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1988 Chrysler New Yorker electrical problems

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Question From frank29 on 1988 Chrysler New Yorker electrical problems

This car was my grandfather's and has only 45,000 miles.....I inherited the car and expect my kids to put about 10,000 miles/year on it.

While driving at highway speeds, the radio quit working, warning lights(brake, open door & seatbelt) came on and EVIC display quit working. This was several weeks ago. The warning lights go off & on at will (same with radio). The EVIC display will work one time when ignition key turned on; but, won't the next time....everytime the EVIC comes on, all data is cleared...even when the EVIC works several times in a row, data is cleared (time, mileage, etc all resets).

The most unsettling thing is the brake lights. The car has anti-lock brakes. I have bled the lines. I have looked around for loose connections.

I am at my wits end....any clues?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Just a wild guess here: Check the owner's manual to see if all this is on the same fuse, and check the sockets of the brake light bulbs for corrossion or problems that may cause this. Also, poor grounding between battery, engine block and body of car can cause some crazy stuff if not working right. Good Luck,

Response From frank29 Top Rated Answer

Fuses are good, problem areas are on different fuses, battery cables are in great shape at both ends, and there is a ground strap between the engine and the firewall. As if I need it, the problems are getting worse: The intermittent wipers no longer are intermittent (as soon as you rotate the knob one click, the wipers operate steadily at the low speed setting). When you open the doors (key out of ignition) with the head lights on, the buzzer does not buzz.

A buddy told me the problem might be a "body control module or computer". I called two local discount auto parts stores; but, they didn't know what this is and suggested the dealer. I will call the dealer in the morning and, probably, just buy one (if it exists). Does this sound like a good course of action......I am at my wits end, I never have been known for my electrical troubleshooting expertise and have done more than my share of replacing parts that didn't need replacing. Any advice would be appreciated.

Response From paul

Hello, frank29, I have a 1988 Chrysler New Yorker with the same electrical problems you described, but mine also sometimes blows the brake light fuse and sometimes discharges the battery. The interior lights work intermittently. The battery discharge part of the problem seems to happen more during the warmer weather. The dashboard ammeter shows more charge during colder weather.

To recap: the overhead computer goes off at the same time 3 dash lights come on: brake, seat belt, and door. The radio goes off if I touch the brake pedal and comes back on when I take my foot off the pedal.

Have you found a solution?


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Question From Guest on brakes

I recently bought a 1989 Chrysler NewYorker, my brakes are locked and nobody can figure out how to unlock them any suggestions

Response From Double J Top Rated Answer

What exactly is/are locked up?

Front brakes/rear brakes ,parking brake,all?
Who is "nobody"

Has a qualified mechanic/technician looked at the vehicle?

If it has been looked at with no result...if it is the front brakes not releasing,very possibly it is the front brake hoses.,the flexible ones that go to the calipers..they can /do collapse internally and won't let the brakes release.