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Question From taher on CAN BUS


I would like to know more about CAN Bus support in vehicles as I am installing GPS Trackers with CAN BUS support. The models of the vehicles are

Brand Model Year
Hyundai Tucson 2008
Izuzu NPR 2008
Mitsubishi Canter 2011
Mitsubishi Canter 2013
Mitsubishi Glant 2011
Mitsubishi L200 2011
Mitsubishi L200 2013
Mitsubishi Lancer 2008
Mitsubishi Lancer 2009
Mitsubishi Lancer 2010
Mitsubishi Lancer 2011
Mitsubishi Lancer 2012
Mitsubishi Lancer 2013


Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Google Can bus. There is plenty of information out there on it.

2001 mitsubishi montero sport,

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Question From hilmer1945 on 2001 mitsubishi montero sport,

I need the stereo code for 2001 mitsubishi montero sport.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

You can try here but you will be charged. You will likely need the radio serial number too.


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I am trying to get to the center speaker in the dash of a 2003 mitsubishi eclipse. I cannot seam to figure out how to get the panel off to get to the speaker. How do I get tin there? Any suggestions?

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

Nice car,if you have the factory information center/radio indicator then consider wiring any amplifiers to the factory cd player to retain it's functionality with the steering wheel cd controls(if equipped) but if you have your heart set on a better head unit then under the heater controls there are two phillips head screws and then it all unsnaps from there,I think there's also 4 phillips heads holding the cd player but maybe it's bolts(it's been awhile).

Jim, P.S. if you like the eclipse visit here for the eclipse specialist across town from me(great work)

Response From Guest

Thanks, but I'm actually trying to get to the center console speaker located on the top of the dash board. The radio is fine, but the speaker is blown. I cannot find any screws to get to. I'm trying to avoid taking the entire dash out to get to it, but I believe I will have to.
Once again, thanks

Response From Guest

after you have the head unit removed reach inside and upward to find the retainers,should be bolted in.

Dodge/ Mitsubishi stereo

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Question From timhere1 on Dodge/ Mitsubishi stereo

I have a 1998 Dodge Avenger made by Mitsubishi. The stereo is made by Mitsubishi and has the model # P04704385AC. It is a cassette, CD and AM/FM stereo. The volume knob acts as a choice between time and radio station. It is a coventional rotary switch that you have to push in to engage a momentary contact switch for changing between time or radio station display. I can not find a replacement for that switch anywhere. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Response From Sidom

I'm not sure if you are looking for just the knob or the whole switch itself but either way. For the stereo you aren't going to find a place the just sells pieces for it.

If you just lost the knob the best place would be a wrecking yard. If you are having issues where you think you need the whole switch, it would be easier to replace the whole unit.....

Response From timhere1

Iam looking for the switch asm. Er, I thought this was a repair forum, not a swap forum. Sorry.

Response From Sidom

Good luck trying to find the switch......

Response From timhere1

I have attached the link for the switch I need. I just don't need 1000 pieces to fulfill the minimum. For those that rather repair vs. swap the host to the link has a search function for automotive and motorcycle switches the world over. Yeah Spanky, er Sidom, er .../veteren, you can take the fly off the wall because I am watching you now.
no live links

Response From timhere1

Here is a link for the data sheet for the same audio switch for those that rather repair than swap. It has the momentary switch option and the option for varied lengths of the shaft. I hope this helps true audio buffs.
no live links

Response From Sidom

Timmy.....This is an automotive fourm.....AUTOMOTIVE......If you have the knowledge & the skill to go in and repair either automotive or home electronics then good for you. Most people don't have those skills just like most people don't have the skills for advanced auto repair.

If you think the general population....most auto techs included...have the correct soldering and diagnosis skills to go in an repair those kind of electronics then you are truly clueless.

You know I don't know what set you off other then maybe you are just a total jackass like your post to me would suggest.....I gave you an honest answer to an automotive related problem and you come back with attitude...

Go out in the automotive world....not electronic repair world....automotive world and try to find that switch....go to the dealer....part auto parts houses .....& find that switch Timmy.....

I guess next you will be looking for surgical or legal advise here and come back and be a jerk when you can't find that.......

You know something Timmy.....Any matter what subject it covers has people who have knowledge in that area helping other people who need help and they are doing for free donating their time & experience to help other and it's jerks like you cominng in to these forums, giving them a rash a crap for no reason that burns them out and makes them say "Why am I even wasting my time here when it's not appreciated" and you wind up ruining it for a lot of people who do need the help and would appreciate it.....

But you know....I already know your answer........You don't care...... I know timmy..... you don't care if you mess it up for a lot of other people because it doesn't affect your little world.....

Timmy you are a small self-centered little person.........Who later on down the road when looking for free help will have no clue to where the free help went........when all you have to do is look in the mirror......Its jerks like you & your attitude that killed it for everyone.......

Response From timhere1

Thank you for your reply and especially for yours and all others who have served the USA. Text does not reflect tongue and cheek well. The title of the forum is Car Stereo Repair. I understand I may be eccentric, I own a '63 Studebaker Avanti with all original parts. I was new to the forum and have not followed it to know that repairs here do not go to the component level. Most switches are not hard to replace and I hope someone gets help from those links. I was just funning with you and it will not discourage me from helping anyone in anyway I can, including you, my friend.

