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2004 subaru forester cv axle

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Question From lesliemw on 2004 subaru forester cv axle

I am trying to replace the front passenger side CV axle on 2004 subaru forester. The old one broke while I was removing it, and there is a piece remaining in the car where the axle enters the engine. I'm not sure how to get it out, and this is what I need help with. I have the new one and I can see the piece that is stuck is held in with a retaining clip....it's a thin c-shaped ring that fits into a groove at the end of the axle. I'm attached pictures of the piece I'm having trouble removing. One pic shows from wheel level looking in; the other shows from top down through the hood. I've tried using a pry bar between the piece and the engine, but it's not working.

Any advice on how to remove this piece?

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Can't see your pic. Do you mean the inboard CV axle housing is still plugged into the transmission? If that is so, you must have removed the rest of the axle shaft and joint.

I've had success getting those stubborn ones out by clamping a set of big vise grips onto the edge of the housing. Then take a slide hammer with a hook on the end and connect it over the vise grip jaws. The housing should pop right off with a slap of the slide hammer.

Response From lesliemw

Thank you very much for your reply, and you understood my problem even without the pictures. I didn't have a slide hammer (but I now at least know what one is :) ), but I ended up getting it out with some persistence with the pry bar and a hammer. Your reply told me I wasn't necessarily doing anything wrong....just needed to try some additional ways of applying force. Now got the new one in (that was kind of difficult to fit in also, but I managed) and the vibrations that prompted this repair are gone.

I really appreciate your help, this is actually the first repair I've done myself and am amazed I got it done!

Response From Hammer Time

Something that often makes it come out easier is to use 2 pry bars at the same time, one on each side. That make it come out straighter with less binding or jamming of the lock clip.

My subaru

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Question From Guest on My subaru

My 1992 subaru just died while I was driving down the street and now it will turnover but it will not start. What is wrong

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

1990 subaru legacy heating gauge reads high while idling..what could be wrong since thermostat was replaced?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Didn't I just reply to this elsewhere? Do fans come on and if not find out why. Unplugged, wiring, bad motor(s) , relay, sensor etc.,


Response From Tom Greenleaf

What's missing - spark or fuel?


Stock Subaru remote starter kit?!?

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Question From bryan_kilco on Stock Subaru remote starter kit?!?

trying to get a remote starter kit for my girlfriend for Christmas, and I spoke to someone at Subaru and they said that I need either a stock Subaru remote starter, OR an aftermarket one installed correctly, as to not void warranty.
does anyone know where I can find a Subaru brand remote start kit?

Response From bryan_kilco

thanks again Tom!

I spoke to someone yesterday, and apparently Subaru never made a stock remote starter for an '07 Forester. Going to look into aftermarket....hopefully all goes well.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I personally dislike the dang things but if you must I'd go right to Subaru for their original. IMO they are dangerous and are the cause of problems later like many things that violate integrity of OE wiring.

You didn't ask but how about a high end detail job, wash, wax, interior, touch-up paint, paintless ding/dent removal, shampoo and a year's membership in a motor club like a AAA type thing? Either or whatever you do - it's a nice thought and you are a good egg for thinking of her and the car,

Good luck with your choice ,


Response From bryan_kilco

well it is what she REALLY wants for x-mas....and the stock ones I've found (what a PAIN to find online) are close to $300, which, in that case, i wont be able to afford those.

I'll call Subaru today and find out some info. Thanks Tom!

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Don't argue with the boss!

Been a while but I've seen them at wholesale clubs etc., for short change. What would really matter to me is really well done intall with anything tapped into soldered and sealed up. I'd really pay strict attention to the papers of whatever you choose such that it can be either fixed or removed it troubles did occur.

If getting OE is trouble and too expensive try the info below - folks right near me who do a booming biz with remote starts and stereo with some VERY high end work going on.

Free plug for the place.......

Gary@Wurlizerstereo.net (Owner really is named Gary Wurlitzer) the place's website is.....

www.wurlitzerstereo.net or rattle their cage for price 508-481-4845 or 508-481-1365

I've dealt with Todd Nickerson there too. That's in Marlborough, MA about 2mi from me.

Good luck whatever you find,


1994 subaru legacy

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Question From Guest on 1994 subaru legacy

Hi I have a 1994 subaru legacy and it is eating up starters about every 3 days fly wheel is okay please help

Response From dave284

Have you checked all the flywheel teeth?

Response From Double J Top Rated Answer

To add...

What exactly is wrong with the starters?
Worn teeth/gear?

1999 Subaru light problem

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Question From Abidwell on 1999 Subaru light problem

I have 1999 Subaru outback that the running lights will not turn off when key is removed resulting in battery discharge. I have to remove fuse to turn off lights. Any suggestions to fix?

Response From Hammer Time

Are you sure it's the running lights (both front and rear) or could it be the brake lights?

Response From Abidwell

It is only the running lights, I had the brake switch checked it works fine...

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Are the front lights on?

Response From Abidwell

Ye front and and rear running lights

Response From Abidwell

Checked Subaru website. Appears ther is switch on steering column I forgot to turn off that turns running lights on/off. Maybe I should try reading owners manual????????

Response From Hammer Time

Yep, good idea.
Question closed now as solved.

Response From Abidwell

Both front and rear running lights