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2001 daewoo #3 spark plug had motor oil in it?

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Question From tarbender on 2001 daewoo #3 spark plug had motor oil in it?

2001 daewoo lanos 116000 mi. overheated. i have water coming out the back side of engine i cannot see and had oil standing in #3 spark plug

Response From nickwarner

As I recall thats an overhead cam engine. The plug sits down a deep tube in the middle of the valve cover. Because of that the valve cover has individual seals around each tube. If one fails you will get a bunch of oil in a spark plug well and usually a misfire along with it. The valve cover gasket comes with new ones to fix that. As far as your coolant leak goes you should narrow down exactly where it is coming from as soon as possible to save some trouble when it gets any worse.

Response From tarbender

wow thanks nickwarner thought for sure i had knocked a whole in the piston,so sure in fact i ain't touched it in three weeks, i ain't so scared now!

Response From nickwarner

If you need repair guides with pics to help you navigate the job a bit try You can set up a login for free that lets you look at repair guides for your car. Comes in handy and can make it much less intimidating.

Response From tarbender

nickwarner what a guy. took all advice given. used your suggestion for autozone.found leak (finally) just heater hose in awfully hard to get place replaced valve cover gasket and seals. im on the road again thanks to you and

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Nick is one of the sharpest knives in the drawer as we know. Hard to get at heater hose. Careful if on the heater core but either way cut the hose carefully with a razor blade type something and peel if off not pull on it.

The "utility knife" type does have a blade available to pull to cut which would be a hardware store item at least here. They don't sell that car where I am in MA - USA so can't help with any exacting know how on the approach but it's fairly generic that things are hard to get to with almost everything now so understand but it can be done.

Spark plug is exactly as Nick said,


Response From Hammer Time

Nick is one of the sharpest knives in the drawer as we know.

Yep, he's our Daewoo specialist.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

If anyone comes by with a Citroen 2CV I did (stupid as nothing for it available here) I can help. Dang - an umbrella with wheels!


Response From nickwarner

I'm such a specialist in cars whose manufacturers went bankrupt prior to the first models showing up in the states. But I've got some friends who had them. They got rid of them on my advice because I was tired of spending my free time fixing them.

Response From speed

How about saabs. I hate them with a passion, were the only dealerahip in town that sold them and probably the only that serviced them as a dealer....horrible cars.

Response From nickwarner Top Rated Answer

Saabs are like Thomas Jeffersons kids that he wouldn'd own up to. In heavy trucks its like a Sterling vs. Ford. Just something they are embarassed so bad they won't put their own name on it.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Out on a limb I shouldn't climb - I refuse to work on Saabs! Take those back to Sweden where they belong!


97 Ford f-250 hub noise when locked in

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Question From MikeRyan on 97 Ford f-250 hub noise when locked in

I have a 97 f-250 that I just put a Dana 60 up front. I replaced all ball joints & u joints. When I have the hubs locked in and drive down the road in two or four wheel drive I get a vibrations/grinding noise. It sounds like its coming from the drives side hub or maybe drivers side axle shaft. When the hubs are not locked in it is fine. I have pulled the hub and rotor. Spindle and wheel bearings look good and I know the hub assembaly is put together right. Any ideas?

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

Mike; A long shot, but are you certain that the gear ratio is correct?

Response From MikeRyan Top Rated Answer

I much appreciatte your response. I actualy put a dana 60 with 4:10 and a sterling 10 1/4 4:10 in the rear. The truck had 3:54. The sound is weird it only occurs when you let off the gas. Ring & pinion and everything axle shaft all look great. The noise is loud, four wheel works as normal.

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

It's really tough hearing the noise over the internet. Too much backlash can cause a noise on decel. Did you replace the ring and pinion? Too little backlash will generally be an all the time noise.

Response From MikeRyan

Loren I can't thank you enough for your responses. I guess I have not given you enough info I apologize. Its a 460 (oil companys best friend) both axles I put under it were stock, Off a f-350 I purchsed just the axles. The rear was the same 10 1/4 steerling and I only switched it out because it was easeier and cheaper than re-gearing. I know it's hard to know the sound without hearing it. I just can't figure it out when you let off the gas it makes this noise not horrid but low vibrating growning. Its coming from the drivers front. I have 5 of these trucks set up the same way. None of the shops in my town can figure it out (all two) I've built all 5 myself and have never had this problem. No rush but If you come accros someone with or hear of something similiar let me know. Everything is working fine but the noise is not right. Much Thanks

Response From Tom Greenleaf

MikeRyan: Just some thoughts on this. I'm not the 4X4 nut of the world but know they are "differentiated" differently in different vehicles and own one with the basic shift on floor GM that as expected is wildly funky on plain wet or dry road and you wouldn't notice on dirt or snow/ice in my case. If driving perfectly straight ahead it doens't do much to notice that I've left it on but the first turn I notice. All that just a lower speeds.

I have to gather that this type is VERY sensitive to the tires all being equal wear and pressure. Question is, is it possible that what you hear is normal for dry road if tires aren't even in yours?


I need Help ,The injectors on my Chrysler 1988 360 V8 Throttle body are acting crazy

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Question From cavsmets on I need Help ,The injectors on my Chrysler 1988 360 V8 Throttle body are acting crazy

I replaced the computer and that was not it.When you turn the key,the throttle body sprays fuel out of the right side injector and no fuel sprays out of the left injector and continues to do so as you crank the engine.That is normal for it being a cold start.Once it starts,it switches,The left injector sprays normal and the right injector just drips.I don"t know what else to do.People told me it could be the crank sensor.I thought it would not run if it was the crank sensor.Please help me.I am at my end.This is for a 1990 Dodge Sterling Motor home. It has a 1988 chrysler V8 360 Throttle body engine in it.Thanks to you all who read this.

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

If this rolled into our shop, I would start by current ramping the injectors to make sure there are any shorted windings. During the ramping you can also watch to see how the ECM is controlling the injectors. If the injector control looks funny, then would check inputs such as the crank sensor signal. That would be a start, but you would need a lab scope.