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1995 saturn sc1

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Question From saturn on 1995 saturn sc1

Saturn is hard to start but gets started after a while. Just changed fuel pump and filter. What could it be?

Response From flgmtech1 Top Rated Answer

Has the fuel pressure regulator been inspected?

Response From Guest


Response From flgmtech1

I would recommend inspceting that first to see if the issue is a fuel bleed down in the rail when sitting due to failure of the regulator


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Question From Guest on Starter

Where is the starter located for a saturn 97 sw??


Response From Hammer Time

Is it an SW1 or SW2?

Response From Guest

model only says sw so I believe its sw1

Response From Hammer Time

The 1 or 2 designates whether it's a single overhead cam engine or dual. It's part of the model identification.

Response From Guest

Well... on the igjectors the back of the shaft has 2 lines

one for gas and one for air

maybe that helps

im not sure which # is it

cant tell

paper work on the car says sw

Response From Guest

where can I get the model identification???

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

It's not that important. They are in the same general area for both engines.

It's on the back side of the motor as shown in the picture (#5). The pic is a single overhead engine.

Response From Guest

what would a dual overhead look like??

Response From Hammer Time

Same picture

Response From Guest

loooks like the job will have to be done from the bottom

Response From Hammer Time

Yes, it is done from below

saturn install

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Question From j savage on saturn install

is it possible to install a trans in a 99 saturn sl1 with pulling the motor

Response From redbull95

Do you mean w/o pulling the motor out? Yes it not hard just a little time consuming. i pulled mine out and replaced it in about 5 hours. IT requires removing the wheels. removing the torsion bar, puling the axles, disconnecting all sensors and lines, removing the cross brace. removing the flywheel bolts from the torque converter disconecting the transmission from the engine then prying it from the engine. be sure to use a floor jack to hold the tranny when removing. lower jack then pull it out. jack the car up higher if you can't pull it out. i might have left out a few things but if you know something about mechanics you will figure it out.

hope that helps you

Response From grand_sea Top Rated Answer

Just in case someone looks at this PLEASE Use a motorcycle jack or a transmission jack IT may be alittle spendy but its less than the cost of a new hand or a new(instead of repiaring old)tranny!

1996 Saturn sl

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Question From jake9364 on 1996 Saturn sl

OKKKK, I really give up, cannot find out where the oil filter is on a 1996 Saturn SL...ANYONE HELPPPP, thanks

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

It's there. I think in the back in a nasty location toward firewall,


saturn vue 2003

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Question From Guest on saturn vue 2003

my 2003 v6 saturn vue has 100000 miles and sputters when i give it the gas (not always) what is wrong with it

Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

Possibly partially clogged fuel filter or it may be time to tune up the engine.