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help me please

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Question From shaffer017 on help me please

my car runs fine when its cold. when it gets up to operating temp it starts to flutter then die then it wont start for about 1 hour then will run fine till it gets hot again. i replaced the egr valve the coil packs and the icm,and fuel filter and i still have the same problem. i took in to a shop and hooked it up to a computer and flashed no codes and tested the fuel pressure from the fuel rail and tested good, but told me the EGR valve was electronicly unplugged. they plugged it in and seemed to run fine. so i left and two blockes down the road it flutters and dies while im driving. it doesnt matter if im driving or im parked it does the same thing

Response From Jeff Norfolk

Year make and model?

Response From shaffer017 Top Rated Answer

1989 oldsmobile cutlass 3.1L v6

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

Another thing to check; Check for spark when it dies. Crank sensors and control modules were common failures on these engines. Either can be heat related, and neither will always set a trouble code.

Response From shaffer017

i checked the spark when it died and there is no spark at all

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

If you can get your hands on a scanner, look for cranking rpm. And, a noid light to check for injector pulse. I'd suspect the crank sensor, first, but still could be a control module. Hopefully, I'm wrong on the module. They are quite expensive.

Response From Double J

If they tested the fuel pressure and it tests ok

Test the Injectors.
They may being shutting down the Quad drivers in the ECM (computer)

If this is the case,i would replace all 6 injectors and the ECM.

89 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera 3800

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Question From Guest on 89 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera 3800

Car bogs bad on acceleration have changed fuel pump,fuel filter, plugs &wires,air filter. what do I do next

Response From Sidom

If the check engine light is on, pull the codes. Take a vacuum reading at idle & high rpms. If you have very low vac @ high rpms you may have a restricted exhaust.... Take a fuel pressure reading, get a spark tester & check coil pack output...

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

Turned out to be bad fuel pump thanks

Response From Sidom

Don't ya hate it when that happens ........ Thx 4 takin the time to let us know what happened.......

95 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera sl drivers side window will go down but not up

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Question From Guest on 95 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera sl drivers side window will go down but not up

95 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera sl drivers side window will go down but not up if you walk away for a minute or two and come back you can get the window to go up about an inch and then it stops but if you repeat the process you can get the window to go up all the way with repeat cycles.

Response From dave284 The problem could be in the switch itself or the motor...but it does sound like the switch since there is no problem with it going down....heres a link with some info on testing it...LOL.

Response From Guest

I have replaced the switch and the problem persist

Response From DanD

The window motors in these years of GM are well known for this exact problem. Gravity helps the motor go down; on the way up, it’s all motor that has to do the work. When the motor begins to fail, it draws more current (amperage) then what the internal breaker switch can handle and it trips open. After a few minutes the motor & breaker cools and the motor again lifts the window; until the breaker trips again.
The motors are riveted together and I’ve never tried to repair one but they are relatively inexpensive to buy and not worth the effort to repair; just replace it.


Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

thank you for all your help

Response From dave284

Then I suggest a motor would be the next step.

1986 oldsmobile cutlass supreme no compression

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Question From Guest on 1986 oldsmobile cutlass supreme no compression

its an 86 oldsmobile cutlass supreme and the compression is zero how would i be able to locate it

Response From DanD Top Rated Answer

how would I be able to locate it

Locate what; the compression?

Engine size would also be good to know?

If this is a 3.3Lt V6 the timing chain has likely let go; if it has, there’s a good chance the valves are now bent.


Response From Guest

its a 5.0 v8 86 oldsmobile cutlass supreme and there is no compression in any cylinder. the firing order is correct, nothing seems to be out of place. the valves are moving and the pistons are moving and it doesn't appear to jump time. when trying to turn over it just whizzes over and won't fire. example would be if you took the spark plugs out of a regular working motor and tried to turn it over. and all the spark plugs work. i am puzzled and don know what could be wrong

1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera - Select acc's not working

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Question From spongebue on 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera - Select acc's not working

Hi all,

I have a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera. Most of it works fine, but it seems like when the weather gets cold (that's just what I've noticed, it could be a coincidence) a few accessories no longer work. In this case, the radio, power locks, headlights, and probably a couple other things (I think hazard lights?) stop working. Once I drive the car a little bit, it starts working again. Any thoughts?


Response From spongebue

Hi all,

I'm getting a bit more desperate here... I'm going on a huge trip (Minnesota to Texas/New Orleans) on 1/2, and am hoping to take this car. For that matter, I was also hoping to take it on a smaller one (MN to Western Wisconsin) on Thursday night or Friday (though I think I may take the bus on that one as a result of this ordeal)

I do, however, think I found out something that may help... in the past, this car had a sensor or something for the daytime running lights. As a result, the headlights would turn on as soon as I turned on the car. My dad thought this was the cause of the problem, and bypassed the DRL module so the headlights were controlled exclusively through the switch. All was fine, though we didn't have it going long (only been bypassed for a couple days) and didn't do too much nighttime driving.

Tonight, I was setting up my laptop mount in the car, with the laptop being charged through an inverter. The radio was off, though the clock display was running. I was about to drive off in a moment, so I turned the headlights on. As soon as I did that, the power locks stopped working, the inverter turned off (meaning the cigarette lighter thing is out when this happens, too) and the headlights never did turn on (not even a flicker, from what I saw)

So, with this happening, I think it's safe to assume that this whole issue is triggered by the headlights. Any thoughts of where exactly the issue could be?

Thanks again,

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I'm watching with little to add. What's with by-passing something for the DRL? If you don't want those to come on just pull the fuse for them,


Response From spongebue Top Rated Answer

I think we have the problem solved... my dad checked the wiring harness, and noticed this:

He wiggled it, and things would start to work. Today, we went to the junkyard and got a new harness, then replaced the wires. I'm hoping that there isn't a short or anything that caused that (the wire there was nice and burnt, that part was replaced) but everything seems to be working fine now.

Thanks for trying,

Response From Tom Greenleaf


Thank you for posting your findings with that. Sounds like you have it nailed,