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2007 Lincoln MKZ door panel removal.

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Question From emmaasmithh on 2007 Lincoln MKZ door panel removal.

I need to know how to remove the door panel on the driver's side of a 2007 Lincoln MKZ. HELP PLEASE.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Removal and Installation

  1. NOTE: RH side shown, LH side similar.

Remove the front door handle bezel.
  • Remove the cover.
  • Remove the screw.
  • Disconnect the electrical connectors.
    1. Remove the front door handle cover screw.
  • Remove the screw cover.
  • Remove the screw.
    1. Remove the upper rear trim panel screw.
    2. Remove the lower trim panel screw.
    3. Remove the front door trim panel.
  • Disconnect the electrical connector.
    1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.

    96 lincoln town car

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    Question From toyotatrukin on 96 lincoln town car

    next problem working on a 96 Lincoln town car
    I may be just blind in one eye and cant see out of the other but where is the rear differential fill plug.

    Response From Tom Greenleaf

    Of a few possible differentials I couldn't say exactly but differentials (gear cases) of the sort by any make use a plug part way up. Whether it's a 3/8ths square hole or any other creation or size it's there. Look again, might not be a square size anything but some other doing the same thing.

    If you find one low just checking find out why,


    Response From toyotatrukin

    The rearend is starting to roar and there is a small seep of gear dope, I just hope the gears aren't scored yet but if its making noise the damage is probabaly already done

    Response From Tom Greenleaf

    What do you mean "gear dope?" If somehow plug was meant to be on the cover and another was used that fit by some wild odds expecting the plug to be on the rib and there isn't one anywhere than where would it have been filled the first time?

    Pretty much don't expect two used OE. The oddball would be a truck differential if and only if the car was ordered to be chopped in half to be a limo. Gotta be high chances of being an ordinary differential,


    Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

    Hope this shows. Courtesy of Ford Motor Company and the most common one..........
    See in diagram the plug lower right in picture marked fill plug. Used to fill, top off till runs out like most. To drain you remove cover as a drain plug hasn't been used since who knows how long ago?

    Integral Housing
    The integral housing is most commonly found on late-model cars and light trucks.
    An exploded view of an integral-carrier axle housing. Courtesy of Ford Motor Company.



    Response From toyotatrukin

    gear dope= rear differential gear oil, thanks for the illustration I will see if I can track it down, I didn't know if Ford had some kind of crazy setup on Lincolns or not

    Response From Tom Greenleaf

    OK - you'll find it. I was thinking that by "dope" you meant some sealer for a gasket or something in this thread/context.

    Back to the issue. You said it made noise. Not good and NO low oil if leaking out a seal if at all filling it to proper level about isn't going to cure it. May sound better but some damage is done. You can look by taking off cover or if a removable carrier a bit more involved just for a look inside.

    I believe it does use a cover and OE no gasket just a tiny stripe of a sealing something but if off I default to using a gasket or FORM-A-GASKET product allowed to dry very well if no gasket available.

    This type plug idea if just to check level I may be alone on some things but bend a Q-Tip, vehicle level to know how close to properly full they are. If low and damaged because of that there should be evidence that doesn't just wash away so easily. Seals at wheels or at carrier most likely. Damage unknown quite yet, bearing(s) or gears then decide on approach from there. Know that small defects in bearings or the gears that may appear fine are not acceptable. Call that "galling" (sp?) and it doesn't heal itself,


    Response From Hammer Time

    You're not serious?

    If there isn't a plug in the back cover, there will be one in the nose cone, probably hiding above the rib.

    Response From toyotatrukin

    im serious as a heart attack there isn't one on the back and I could not see one on the front beside the yolk you know where you would see one usually on the left side looking at the yolk square 3/8 drive plug sitting right over the rib

    1996 lincoln control module...where is it?

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    Question From Guest on 1996 lincoln control module...where is it?

    I need to locate the ignition control module on a 1996 lincoln contenitial 4.6 liter and can't seem to locate it....please help

    Response From thomas74

    i would go for the crank sensor

    Response From thomas74

    ccr controls the fuel and fans and ac i would bet money it be the crank sensor

    Response From way2old

    The ignition control module is inside the Powertrain Control Module. What is the problem you are having that has caused you to want the Ignition Module replaced or repaired?

