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2011 Ram 3500 Exhaust Muffler - N/A 6 Cyl 6.7L Walker

P311-144B9A1    New

Walker Exhaust Muffler  N/A
  • O.E.Design; Premium - Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Walker Quiet-Flow Muffler
  • Product Attributes:
    • Automotive Item Grade: Standard Replacement
    • Fitment: Direct Oe Replacement
    • Max Year Covered: 2012
    • Min Year Covered: 2007
    • Most Popular Make / Model: Dodge Ram 2500
    • Most Popular Year: 2012
    • Muffler Body Height: 4.500
    • Muffler Body Length: 10.000
    • Muffler Body Material: Stainless Steel
    • Muffler Body Width: 9.750
    • Muffler Color / Finish: Bare
    • Muffler Inlet Configuration: Offset
    • Muffler Inlet Connection Type: Pipe Connection
    • Muffler Inlet Count: 1
    • Muffler Inlet Diameter 1: 4.000
    • Muffler Inlet Diameter Designation: Inside Diameter
    • Muffler Outlet Configuration: Offset
    • Muffler Outlet Connection Type: Pipe Connection
    • Muffler Outlet Count: 1
    • Muffler Outlet Diameter: 4.000
    • Muffler Outlet Diameter Designation: Inside Diameter
    • Muffler Overall Length: 17.000
    • Muffler Reversible: No
    • Muffler Shape: Oval
    • Muffler Type: Absorption
    • Product Grade: Economy
    • Total Part VIO: 425153
Brand: Walker
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block Body CC CID Position
2011 - Ram 3500 L Crew Cab Pickup - 408 N/A

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Question From j0ses on BEST SOUNDING EXHAUST??


Response From dmac0923 Top Rated Answer


exhaust leak 69 chevy 350

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Question From 69chevystepside on exhaust leak 69 chevy 350

I know i have an exhaust leak somewhere.but have never changed he gaskets or donut gasket.they are the rams head headers.and they look rusty.any suggestions.thanks

Response From kev2

they are cast iron exhaust manifolds- they will look rusty especially if OEM.
do as tom suggested on cold engine have someone restrict tail pipe (hold a rag) while you find the leak -
old rusty exhaust work - if you do not cuss now you will soon enough....

ram head was a desirable OEM exhaust manifold shape ... CONSIDERED almost headers.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Aftermarket everything? Whatever - you can wen cold just quick get it to idle and plug tail pipe(s) a bit and feel for leak if not obvious. If rusty in general you may need new something headers or not then so on. Rust can make leaks anywhere.

IDK - If this is all custom the "Muffler" {so called} specialty shops can be good at all this making up pipe or whatevers if not known factory parts it's going to be a challenge IMO,



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Is it true that you can't put remote starters in manual cars? I just bought an alarm/remote starter combo ..96 integra - some mechanics say 'no you can't' and some say 'ya i can do it but...'

where does the BUT come it, can it ruin the engine?


Response From Guest

CompuStar makes a few award winning car starters with tons of alarm features that are specifically designed to to start a manual transmition safely. I had a 95' integra with such alarm for 7 years. Awesome alarm.

Response From Guest

Heck, I expected to see "two identical cars, except one is manual transmission and the other has remote start, which should I buy?" That would have been simple.

Response From senator29

i would think you would need to put in a little creativity when installing a remote starter on a manual tranny car.

I just now purchased a remote starter for my girlfriend's car which is a manual.

she is not auto savvy per say so i must make it accident proof.

HOW? I am installing a cut off switch to the shifter in some fashion. what it will do is replace the clutch switch. so basically she will no longer have to push the clutch in to start but it must NOT be in gear. the switch will be a design that is fail safe. if the switch fails or breaks it will only fail off. car in neutral is when the switch is on allowing start.
most likely this will be some custom contraption. i have not made it yet.

and why the hell do car manufacturers not have atleast a buzzer for when you get out of a manual car when the ebrake i not on? i will be fixing that as well.

Response From Guest

when you wire up a remote start to a manual transmission you must place the vehicle in neutral and apply the e brake. if you forget and leave it in gear the e brake will hold the car at least enough to stall it. the trick is to hook the neutral safety wire that goes to the automatic transmission, to the e brake sensor. if you forget the brake the car will not start. this will prevent your car from driving away with no driver!!!

Response From Sidom

The only problem I see with your theory is the manual tranny with a clutch switch some how magically turns into an automatic tranny with a neutral safety switch.

Remote starting systems on manual trannys are very bad idea..... Damn just read a few replies in this tread.

Now if you serious hurt or kill someone then ya better google the term "negligence" cuz pleading "ignorance" won't get you outta that one

Response From Guest

I am an Installer at a large electronic company (with the big yellow tag). You can install a remote start on most manual cars and bypass the clutch if it is a car that requires the clutch to be pressed in to start. I installed one on my accord and I just put in the e-brake safety. I would always recommend not remote starting you car unless you are the last person to drive it.

