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Toyota Prius import

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Question From Guest on Toyota Prius import

does anybody have a Toyota 98-99 Prius model?
I have questions

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I couldn't find the name "Prius" listed for those years,


Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

The Prius made its U.S. debut in July 2000. Click here and read this article.

1990 Toyota Camry muffler trouble

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Question From Guest on 1990 Toyota Camry muffler trouble

So the other day I was driving and my car got really loud. I recognized the noise because the same thing happened to my last car. I got home and checked my muffler (the problem from my last car) and saw that there was a break in the muffler. It breaks off right after the catalytic converter (thank god not the catalytic converter). I took some pics that I will post. I had my friends dad check it out, he's not really a mechanic but he knows some guys. He said that it will cost about $250. That is $130 more than the fix on my last car. He told me my tailpipe is fine, so Im not sure why $250. Is that what it's gonna cost? If not, then how much should it be?

These 2 pics were taken from the passenger door side.. So the catalytic converter is on the right.

These pics were taken from driver door (catalytic on the left)

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Bosal / Muffler for a 1990 Toyota Camry

Related Parts Exhaust Pipe ALLDATADIY About this product: Part Number: 289-283 Weight: 10.0 lbs. Warranty: LLT Application: With Federal emission
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This was for the V6 "muffler pipe" which is still pricey. I'd have to look to see what's there as to what parts could be saved now. If some aftermarket creation instead of OE style it could need the whole deal from cat back - can't tell with a car this old what's been done already.

Get some PB on the bolts you'll need to undo. Nuts may be welded on one side and glowing red hot heat might be needed to get them out. If the bolts cooperate these types can be done in no time. Not certain but the threads may be hardware available and 8mmX1.25 or 1.5 - for threads,


About clickiing noise in Toyota

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Question From sitopons on About clickiing noise in Toyota

car specs

180k miles

I am concerned on a clicking noise that the vehicle has been making for quite some time....I am able to hear it when the car is idling, it is not a loud noise therefore you need to be close to the source to hear it. I am submitting the picture so you can get a better understanding. The arrow is pointing at the source of the clicking noise which is the end of a hose along with a plastic plug going into the block. Let me know if you need more details or pics...



Response From Loren Champlain Sr

sitopons; The arrow is pointing to what I'm sure is a fuel injector. There is one for each cylinder. All they are is an electrical soleniod that opens and closes very quickly to allow fuel to spray into the cylinder. Some are noisier than others. Unless you are having a misfire condition, don't know that I'd be too concerned?

Response From sitopons

Great stuff loren ..thank you ...winter is coming up here in jersey and is getting king of chilly for walking....

Response From Loren Champlain Sr Top Rated Answer

9 degrees F. here, this morning. Brrrr.

Response From Hammer Time

Shit, broke a heat record here yesterday at 90deg and another one today at 87 deg.

2007 Toyota Low Beams

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Question From MrorMrswiz on 2007 Toyota Low Beams

I have a 2007 corolla S 5 speed. Low beam lights stopped working at the same time. I have done lots of digging. Solutions attempted:

DRL swith under brake turne it over. Did not work
Under steering wheel yellow wire (see picture). Did not work
Checked one of the low beam filiments, appears to be good

Here is the infor on the yellow wire:
I couldn't take the headlights turning off and on during bright sunlight so I decided to disable the automatic headlights and the DRL's. In order to do this I simply snipped the yellow wire going to the DRL module above the gas and brake pedal, then grounded the side that goes to the module and covered the other side. There was a convenient ground right by the module that I used. I tested it out and couldn't find any ill side effects. No DRL's and I don't have to mess with any brake wiring. The yellow wire is a signal that the car is running. If the yellow wire is grounded the module doesn't think the car is running and if it's not grounded it thinks it's running.

Here is a picture:

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Do the high beams work?

Response From MrorMrswiz

High beams work & fog lights work also.

Response From Discretesignals

If the high beams work, that means the headlamp module is turning on the headlamp relay to supply power to the high beams. That doesn't mean the module is turning on the head lamp relay when the low beams are commanded on.

You really need to get hold of a wiring diagram for this system and use a volt meter to find out what has power and what doesn't.

Response From MarineGrunt

Isn't there a separate relay or fuse for the low and high beams? I know it's a different vehicle but I believe there is on my wife's Envoy. Probably not it but thought I throw it out there.

Response From Discretesignals

If you reconnect the yellow generator sense wire, do your low beams work?

Response From MrorMrswiz

No. That was my last thing I did. I tried all mods which were easy. Could it be th low beams.? Or the level on the side. I have schedule recall repair for ECM. But I am confident it's not the problem

95 toyota camry black smoke on the tailpipe

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Question From crankshaft on 95 toyota camry black smoke on the tailpipe

Engine Performance problem
1995 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 130000 miles

Hi! I have a 95 toyota camry and a guy put an used engine for me and Im sure he has some hoses backwords. One hose from the Map sensor is off and dont know where it should be and the car has a low idle . and if i puch the gas pedal heavy black smoke comes out of the tailepipe and i spend alot of money on fuel now and as you can see on the pictures, the hose that come from the Map sensor is off and i have no idea where it should go and also when i take that hose off in the pictuer number 3 the car idles normale and when i put it back the car seems like it wants to shut off. Do you think that could be the problem??? please help me I would really appreciat .

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Here are the only diagrams that I can find

Response From Hammer Time

That last one looks like a vent solenoid for the EGR.

The MAP sensor need a supply of direct manifold. That means a port that has full vacuum at idle which is any port on the back side of the throttle plate. That big one on the end looks like a supply for the PCV or possible brake booster.