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Question From kASEY on KASEY-1966 MG MIDGET


Response From Double J Top Rated Answer

try this site....

coil/distributor wire

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Question From Guest on coil/distributor wire

What wire runs from the coil to the distributor? Is it the + or - side of the coil?

76 MG Midget

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

That would be the - side of the coil.

Need Help Identifying Vehicle

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Question From caiushart on Need Help Identifying Vehicle

For starters I need help identifying this mark on the car. I have searched everywhere and I cannot find it. Anything you can tell me would be appreciated. The vehicle itself is believed to be heavily customised. It is believed to be from the 1920s and is supposedly European in origin.

The mark:

The whole vehicle:

Response From paulrhyan

This thread is getting kind of old but I just thought I would add my $.02.

Regarding the emblem. I'm not sure exactly where it is positioned on the car (Not on the hood or grill from what I can see). So I have to wonder; is it a manufacturer's emblem or could it be a family crest of the original owner.

If the original owner was a man of wealth and/or title and a member of a prominent family of the time, then I am assuming that it isn't much of a stretch that his automobile (probably one of few at the time) would be adorned with the family crest (or part of their coat of arms).

Just a thought. Good Luck.

BTW: Is it just me or is that car really longer than my dad's Winnebago?

Response From Discretesignals

Its a 1923 Hispano-Suiza H6A 6-Wheel Victoria Town Car.


Maybe if you visit or call the museum, they can give you information on that emblem.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Yikes - tough one. Steering wheel is on the right so would highly likely be a British car maker. You'd be surprised how many there were long out of biz.
Google out car makers of Great Briton. TMK without doing so myself Rolls Royce, goes way, way back but doesn't smack of that brand. Try assorted names of coach makers of British Leylands.
Then try Google Images for emblems of brands you find to zoom in your search.

Hey - question: Looks like it's on display at some show or collection. Did you take the pics and what was said being right there?

For now best I can say is the US car makers of luxo "Landau"* type cars would NOT have specially made one for right hand driving so it would be a Euro something.
* Landau is when driver sits out in the weather like that with coach for the owners a left over from a stage coach idea......

Response From caiushart

I actually work at the museum this vehicle is being displayed at. It was first owned by a private collector who had no real records of how he got it or from whom so the information we have on it isn't accurate. The Landau type cars could have the double back wheels? Have you seen a vehicle similar to this one at all?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

? Just was looking myself. No exact match for the emblem yet. The rear wheels don't make much sense to me? Why? That's part of the "Custom" of it IMO/GUESS.
See if this site shows was showing this which may not show here.........

That was removed general link under the image that may not show.
This is what I just Googled...........
Keep trying different search words. The crown in your pic suggests a country with Royalty and not all capable of making cars did the King and Queen thing so you are testing my History of Europe and who did what when!
FYI - Car and coach making was strongest with probably Germany - the first auto made by them subject to opinion. The Brits and Italians should have been strong as well.
It's a luxo car so should be a limit to which country would even bother if they did too.
We'll find out what the emblem is at least. If you are there look for marks on the engine. Could be a straight 8 cylinder but not sure at all. No telling if engine is for the car either I guess. Most would be called a "Tunnel Drive" which means to me trans and driveshaft are bolted up solid so nothing moving to see making the rear differential torque the whole drivetrain like a "T" if you will. High bet all rear wheels don NOT drive this thing just the front most ones.
Still looking around,


The link just went to Pinterest registration page.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Sorry for two posts - I might have the word "Laundau" wrong? It was always my thought that coaches that the driver not inside was a Laundau but now think that's inaccurate, Tom

Response From caiushart

When I go back to work I will ask about the engine and do a proper write up of everything I find when I examine the vehicle further. That will be this saturday.

The back wheels are really frustrating though. I have found other cars with six wheels but the double wheel set is typically in the front of the car not the back.

I noticed the emblem had a double headed eagle. Which is symbolic of the Russian or Byzantine royalty. Obviously this car isn't from Byzantine, but would it be possible it was Russian?

Response From Double J

Found this site
For what its worth


Response From Tom Greenleaf

? Russian? They did make cars but it's the right hand drive that throws me off - why? Part of altering it - maybe.
Trivia for you: Driving on the left, steering from the right was later. Think. The way to drive or ride and pass people on a road even prior to cars is "Clockwise" in doing such. Think of entering a rotary for example.
This all off the top of my head not searched out. Boats and navigation is just the opposite you drive from the right where motor vehicles for land drive on the left just opposite of which country does which way.
Back to Russian? Not sure if all was well defined which way you did what? It's possible the vehicle with 4 rear wheels could be such that you could have a 1/2 track drive for rear - wild traction as I don't think roads were as good in huge Russia everywhere as they would be in say London and some other very old Euro cities and areas making roads of stones long before motorized vehicles.
Dang, the only thing I can think of world standard is railroad tracks - exactly 5 feet 8+1/2 inches not some metric measure - worldwide.
This could end up a goose chase as you said the car was totally custom as it is. Could be parts from assorted vehicles for powertrain and coachwork from others? May not find a sure answer for this one? Tom

Response From caiushart

I hesitate to mention because I haven't been able to verify it yet but... according to the collector it was a Hispano Suiza. It doesn't look like any Hispano Suiza I have come across.

