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1986 oldsmobile cutlass supreme no compression

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Question From Guest on 1986 oldsmobile cutlass supreme no compression

its an 86 oldsmobile cutlass supreme and the compression is zero how would i be able to locate it

Response From DanD Top Rated Answer

how would I be able to locate it

Locate what; the compression?

Engine size would also be good to know?

If this is a 3.3Lt V6 the timing chain has likely let go; if it has, there’s a good chance the valves are now bent.


Response From Guest

its a 5.0 v8 86 oldsmobile cutlass supreme and there is no compression in any cylinder. the firing order is correct, nothing seems to be out of place. the valves are moving and the pistons are moving and it doesn't appear to jump time. when trying to turn over it just whizzes over and won't fire. example would be if you took the spark plugs out of a regular working motor and tried to turn it over. and all the spark plugs work. i am puzzled and don know what could be wrong

2001 Oldsmobile Alero, need to know name of part.

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Question From m3t4lm4n222 on 2001 Oldsmobile Alero, need to know name of part.

Today I was driving my 2001 Oldsmobile Alero and I took a dip to fast. I looked underneath the front of my car and noticed the plastic piece underneath tore on the right side. I assume this piece is on there to protect the car from dips in the first place, but i've also been told its important for part of the A/C system. I was wondering what the correct name for this part is, if I ever decide to/need to replace it.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I think you are speaking of an "air dam" which does play a factor into directing airflow thru grille and damn things get broken all the time just on those cement parking bumpers if they use those where you are. Tons of them get broken but see if somehow you can find one used or call around for all I know they may be made aftermarket for less than a dealer would want. It's needed.

Depending on the "dip" that broke this there could be more damage but hope not,


Response From m3t4lm4n222 Top Rated Answer

I was also told it was an air dam, but I was looking on the internet and couldn't find anything about an 2001 oldsmobile alero air dam.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

IDK? The idea is to dam the air from going under car which created a slight vacuum forcing more thru grille. Names can be local too. Thinking..........maybe, lower air foil, spoiler (shouldn't be but maybe) - at any rate as said they didn't waste a dime putting on if it wasn't useful for something of course.

Most that come my way broken I just either take off as they are dragging the road or have pulled those push zip clips (don't know what others call those either) back in or I keep spares around. The worst ones with more damage are off for body work too so I don't buy them or do body work.

Gotta love it - at least here I call where you read your speed a dash board but it's listed as an instrument panel and we mean the same thing. Just Google "That thingy under the bumper" and hit "do I feel lucky" and see what shows up - laugh. Ask a dealer how much it is if nobody else here has another name for it but I know what you mean,


95 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera sl drivers side window will go down but not up

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Question From Guest on 95 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera sl drivers side window will go down but not up

95 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera sl drivers side window will go down but not up if you walk away for a minute or two and come back you can get the window to go up about an inch and then it stops but if you repeat the process you can get the window to go up all the way with repeat cycles.

Response From dave284 The problem could be in the switch itself or the motor...but it does sound like the switch since there is no problem with it going down....heres a link with some info on testing it...LOL.

Response From Guest

I have replaced the switch and the problem persist

Response From DanD

The window motors in these years of GM are well known for this exact problem. Gravity helps the motor go down; on the way up, it’s all motor that has to do the work. When the motor begins to fail, it draws more current (amperage) then what the internal breaker switch can handle and it trips open. After a few minutes the motor & breaker cools and the motor again lifts the window; until the breaker trips again.
The motors are riveted together and I’ve never tried to repair one but they are relatively inexpensive to buy and not worth the effort to repair; just replace it.


Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

thank you for all your help

Response From dave284

Then I suggest a motor would be the next step.

1999 Oldsmobile Silhoette V6 rear end help

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Question From rhemmysmommy on 1999 Oldsmobile Silhoette V6 rear end help

I have a 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette V6 156k miles. We heard a loud pop and the rear end started swaying back and forth. We made it home going 25mph and looked underneath the back and the metal bar that runs from axle to axle is snapped in half. The bar is the width of the axle. What is this called and how difficult is it to repair? Thank you.

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Can you take a picture and post it?

There are two bars. One is a track bar (8) that runs from driver's side trailing arm to the frame. The bar that runs from wheel knuckle to wheel knuckle is actually the axle beam. If you broke the axle beam, you have some serious problems. Is there a lot of rust going on under there?

Response From rhemmysmommy

It is #8 on the diagram. What is that called? I have a pic but it wont let me upload it. THANKS!

Response From Discretesignals

Its called a track bar. You probably can only get it from the dealer or a salvage yard.

2000 Oldsmobile Alero problems

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Question From MrMustang93 on 2000 Oldsmobile Alero problems

My little brothers car started acting funny today. he has a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero it has 169K miles. its the 6 cyl. for some reason when you sitting steal at a light or stop sing the rpms drops likes it trying to cut off and it has alittle jerk to it while its doing it, but the car drives fine no other problems only when you sitting still. what could be the problem??

Response From Hammer Time

You may have a bad IAC ( idle air control) but try cleaning the throttle body first. Remove the intake snorkel, have someone hold the throttle wide open for you and scrub the back side of the throttle plate and surrounding bore with an old tooth brush and some carb cleaner. Be sure to spray some into the small holes next to the throttle plate. That should help stabilize the idle. If it still has a problem, replace the IAC.

Response From MrMustang93

ok Hammer Time. I did everything you said and it gave it some improvement but it didn't quite fix it. It doesn't do it everytime you stop, but it does it ever now and then, and i actually cleaned it twice. So do you think i need to go ahead and buy the IAC now?? also there wasn't a small home under the throttle plate, u pub my finger all through there, looked in it with a flash light and didn't see not one small hole.

Response From Hammer Time

The hole near the throttle plate leads to the IAC. Unless you get a healthy spray in there, none of it gets to the IAC. It may or may not help. If the IAC is bad and binding. it will still stall.

Response From MrMustang93

its the Idle Control Valve right?? I just price one just incase i need to buy.

Response From MrMustang93 Top Rated Answer

ok Ima try that tomorrow. thanks