    Response From Guest

    the car has no that was the next choice cause both coil packs aren't producing any spark

    Response From way2old

    HAve you checked all the fuses with a test light? Be sure to look under the hood and under the dash.

    Response From Guest

    havent checked the fuses but will, I wont be working on the car till this coming weekend. the control module is in the powertrain module so that comes apart to put the new control module in? kinda crazy design. The autopart store showed me the part and I brought the powertrain module in but they never said it was inside it.

    Response From way2old

    You do not take the PCM apart. It is a one piece solid state design. If you take it apart, the PCM warranty will be voided. You just replace the entire computer.

    Response From Guest

    but why does the autopart store sell the coontrol module by itself? they want about $190.00 for it. It looks like a flat piece that has about 10-12 connectors on the plug itself. but not visible anywhere on the vehicle

    Response From way2old

    Does the module look like this??

    If so go here. Just under the first graph, it will tell you the most likely place it is located.

    Response From Guest

    that does kinda look like what they showed me....and it has a metal flat piece on one side which I would imagine needs dio-electric grease??

    Response From way2old

    Yes put the grease on it. On the Crown Victorias, the module is on the drivers side fender under the hood hinge area. It may be close to that place.

    Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

    so it is for sure in the powertrain module?

    Response From way2old

    The ignition control module is in the Powertrain Control Module. The EDIS Module is mounted separately. I searched some more and found you more than likely have a Constant Control Relay Module. It is located on top of the radiator close to the center of the car. This controls the spark to your vehicle. Does the module you purchased look like this?? If it does it is the CCRM.

    95 lincoln continental

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    Question From Guest on 95 lincoln continental

    95 lincoln continental has good power to fuel pump driver module but no power out to fuel pump. Is the driver module bad or could something else cause this?

    Response From Tom Greenleaf

    Check relays. I think they are marked underhood for that car. Use the A/C relay which should be the same part # but check. If that's it buy a couple new ones, cheap even at Ford dealers, - T

    Response From Guest

    there is no relay for fuel pump in power distribution box only 20 amp fuse which is good. Is there a relay somewhere else?

    Response From DanD

    The fuel pump relay is incorporated in the constant control relay module; you’ll find it on the upper radiator support. It houses a number of relays and is serviced as a unit; no you can’t open it and change anyone of the relays.
    But if you have power on the white wire at the fuel pump module (in the trunk), during cranking the relay is ok. If you do not have power on this white wire don’t run out and buy a new constant control module it may not be receiving a signal to energize the fuel pump relay.
    Also check the inertia switch that it hasn’t been tripped, if it has tripped the reset button on the top of the switch will have a bit of resistance when you try and push it down, once reset the button moves quite freely. You’ll find it on the left side of the trunk. It should have a black/red and white wires to it; the black/red is the feed from the fuel pump relay. Both should have power on them during cranking.

    Response From Guest

    inertia switch good. white wire into driver module hot when cranking. pink/black wire from module to fuel pump dead when cranking, is driver module bad?

    Response From DanD

    I can’t say for sure but it kind of sounds like you’re on the right track.
    Will the fuel pump and engine run if you would jumper the pink/black with power? That’s just to make sure that the ignition is functioning and that the computer is authorizing pump, again this is just thinking out loud, I’m not at work right now and don’t have access to any repair procedures.

    Response From Guest

    I did use a jumper wire between the white and pink/black wire and the fuel pump did run and the car did start, it ran a little rough though. I plan on replacing the driver module hopefully it will work. Thanks for your help

    Response From DanD Top Rated Answer

    Good luck

    2004 Lincoln LS Rear brake light replacement

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    Question From stvlndn on 2004 Lincoln LS Rear brake light replacement

    The right rear brake light bulb on my 2004 Lincoln LS needs to be replaced. Would like to know the procedure on how to replace it...

    Response From way2old

    1. View 1 of 2. Remove the components in the order indicated in the illustration and table.
    2. View 2 of 2. Remove the components in the order indicated in the illustration and table
    3. To install, reverse the removal procedure

    Hope this is what you are asking for. Good luck.

    Response From DrElectrics

    Nice diagram!

    Response From Tom Greenleaf's not fair! Headquarter's gave way2old the Crystal ball. All I got is a silly pencil and eraser - just look, it's erasing half the time!


    Response From Double J

    It's a pleasure working with a PRO.

    where did you find the pencil???

    Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

    Think I would rather have the pencil.