Response From Guest

okay, i have installed remote starters on 3 different manual transmission vehicles, 2 s10's and a ford f150. and it can be done easily, all you need is a safety bypass, and what you have to do is called an exit procedure when you get out of your vehicle. if you do not do this, or someone opens your door or hood between the time you do the procedure and the time you press the button it will not start. i live live in an area the is winter 10 months a year and average temp is -35 C so remote starts are damn near neccesary.

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

>> live in an area the is winter 10 months a year and average temp is -35 C << Siberia?

Response From Guest

SAFETY..means its there for your PROTECTION and NOT to be BYPASSED!!!!! DUHH!!

End of story!!

Response From Guest

SAFETY..means its there for your PROTECTION and NOT to be BYPASSED!!!!! DUHH!!

End of story!!

You are prob. the same bunch of IDIOTS (and I use that term loosly!) that like to BYPASS the safty features on the mobile video units.

when you mame or kill will too late then!!

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

>>safty features on the mobile video units. << Mobile video units have safety features? Was unaware of this. But, I agree with you. Bypassing any safety system is wrong. The vehicle manufacturers will never make cars IDIOT proof, though. Too bad that they don't make drivers take an IQ test before licensing. LOL

Response From way2old

Watch the Guest Loren. They like to talk to themselves.

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

No big deal. I talk to myself all of the time. Sometimes, I even respond to the voices.

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

I had a remote start on a '98 Dodge Ram 1500 manual. It took off on me once when I was showing a friend. The truck actually started in gear. Luckily I was in a loading dock area and there were no semi's in front of me. After the initial shock, I was able to shut it off via the remote with no damage. No one ever drove my truck except my cousin, and I would unhook it when he drove it (he didn't know how to hook it back up). Even after being at a mechanic or muffler shop, I would not remote start it until I had been in the truck and was the last one to drive it.

I then sold the truck to a company I did business with. They were aware of the remote start, and I even told them I would unhook the whole thing except for the alarm part. They insisted it was fine. Just to make sure I wasn't liable, I unplugged the wire going to the coil pack, then cut the wire for the valet mode (wasn't going to remote start no matter what). One of the employees saw what I did, hooked it all back up, then was showing off to a friend. The truck was in gear, started and took off. It took out the fence on the side of it and went into the street where it hit a car going by.

Needless to say, the company was mad as hell and wanted me to pay for the damage because I didn't yank the remote start out. I had them sign a piece of paper when I sold the truck that it had remote start and they were aware of this, I had unhooked it, and if they hooked it back up, I wasn't liable.

It was nice to have remote start as all I drive are manual transmissions. If you do put a remote start on a standard, DO NOT remote start it after someone else has driven it, and make sure to put some kind of bypass switch in that completely shuts it off so whoever is driving it doesn't accidentally (or purposely) remote start it, friend or mechanic. I would advise against it, but if you do do it, be aware that you are responsible for anything that may happen as a result as long as the vehicle is in your name.

Response From Guest

i have a remote star on my 93 honda civic and yes is manual trany it can be install just don't leave it in gear cuz it will run away from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Response From dougcreel

i had one on a manual but i had to take off the cluch swich and i dont recommend it becuse i left it in gear and it drove off into the river wean i crunk it up

Response From Guest

Yeah I got a little story about remote starter on a standard cars:
A colleague of mine at work nicely offered me his tuned up Sub WRX to go grab some food at diner time. Hand break was loose so i automatically parked the car in first gear. Later on my colleague started his car remotely and the starter was strong enough to bring the engine to a start . it ended up hitting a brand new BMW X3 causing few thousands of damage on it. the WRX's front bumper was also screwed Now the guy wants me to share the costs of the damage... what do you guys think?? I'd like to hear what you'd do if you were me.


Response From Tom Greenleaf

Is this to say this person later remotly started his own car and it took off? I don't approve of these devices at all but the owner should be aware if it could do that and should have fixed it or disabled it if the device couldn't be trusted. If nothing else this is a good lesson in "don't drive or borrow someone else's car" type thing. Perhaps just let insurance handle it,


Response From Guest

Thanks for your comment Tom. Yes the guy remotely started his own car and it took of. He even later told me that the same thing happenned to his brother with that same car... You're right, this is a lesson learnt. However, the only thing that bugs me is that he "offered" me his car. I would have otherwise never asked for anybody's car.

Question: how do these remote starters on manual cars work? Is there a sensor that verifies that the transmission is not in gear?


Response From Tom Greenleaf

The "Get up and Go" of COMMON SENSE obviously "Got up and Went" I would believe that several makes of cars would know know which gear the transmission is in. I also recall some vehicles had mechanical devices such that you couldn't remove the ignition key unless the car was in REVERSE and all the automatics I know of don't allow the key to be removed without being in PARK. There were several cars that were designed to be able to remove the key with the engine running, driving or just sitting still but that has ceased.

