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Question From scottie58 on brakes

why did my 1979 corvette jump left when I had to brake hard yesterday at 65 mph, I am an american living in sweden cant get any answers there are no real mechanics here just money sucking bullshit backyard mechanics, One more question I have a 2010 dacia sandero, does anyone the location of the fuel filter on this thing?

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

MG is correct. It could be something not even related to brakes like a worn steering component allowing the wheel to move when braking. Could be faulty brake hose or caliper also.

Response From MarineGrunt

It could be caused from worn pads/rotors, the suspension, tires, or out of alignment. There's no way to really give you a definite answer without seeing. All you can do is inspect components for wear. My truck did the same thing until I replaced the pads and rotors.