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98 Mercedes Benz

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Question From neffy nef on 98 Mercedes Benz

I have a 98 Mercedes Benz c280 it made a beeping noise then the gas gauge went to empty and the car stopped. Anyone knows whats going on? Someone told me to put it in neutral to push it on the side of the road. He could hardly push it then I tried to turn the ignition and it was back to full tank on the gas gauge. I was able to drive it back home. Nothing lit up just a beeping then slowed then stopped HELP!!!!!

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

When the engine quit, were you able to get the engine to crank? Was there any dash lights with the key in the on position? Was the radio playing and quit?

Changing rear speakers in '95 mercedes benz c280

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Question From c280allday on Changing rear speakers in '95 mercedes benz c280

I just bought these Pyle PL53BL 5.25-Inch 200-Watt Three-Way Speakers

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

How do I remove the rear speakers in a 1995 mercedes benz c280 ?If i look at them through the trunk they are caged in, is there a video or a guide someone can post to help me out?


Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

I deleted your link because it's not allowed.
You can post a link from a photo hosting site if you want to display pictures but nothing that has anything for sale.

2006 mercedes-benz model E350 car door lock problem

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Question From BOB81 on 2006 mercedes-benz model E350 car door lock problem

My son owns a 2006 mercedes-benz,model E-350, with a automatic door locking system problem. When the transmission is in drive and you start to move forward the doors automatically lock, normal operation. On his car 3 out of the four doors lock EXCEPT the right front passenger door. It will chater several times and may or may not end up in the locked position or unlocked position.

I think the problem is in the right front door locking solenoid or module, as the computer is sending the lock signal but the right front door is not sending back the signal that it is in the locked position.

Any and all help WILL be appreciated. Thank you Bob81

Response From BOB81 Top Rated Answer

The right front door reacts the same way, in other words it will chatter and sometimes end up in the locked position and sometimes not, using the lock switch inside the car.
Can anyone tell me what part to change or a part name and number of this item. Thanks, bob81

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Not sure of poo on these and never acquired assorted special tools for this and some other models of vehicle and tired of dealer only parts for some.

No matter but by description and just ONE door the actuator (motor for lock) for that door is probably the issue. It should still work manually without fob or electrics - does it?

IDK but if forced to dig into this I'd test the actuator while disconnected if all else mechanically worked and see if it fumbles in front of me.

Price not listed but NAPA showed a listing for it. Looks like this if you get inside for a look.........

Pic may or may not show or disappear and could be wrong as well?

No clue for all vehicles of assorted types but if this feature isn't wanted and lock and unlock just when you want see if some simple some procedure can do that. Maybe mostly me but don't like that if just moving a vehicle just to change a parking space it just works these things more than I think they like for the long run,


Response From Discretesignals

Does the right front lock operate normally if you use the remote or switch?

06 Mercedes-Benz C280 TRANS. D&R

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Question From arokz89 on 06 Mercedes-Benz C280 TRANS. D&R

I need to do a Transmission Drain & Refill but am having trouble figuring out how to fill, transmission has drain plug, but no filler neck

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

You need to take it to Mercedes. It requires special tools to refill. It gets refilled from the overflow plug on the bottom of the pan.

Response From arokz89

ohh yeah your right, i got the aftermarket tool for the refill. thanks for reminding me.

1986 560sl mercedes benz transmission lost drive and went to neutral

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Question From zoe on 1986 560sl mercedes benz transmission lost drive and went to neutral

1986 560sl mercedes benz roadster. i had the transmission totaly overhauled. when i got it back it seemed to slightly spip as it shifted thru the gears. the mechanic said that the transmission was settling back into the car. what ever that is supposed to mean i don't iknow. so i'm driving and all of a sudden i loose drive. it was as if drive splipped into neutral. i didn't have drive at all. i had to down shift into 3rd and drive it home. i didn't hear anything break or pop. now it has to come back out and redone. what happened.

Response From Mr.scotty

The shop that did it should fix that for nothing cause it sounds like it's there falt.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Just a comment on serious car work: A tech should test it out before even telling you it's done. Maybe they did and it behaved but that and brake work type things I think should be given a test drive so it's known right before customer gets car back. That problem happened so fast they should have caught it right away,


Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Sounds like it just wasn't done right the first time. That "settling in" stuff was nonsense.