I'm about sure that when I got a driver's license oh so long ago now that a car was to be parked with parking brake applied, in park or a gear if a standard, and wheels pointed at a curb such that it wouldn't likely roll away out of control if something happened with it unattended.

I'm not a judge for this but do believe the responsibility belongs to the person who holds the controls at the time. Basically they are an accident waiting to happen.

Thought du jour............ "The brilliance of a candle loses nothing if used to light another" ----- Obviously along the line one blew out! Have a great day,


Response From Guest

There are some that make remote starters for manual transmissions. Off hand, I can think of Ultrastart for a brand name. From what I understand, they have a "Stop and go" feature built in that take a few steps to activate it properly.

You have to engage the E-break, press the remote button, then pull the key out (engine stays running), you get out and close the door, within a time frame it will turn off the engine and be ready to remote start. If anything changes (Door opens, hood opens, break pedal pushed down) it will deactivate the remote starter function. Getting out and closeing the door before it activates will make sure it is not left in gear.

Sounds like it will work to me.

please help...need to fix prob. asap

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Question From yagerkagen on please help...need to fix prob. asap

1997 dodge ram 1500 v6:

doesn't idle, sometimes doesrn't start, might be battery.

1985 chrysle yorker

won't idle until warmed smoke when it starts, loss of power.

EDIT: ok, i was short on time earlier and was rather vague....sooooo, heres the full problems......

1997 dodge, standard:(this is for a friend of mine..need to fix asap....please help..)

alright, one day the truck just suddenly wouldn't crank when you turned the key. All it did when when turning the key was click. He had the battery tested, because this had happened once before, and they said the battery was still good. next day, he had o go to work, but when he started his truck, it wouldn't ide, he had to feather the gas to keep it running. he brought it to my house so i could try to help figure out the problem. when he got to my house, he shut off the truck and came inside. when he tried to start the truck for me to hear it....1st time he tried, it started, but it sounded real bad, like it was barely struggling to keep running, he let off the gas and it died...2nd time it made a click ing noise, after that it did nothing. My battery charger doesn''t have clips, just exposed wire. we took the battery cables off, put the wire on etc....the battery charger for some reason wouldn't turn on. we removed it and put the cable back on. he turned the key and it started without any problem and idled, and it sounded just fine. What would cause this to happen, we need to prevent this from happening, so he can get to work..thanks..

1985 chrysler new yorker, 4 cylender, 2.6l, automatic: (this is for me..not in any hurry for this one, trying o get my car running)

when i start my car and the engine is not already warmed up, it barely runs. A black and white mix of smoke comes out the muffler and white smoke with a little bit of blck smoke mix in comes from the back by the exhaust manifold. I have already checked the seal, the guy i bought it from had a new one on it so it was still good. When I put back on, i torqued it to what the manual said(don't remember..i think it was 13ftlbs?..). I have to push the gas pedal to the floor to keep the car running and it uses alot of gas. When it warms up it will idle just fine. When I drive it, it doesn't much power. I have to floor it to really start getting up to even 20-30 mph. How can I fix this problem? thanks..

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

For the truck:Get a voltage meter/tester ready and begin at the battery - cable from the terminal to the body mount location,visually inspect,check resistance while jiggling wire to check for internal corrosion,repeat this proccess for the battery +12v cable from the terminal to the starter sylenoid and also check the 12v capabilities of the wire(s) now follow that set of wires from your sylenoid to the power distribution box and alternator these are the wires that if damaged or corroded will cause that to happen,replace any that are bad,check the values of these wires @ idle (be very cautious of the alternator fan and other moving parts) and see if everything is getting the main 12 volt when it needs it.Also does your check engine light illuminate at any time?

Response From DanD

Your friend’s truck I’m not sure; could be so many things and from this end they all would be just guesses. All I can say about the no crank is to clean all cable connections and not just the battery terminals but the other ends of the cables where the positive connects to the starter and the negative to the engine block. After that; without checking myself; possibly a dead spot on the starter’s armature?

For your 2.6 Mitsubishi it sounds like the choke pull-off is not functioning. The pull-off is designed to crack the choke open approximately a 1/16” as soon as the engine starts. It does this by using engine vacuum applied to a diaphragm, which pulls on the choke mechanism, overcoming choke spring tension.
This diaphragm likely has a hole in it or the vacuum passages are plugged. Replacing this diaphragm is no easy job and if not done carefully you will damage the carb. I suggest taking it to someone who is familiar with this to have it checked and replaced if need be. The main body of the carb is plastic and can crack as your removing the heat shield’s rivets and shield to gain access to the pull-off assembly housing.
This choke also uses engine coolant to heat the choke’s by-metallic spring. The passageways that feed the warmed coolant to the choke were bad for plugging up with crud, stopping the coolant flow. No hot coolant and the choke will stay on forever, causing the engine to run overly rich. (black smoke)