Response From Sidom

Well you are right that tones can't be percieve online very well short of caps for yelling.
I suppose the title can be decieving but it's mainly for figuring out if you have speaker problems, wire problems, deck problems, or lock out issues. For a while there was a couple of professional stereo installers that would come into this section and those with the skills & desire would get that kind of info but for now there is just auto techs minding the store and due to labor cost these days there really isn't any components on vehicles that get rebuilt anymore it's all pretty much R&R as side from the drivetrain

Most people don't have the skills to remove & open up a deck, desolder a switch and solder in a new one, while getting the correct wires to the correct poles. No offense to any one coming here but with some it's a challenge just to get the fuses tested & basic wiring tested....

Response From timhere1

My apologies to Sidom, the moderator and the forum. Sidom is dead on. Hardly anything can be repaired anymore. It is called designed obsolescence. That is why our landfills are full. The switch for the radios for the Avengers and Mitsubishis from these years can be found on a web search for “Bourns rotary encoder switch.” A host named “Alliedelec” can be found that has multiple switches and so does “Mouser.” Local community colleges with electronics programs my have teachers that will give extra credit to students that will solder for you. It may be the only paying job they get for years to come. Sidom was also dead on about the expense of repairing anything these days. Now that I understand the forum, I hope I am welcome back. Signed, Spanky.

Response From Sidom

Piece work repair is really becoming a lost art. When I got in this business 30 some years ago pretty much everything got rebuilt. Whether it was an alternator, starter, caliper, wh cyl, etc. If it wasn't blown up then it got rebuilt. I have so many tools in my box that were designed for rebuilding that is just sitting there collecting dust now. It was probably 10 years ago when I rebuilt my last caliper and that was just because it was late at night the new caliper was defective, the car had to go and by some miracle they had a rebuild kit in stock, then while I'm rebuilding it there is 3 younger techs just standing there watching it was some kind of was just kitting a caliper....

Rising labor costs really factor in to this but there is also a skill level as well. While it's not brain surgery, you would have to agree that the skill to do repair work to an electronic unit or overhaul a hydraulic unit would need to be a little higher than that if you where just going to have someone r&r that unit. If those 2 factors aren't enough, then throw in the way the whole customer base for any area has move to. It seems in these times everyone is sue happy and no one wants to take responsibility for there own actions when it's easier to put it on someone else and maybe even make a little money in the process. I've seen it go from shops trying to help someone out who was strapped for cash by jury rigging a repair just to get them by with the understanding it was a gamble and if it didn't work, then we took a shot but it didn't fly. To now if you were to try that not only would you have to refund the original charge for the gamble but now you are also on the hook for fixing the way it should've of been down in the 1st place.

You see some posts here, where people say you use to be able to go into a shop and find a guy who could patch it together for you with some duct tape, coat hanger & a hersey bar until pay day but they can't find those shops any more...... Those guys are still out there & do it to their car or friends car until it can be fixed correctly but no one is crazy enough to do it to a customers car they don't know. Every tech, service writer & service manager out there knows full well what is going to happen. That $20 or $40 patch job to get the customer by until payday is going to wind up costing the shop $800 and a customer. And its not just in the auto repair industry, if you ever take a look at some of the warning they post on some of the products these days, its just ridiculous be it not to hold that cup of coffee between your legs or don't hold your gun in your mouth by the barrel while looking for a smoke it seems common sense is out the window & companies are on the hook for everything....

All these little warning & other steps to protect companies do have a cost and as we all know, those costs get passed on. So in reality, the public has a lot to do with how these companies do business and what is an acceptable risk and what just isn't worth the gamble anymore......

We may have gotten off on the wrong foot but that happens, tones & attitude can be misinterpreted online when you can't see the person. But no harm no foul all is good.....

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Hey Spanky, You're in the spam bin now but I'm still watching you................LOL

02 Mitsubishi Lancer - Ignition Coil Problem

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Question From kalel701 on 02 Mitsubishi Lancer - Ignition Coil Problem

I currently have a 2002 mitsubishi lancer and replaced the old motor in it with a motor from a 2003 lancer all wires, sensors, and computer from old motor were placed onto the new engine. However when starting up, the first coil pack (in the second cylinder) got extremely hot and now the car only runs on the last 2 cylinders (3 and 4). I replaced the bad ignition coil pack, car ran great the first 5 minutes, then this time around the new coil pack started smoking and burned out. Is there a possibility the computer from the old mitsubishi 03 lancer needs to be put into my vehicle or is their possibility the computer on my car needs to be set to the 03 lancer's specifications? Please help!

Year of vehicle: 2002 / Engine Replaced with a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer (Same engine)
Make of vehicle: Mitsubishi
Model of vehicle Lancer
Engine size: 2.0
Mileage/Kilometers: 73,000

Response From cargoyle

Hi there. Can I replace a 2002 use coil for my shot one on the 2003 mitz lancer?

Response From Hammer Time

I guess you can't read what the previous poster was told.

Response From jmanriquez

Content deleted

Response From Hammer Time

This thread is 2 years old. Please start a question of your own if you need help.

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

kalel; Recheck the firing order. From what I can find, the coils should fire (1 & 4) and (2 & 3). Also, too much resistance in the spark plugs/wires can damage a coil.

Response From kalel701

Thanks for the advice.

The problem ending up being on the harness. The connection into the first coil pack was bad. Replaced that connector and was good to go.

Response From Sidom Top Rated Answer

Thx 4 taking the time to let us know what fixed the problem.

Response From kalel701

additional information:
*My car is 2002 Lancer OZ rally 2.0

*The engine it was replaced with came from a 2003 Lancer ES