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72 Eldorado Suspension Replacing ALC Shocks Need Advice

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Question From cmatteliano on 72 Eldorado Suspension Replacing ALC Shocks Need Advice

My next project for my 72 Eldorado is to replace the front and rear shocks. The rear shocks are Automatic Level Control air shocks with compressor in front fender. Still has OEM original shocks, boots are dry rotting. Bought new shocks online. Original shocks have air intake and outlet different on Left vs Right. Air goes into top of Right shock, out of Bottom of right shock and into top of left shock. New shocks are same left, right but come with a manifold block to split the air. This seems simple however not sure how to check proper air level and adjustment control switch actuation for ALC and how do I know if compressor is working properly? Any advice on this? Also, if using jack stands to support car, do I need to put differential on a jack to support it when I take the shocks out? Any advice what to watch out for before I go put myself on the ground underneath all that?

Buffalo, NY

Response From Tom Greenleaf


Not quite sure what you are up against. If need be cut the hose and even rubber hose meant for windshied washers should do.

40 psi max and leave it there if you go "manual" for the air. NBD - really!


Response From chickenhouse Top Rated Answer

If she's sitting there not doin anything, get a couple of boat anchor dodge engines and put them in the trunk. Does the compressor come on? Try with the key on- yes/ no? Should tell you if the ALC system is up & running.

load leveling shocks

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Question From jtbritt1 on load leveling shocks

I have a 2001 Olds Silhouette van that has load leveling shocks on the back. I don't know if the system is still working and was wondering if anyone knows if I can just put regular shocks on it.

Response From flgmtech1 Top Rated Answer

yes, you can put gas shocks, or you can replace with aftermarket air shocks a set that comes with the air lines and a valve to adjust to your desired level. IF you are not sure if the system is still operational or not, make sure to read your owners manual to remove the ELC relay so that the compressor does not try to engauge after the new shocks are installed.

1993 Sentra 1.6 Again

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Question From bill k on 1993 Sentra 1.6 Again

Question about shocks.
The car has 130K miles and the shocks have never been relaced. They pass the shock test and do not bounce and they dampen the movement very quickly if we raise the front by hand and let it drop or push down on the bumper. I know they are probably not up to snuff. What differnces should we see if we invest in new shocks and struts? Will it ride smoother, harder. or what.
I had a Ford years ago with bad shocks and if it started to bounce from a bump it would bounce three or four times and new shocks corrected that, this car does not bounce and rides pretty good and all the tires wear evenly

Response From Guest

Shocks arnt assential, but if they ARE bad, they could cause your tires to develope issues over a short period of time. Besides that just an uncomfy ride and crappy handling

Response From Loren Champlain Sr Top Rated Answer

>>Shocks arnt assential, << Two things: arnt (aren't). assential (essential). Uh, shocks are what hold the tires to the road. I'd think that'd be a bit essential.

Response From DanD

If the struts are passing your test and there’s no signs of leakage; then you really don’t need to replace them.
Will it ride smoother, harder. or what
All depending on what shock you buy; there are a number of different after market suppliers and each one of them will like have two or three different grades of shock that will fit your vehicle. Each one will give a different ride.
What I try and stay with when replacing shocks for a customer; is something that is as close to if not original equipment.


Shock Absorber for Load Leveling Chev. Suspension

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Question From John Menard on Shock Absorber for Load Leveling Chev. Suspension

I have a 2007 Chev. Suburban LTZ, 193M miles, V8 Vortex engine, 4WD, that needs FRONT shocks replaced. Rear has a load-leveling system. I am getting mixed information from parts houses as to the aftermarket brand/type of shock to replace it with. No one is sure if they are special load-leveling shocks or not. Dealer wants $400 EACH, Parts houses ranging from $209 - $79. EXACTLY what aftermarket brand and P/N can I use to replace existing FRONT shocks?

Response From Hammer Time

There are a couple of different suspension systems available for that vehicle. They have an automatic rear only suspension and they have an automatic 4 wheel suspension. Looking at the parts estimate, it looks like if you have torsion bar suspension, you can use regular shocks but if you have coil springs, you have the expensive ones.

Suspension Strut / Shock Absorber Front Suspension Coil Spring Type 3 - Shock Absorber 19209555 $465.80 Order By Code. Torsion Bar Type 8 - Shock Absorber 88983817 $97.36 Contact dealer for most current part and price information.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

He said "rear" was load leveling only so fronts should be easy............??


Response From Hammer Time

If it was that simple, he wouldn't be here.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I found two options thru NAPA for load leveling for this vehicle. All four wheels or just rear and for just rear it was as I posted. Is it absolutely right - who knows?


Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Quick search and local price is Monroe Sensa trac thru NAPA PN# NS 39104

$119 Each (do in matched pairs no matter what)

Looks like straight forward installation but that's still pricey to me for shocks,


PS: Monroe is worth a couple more bucks than some no name IMO and are quality parts..........

rear shock replacement

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Question From Guest on rear shock replacement

how would u guys like to describe the procedures it takes to replace the rear shocks on a 1998 ford windstar van 3.8l northwoods edition. i once in a while tow a 16ft fiberglass boat.i am also wondering what effect load shocks with the spring around them may have on the ride and handling.

Response From Double J

Check out the above to's with pics.
I apologize for not being able to set up the link...
i'm having problems with the site at the moment...

Load shocks..your call there....once in a while tow may not require these.
Van used mainly for normal use most of the time?(Daily driver?)
IMO ..go with a good quality heavy duty shock for the rear and you should be ok.
Load shocks probably would firm up the ride quality .
Not a bad idea to use with towing.
Let us know what you install and how satisfied you are with the ride.It will help others.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I don't know what's happening Jim?? Here's part of what's at that link.......


Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

thanks guys looked it up and have it
may go with air shocks.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Back at this and sorry I was caught up in the site not working more than your initial question. With the layout that did show I would go with air shocks if anything at all for a 16 foot boat trailer with EXTERNAL air bags on the shocks that are manually adjusted like tire pressure. Have a set on an pre-historic car (I never let go) now. They ride ok and with external bag vs internal bag they don't seem as stiff.

Advantage with "air shocks" is you get new shocks and adjustable lift. I've never used shocks with the spring wrapped around shock and worried that I wouldn't like the new ride height.

Check and don't know what's available for this is the "Cargo Coil" by Moog which doesn't alter height at all but is progressively stronger when loaded by the design of the metal coil. Those are my favs used on many RWD full size cars of my own and many others who expect to carry lots of stuff and or trailering. Then pick the shock you wish which is separate still.

Do know that any permanant change in ride height should have alignment checked and adjusted for that.

Happy boating!