Response From Double J

Only ones that I have seen that come close to this are the German staff cars made by Mercedes/ Daimler- Benz
The W31 G4



Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

I like this part

1 OR 2 x 7.92 MG34 OR MG 42 machine gunson pintle mounts at amidships (behind front bench) and aft (behind rear-most bench). Additionally, any personal weapons could be used in defense.

Response From Double J


Saw that....
Wonder how much that option cost?...LOL

Found this site..shows one that was restored...click on the small images and you get a close up of the axles, engine etc...

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I think you found it Double J. The double rear wheels would be difficult as a whimsical custom job so is part of the car or made from that chassis. Germany had the steel work, engineering to make about anything. Double wheels not needed except tires stunk still so would matter complete with dual side mount spares.
What fails is the emblem of a crown and right hand steering wheel so custom is the operative name for that car no doubt one of a kind w high bet the German drivetrain, Tom
PS: Think it's that old but steel may bear mold marks of the Eisen-Gotz steel makers of Germany?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I'm almost done for a while here. Did look at those cars and can see why one would think it was part one of them. This site and pics don't work all the time with me but here's one that's close with some metal work......

^^^^ Was there?
The car is so custom it's going to be difficult as it's proving to be,


1976 MG Midget won't start

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Question From Guest on 1976 MG Midget won't start

I have a 1976 MG Midget that won't start. I took it out the other day went to the gas station put gas in it and as I was pulling out of the parking lot it died. I tried to restart and it would turn over and fire but die quickly. I purchased some starting fluid at the gas station and no luck. I towed the car home and changed the plugs and no luck. I replaced the coil and no luck. The vehicle wont fire on starter fluid so I am assuming it is an ignition problem. Any ideas or suggestions.


Response From car nut

points and condencer should do the trick

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

This is way over a year old! If not solved by now the car is junked,


Response From Tom Greenleaf

Not trying to sound too out of line but a 76 MG that doesn't run is like an oxymoron

Since starting fluid didn't get a reaction you need to check for actual fire at the plugs and we can go from there.

Fun little cars but not high on the dependablility list IMO. Can throw same repairs time after time - arggh!


1994 Ford Tempo 2.3 question.

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Question From MarineGrunt on 1994 Ford Tempo 2.3 question.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to tell me much from a picture and a very limited explanation. I had a guy contact me about his 94 Tempo 2.3. He said he was driving down the road, heard up pop under the hood, and then the car started overheating. He sent me a picture and said the hose in the picture blew off and oil blew on the underside of the hood. Any idea what could've caused this? I know there's limited info but the guy is gonna trade a fishing boat to fix it!...lol...I'll be able to give more info once I have it in front of me. Just kind of hoping I can get a little info before I agree to do it.
I tried using the Carjunky picture hosting site but couldn't get the picture to show up.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

My view show a hold with no hose or grommet in valve cover - is that what you think somehow blew entirely off and parts missing perhaps? That about would surely make some oil mess if missing or just off.

IDK - it's open to crankcase pressures/vacuum via PCV and maybe a backfire could happen in crankcase possibly from fuel, wild blow-by etc.

MG - I think it will need to be put back for more testing, smell oil and see if PCV is creating a vacuum or pressure if only at the dipstick tube it should draw IN not blow out if all is well,


Response From MarineGrunt

He said oil was all over the inside of the hood. He said the car overheated at the same time. I'll wait til I get the car before asking more. Just didn't know if someone would have an idea from the limited info.

Response From kev2

it would be guessing at best- getting an eyeball on it will be best.

remember what they say happened and what happened are not the same-

Response From Hammer Time

That is a breather hose so it should have nothing to do with engine temp. It was probably the oil smoke that made him think it was overheating.

Response From nickwarner

Just remember what BOAT stands for:
Break Out Another Thousand.

Its a hole in the water to throw money in. If this guy cruises in a 20 year old economy car, how good is his boat?

Plugs are easy to reach on this as I recall. Might want to do a compression and leakdown test. Something in the crankcase built enough pressure to push out the PCV. Maybe it was stuck shut, maybe not. But I would want to check for excess blowby to be sure you aren't throwing good money at a bad car. If the engine is bad his fishing boat isn't worth much unless its a charter ship near HT and DS.

By the way MG, took a twin wire test and the xray came back perfect for MI DOT. As usual the paycheck stays the same.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

So true Kev. Was it really overheating or did oil smoke or what getting on hot exhaust? MG - I trust once you see it, it will be obvious, Tom