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What software is needed to maintain trucks (Mack, Peterbuilt, & Kenworth)?

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Question From Ihmhi on What software is needed to maintain trucks (Mack, Peterbuilt, & Kenworth)?

I do freelance computer servicing and I had a customer come to me with an interesting problem.
I don't want to go into all of the details, but he very nearly bought an ancient toughbook filled with bootleg software for a ludicrous price. He ended up stopping the deal (thankfully).
My customer has a small fleet of trucks in his business including Macks, Peterbuilts, and Kenworths. He can do most of the maintenance in-house, but certain things require specialized software that he doesn't have.
He's not amazingly computer literate and I'm trying to narrow down a list of the programs he would actually need to handle maintenance on big rigs. So far the only things I've found that he might need is Meritor WABCO PC (and to quote him, "those bastards have had a monopoly on brakes for over a decade) and possibly Cummins INSITE.
So that said...

tl;dr: What PC software is needed to properly maintain Macks, Peterbuilt, and Kenworth trucks?

Response From Discretesignals

Not quite sure what you mean.

Do you mean service information for repair and servicing or do you mean the software and hardware that has the capability of interfacing the vehicle's data system through its diagnostic port?

Nick may be able to answer your question since he is a heavy truck tech.

Response From Ihmhi

Do you mean service information for repair and servicing or do you mean the software and hardware that has the capability of interfacing the vehicle's data system through its diagnostic port?

The latter, mainly. Interfacing with the truck's through its diagnostic port, getting readings, changing settings as needed, etc.

Response From Hammer Time

You don't really get to "change settings" on anything in the PCM. That is determined by the overall operating software. You can install updates with the right equipment but the software has to be written by someone, usually the manufacturer.

Response From Ihmhi

Hm, perhaps he meant diagnostic stuff so he could know what the readouts are and then change the settings by hand. Sorry, I'm more of a PC guy than a car guy. ^.^'

I've been asking around all day trying to get a picture of things and it's... not super easy, honestly. I mean geez, some of these companies still sell software through dealers instead of direct from their website for some strange reason.

Response From Hammer Time

I'm sure there are many aftermarket scan tools capable of reading data and codes. As mentioned before, Nick, one of our experts is very familiar with heavy trucks. When he stops by he will have some info for you.

Response From Ihmhi

Thanks for the help! I'll keep an eye on this post and see what's what when Nick rolls around.

Response From nickwarner Top Rated Answer

Last shop I was at bought a system from Noregon Systems called JPro. It came on a Toughbook. You can spec it out for what you want it to do. Its pricey, but you can get access to WABCO among other systems. You will want to subscribe to Cummins Insite, which is an additional cost. If you have anything other than Cummins engines you will also need subscriptions to those services.

Thing to remember here is this stuff is expensive and the subscriptions are as well. Without the information subscription the computer is basically a nice code reader. you'll be able to read codes and live data. I was pretty happy with the display for the live data. When you have Insight on it you can then go directly to the code shown from the scanner and get the troubleshooting charts. Once you get used to navigating the system you can find the wiring diagrams and connector pinout charts pretty easily.

If this guy has enough trucks and trailers to justify it, this might be the way to go. The software is genuine and the price reflects it. Also, you would need to subscription to insite to change parameters. You can view them with the JPro but it takes the factory software service to change them.

If he has a good relationship with his parts guy at the dealership they might be able to help get the price lowered on the Insite subcription.

Response From Ihmhi

Thank you, that was very helpful.

Response From nickwarner

You're welcome.

ford f150 2002

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Question From mowtowntom48044 on ford f150 2002

hi all , i have a ford f150 2002 2wd automatic the trans mackes a buzzing noise that increases with rmp it also slips btw. 2nd and third gear any suggestions? thanx

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Is trans fluid properly full and good color to it? The slipping is not a good sign at all for the transmission,