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1990 Audi V8 Quattro Disc Brake Caliper - Front Right Cardone - Reman. Unloaded Caliper

P311-0D230F3    19-988  Remanufactured


$24.30 $38.35
Cardone Disc Brake Caliper  Front Right
  • Remanufactured Unloaded Caliper
  • with Dual Piston Caliper with Girling Original Caliper with Metal Piston Supplied without Mounting Bracket Installation Hardware Included
  • Reman. Unloaded Caliper
  • Product Attributes:
    • FAQs:
      • A Symptom Of A Low Brake Pedal Is Usually Caused By Air In The System, Misadjusted Brakes, Worn Brake Pads, A Deteriorated Flexible Brake Hose Or A Misadjusted Master Cylinder Push Rod.
      • As A Rule, Always Use Brake Fluid Recommended By O.e. The Fluid Type Is Stamped On The Master Cylinder Reservoir Lid. Always Use New Fluid In A Sealed Container.
      • Brake Squeal Is Usually Caused By Vibration. Always Make Sure The Pads Are Tight On The Caliper. Many Vehicles Required Clinching Of The Tabs To Assure A Tight Fit. Also, Make Sure The Rotors Were Cut With A Non-directional Finish And Use A Anti-squeal Co
      • Brakes Squeal All Of The Time. What's Causing The Squeal?
      • Check The Steering And Suspension. Then, Inspect Both Calipers For Binding Or Sticky Slides Or Pins. Check Brake Lining For Oil, Grease Or Uneven Wear. Inspect Brake Hoses For Restriction. Check For Proper Tire Pressure.
      • Could Calipers Be The Cause Of A Low Brake Pedal?
      • My Car Pulls To One Side During Braking. Why?
      • Phenolic Pistons Do Not Rust. Phenolic Pistons Are Not Affected By Heat Or Moisture In The Brake System And They Also Dampen Brake System Noise.
      • What Are The Advantages Of Phenolic Pistons Over Steel?
      • What Type Of Fluid Should I Use: Dot 3, Dot 4, Or Dot 5?
    • Features and Benefits:
      • A Plastic Cap Plug Protects Every Brake Port Thread To Ensure Trouble-free Installation.
      • As A Remanufactured Original Equipment Part, This Unit Guarantees A Perfect Vehicle Fit.
      • Calipers Are Treated With A Special Formulated Rust Inhibitor And Kept In The Original Equipment Finish.
      • Mounting Bracket Is Included Where Applicable For A Hassle-free Installation.
      • New Banjo Bolts Are Included Where Applicable To Ensure A Perfect Fit And Quick Installation.
      • New Bleeder Screws Provide Trouble-free Bleeding And A Positive Seal.
      • New Stainless Steel Hardware Clips And New Mounting Pins Are Included Where Applicable.
      • New Washers Are Included Where Applicable For A Proper Seal.
      • Our Remanufacturing Process Is Earth-friendly, As It Reduces The Energy And Raw Material Needed To Make A New Part By 80%.
      • Pistons Are Durable, Resistant To Cracking Or Pitting And Handle Great Loads.
      • Rubber Seals Are Replaced With New High Temperature Epdm Rubber For Extended Life And Optimum Performance.
  • Expertly remanufactured to rigorous quality and performance standards, all CARDONEĀ® Brake Calipers are equipped with brand-new, premium components to guarantee exceptional longevity and reliability. These remanufactured brake calipers are 100% pressure-tested to deliver consistent, industry-leading brake performance. Each unit arrives with a complete set of brand-new hardware for a simple, complete installation. Caliper bracket is included when applicable.
Brand: Cardone
Position: Front Right
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position
1990 - Audi V8 Quattro Front Right
1994 Audi V8 Quattro Disc Brake Caliper Cardone - Unloaded w/o Bracket

P311-21CFC92    W0133-1734012  New

$55.00 $76.39
Cardone Disc Brake Caliper
  • Remanufactured
  • ; with Girling Caliper
  • Friction Ready - with Installation Hardware w/o Bracket
  • Unloaded w/o Bracket
  • Front - Right
Brand: Cardone
Additional Fitment Information:
1994 - Audi V8 Quattro