fixing it. Thanks for the ideas.

1997 Eagle Vision ESI- Turn Signals

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Question From yesterda on 1997 Eagle Vision ESI- Turn Signals

I have a 97 Eagle Vision that the turn signals have stopped working on. The lights don't even come on, let alone blink.

A couple of weeks ago the battery got drained down in the cold and the car wouldn't start. We jumped the battery and the turn signals worked. The next time the car was turned on the turn signals were once again not working.

I'm not sure what could be causing this. A mechanic told me that it might be the turn signal switch or possibly a relay.

What could this be, and how hard would it be to fix myself?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

This could be tricky. I can say that many brake lights and turn signals are the same bulb and socket and if you keep finding a dead battery I would check those out first. If your battery goes dead too many times it's "game over" for that battery and just jumping it works but can kill the alternator also if overworked. T

1995 Eagle Talon loss of power steering

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Question From pheal on 1995 Eagle Talon loss of power steering

I recently had my car, a 1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD completely repainted, so it sat for about 1 month at the body shop. When I picked it up, it would not idle at a stop sign, but would stall. So because the fuel tank was near empty, I added a bottle of fuel injector cleaner to a new tank of 93 octane gas. Over the next day and a half, that cleared up the stalling at idle speed. NOW, my problem: It was a cold night and my car which has 5 speed manual transmission started fine. Without waiting for it to warm up, I started to drive home from work which is only 5 blocks. I continued about 1 block and several dash lights came on, making me think the car had stalled. I gradually braked and slowed to a stop thinking it needed to be restarted. In fact, the engine had not died but was still running quietly. I however noticed a loss of power steering and the dash lights illuminated were the electrical system battery symbol and an engine coolant system symbol. Since it seemed to be quietly running and would accelerate with no noticeable clamor or difference in power, I drove slowly home giving myself extra time to turn corners with just manual steering. I checked the power steering fluid level while the car was cold and it looked low, at the minimum line and not up to the max line. Is there a pump or belt situation that could also have caused this problem while still letting the auto be drivable? And how about those warning lights? Thanks for your input. pheal

Response From Loren Champlain Sr Top Rated Answer

Yep, sounds like you lost a belt. Be sure to check all of the pulleys and the serpentine drive belt tensioner, that they are all in alignment.

wheel bearing????

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Question From Guest on wheel bearing????

hi everybody, i am having a little car issue. i drive a 1997 eagle talon esi. ive noticed that while i am driving i hear grinding sounds from my passenger side wheel. it would do it when i am in low speeds 10-15 mph and when i am breaking. earlier today i while i was driving home it kinda made a popping sound and the grinding got worse. now i have it sitting at my grandparents house afraid that my wheel is gonna fly off. thanks for any help guys, i need it.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Kind of sounds like a bearing or brake problem. If you can spin just that wheel and feel for freeplay, then remove it and inspect brake for wear and rotor for evidence of perhaps metal to metal wear that would help to diagnose just what it is. If you find the brake at fault then check the other side as well and it should look about the same and note if it doesn't,