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what years of suzuki katana600 engines can i swap for my 93 gsx600f katana?

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Question From 93suzukikatana on what years of suzuki katana600 engines can i swap for my 93 gsx600f katana?

i have a 93 Suzuki GSX600F Katana. I currently am working on the tranny but i hit a possible break. My buddy has got a suzuki katana 600 engine that i can buy off him and not even have to mess with transmission. What years of suzuki katana 600 engines can i switch out into my 93? Can i just use the whole engine as mine? Are the tranmissions switchable among the katanas? anything would help thanks!

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

One thread on the same issue please. Keep this one - I'll delete or lock the other,


Response From nickwarner

Couldn't tell you what swaps into what. A cycle salvage would probably have a compatibility listing for that one. A big thing with these was the frame designs changing which could change the mounting in the chassis, along with obviously changes to the engine itself. If you can get the whole donor bike you might be able to do the swap, but if the wiring and ignition system is different enough you'd be wishing you had just fixed the gearbox in the one you have.

1992 4 door suzuki swift excessive fuel usage

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Question From ebony94 on 1992 4 door suzuki swift excessive fuel usage

Hi my 1992 1.3l 4 door Suzuki swift that has 177000kms on the clock is running extremely sluggish and is very fumy using an excessive amount of fuel please help......

Response From car1104

Next time your on a dry flat surface look under the car for a fuel line leak. Sluggish could be fuel line pressure-- lower due to a line leak. Look closely around the fuel pump connections.

Response From Hammer Time

OK, car1104, you came here for advice on your own car. Please stop posting incorrect advice to other people. You are not a tech and your advice couldn't be further from the truth.

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Have you checked for engine misfires?

Removing Suzuki Alternator

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Question From comnavguy on Removing Suzuki Alternator

2001 Suzuki GL 1.8L L4 engine.

I have disconnected wiring and removed all bolts/nuts and I can not get the alternator out.

I tried to remove it from the bottom, but there is not enough space between the CV and frame.

Do I need to remove the power steering pump and hoses and take the ALT out from the top?

Response From freddo

after changing alternator did you have any idle issues

Response From Hammer Time

This thread is over a year old. If you have a question, please start a new thread.

Response From Hammer Time

Is it an Esteem or a Swift model?

Response From comnavguy

Sorry - it's an Esteem

Response From Hammer Time

Here are the factory instructions

1.8 liter model

  1. Disconnect negative cable at battery.
  2. Remove air cleaner outlet hose, engine under cover (right side) and exhaust pipe No.2.
  3. Disconnect "B" terminal wire and coupler from generator.
  4. Remove generator belt.
  5. Remove generator cover.
  6. Remove mounting No.1 and No.2 bolts or bracket bolts. (Remove bracket bolts instead of No.2 bolt only when No.1 bolt can not be removed.)
  7. Remove generator.

Response From comnavguy

WOW! That's from the factory manual? Nothing about removing the power steering pump or moving the A/C high line out of the way?

Amazing, to say the least!

I already had the alternator completely disconnected but was hoping for details on how to remove it from the bottom rather than to have to remove the P/S pump and other stuff.

But thanks anyway.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

I gave you the way the factory says it can be done.

Response From comnavguy

I DO appreciate anything and everything I can get, and I thank you for that.

Apparently Suzuki is no better at writing shop manuals than they are at design and manufacturing.


PS: Is there anything else with the penguins in your message? Does the little feller who gets knocked down get up and move on or does he smack the other guy?

Response From Hammer Time

LOL, nope, that all I have on the penguins. It just shows they have attitudes too.

The manuals are usually pretty accurate. They don't get into a lot of basic details because they are written for technicians and not the general public but they are usually correct.

Suzuki all wheel drive off

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Question From mcamel on Suzuki all wheel drive off

own a 2007 suzuki xl7. Lost all wheel drive, traction light triangle is on, brake light and abs sensor are also on. Drove @ 1 mile, got gas. Started truck and these light stayed on.

Response From Jeff Norfolk Top Rated Answer

You will need to have the codes from the EBCM to know where to start. All those lights are probably related.

80 suzuki gs550 e

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Question From garland on 80 suzuki gs550 e

I have a 80 suzuki 550e. It will run for 10 miles and die. It has gas in the bowls when it dies. could it be cdi or coil failures. after setting for 30 minutes it will start back up.

Response From Hammer Time

I'm not a bike tech but the systems work the same way.
It could be the CDI. you'll have to test for spark during the failure. Coils usually fail differently. They will usually drop off under load and come back when you back off the throttle.

Response From IndiaDrives Top Rated Answer

If the problem happens to be a stuck float needle, is that a hard fix? Maybe you should take it into a shop, on the other hand you would prefer to do it yourself... something to be proud of....thanks...

Response From Hammer Time

IndiaDrives You are replying to questions over a year old. You need to check the dates before posting.