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lexus trouble!!!

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Question From Cal on lexus trouble!!!

Need help..1994 lexus es300 wont start...located in seattle..cold Temp..clicking sond appers..when attemping to start

Response From DrElectrics

Hey matey,

Try this

Response From way2old

Can you jump it from another vehicle?? If yes, check the battery and cables.

Response From Cal Top Rated Answer

But do u think thats the promblem..because i here a clickin sound coming from the engine...also the battery is new and premium grade...

Response From way2old

Usually a cicking noise without the starter engaging indicates low amperage and voltage getting to the starter. Check the cables to be sure they are clean and tight. If possible, check both ends of cables to be sure they are tight.

lexus shutdown

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Question From mcarajo on lexus shutdown

antitheft in a 1990 Lexus GS 400 will not permit vehicle to start also keys locked in trunk w/ no spare key avaliable ... now what ..??

Response From Sidom

If the keys are in the trunk & you have no spare, how are you able to try to start the car to know you have a problem?

Most cars have a trunk release lever/button somewhere. Try to find it. If you can't you may have to remove the back seat to get the keys....

If you do have a security problem, then it's going to have to be resolved, no bypasses for Lexus's that I'm aware of.....

Response From mcarajo Top Rated Answer

Correct U are ... about the key .. it happened on my 250 alomg time ago .. the antitheft kicks in and the vehicle will not start . yes no spare and the trunl lever will not open the trunk

Response From Sidom

Try pushing down on the trunk lid while someone pulls the lever & see if that will help open it...............

2001 lexus 300 timing belt

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Question From carman0928 on 2001 lexus 300 timing belt

lost my service schedule....does anybody know when the timing belt should be replaced for a 2001 lexus 300?

Response From Loren Champlain Sr Top Rated Answer

Factory recommended interval is 90,000 miles. Might consider replacing water pump while you are in there.

95 Lexus Instrument Lights going out

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Question From ansul on 95 Lexus Instrument Lights going out

1995 Lexus ES 300 Instruments lights are going out I have only 1 light working now how hard is it to put new lights in so i can see how fast i'm going at night.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

I don't have data on what it takes to replace them - some vehicles are a nightmare. Did find it uses a common bulb (probably several) that look like this..........


Being a Lexus it may use a fiber optic band such that one bulb can do more than one item or to place bulb away from item it lights.

What concerns me is why so many? That can be from a voltage regulator that has not limited voltage which blows bulbs - anywhere easily if it got way up there in volts as low as 18v or so.

One of the guys may know procedures for getting behind which probably is more involved than you'll be happy about but do verify you are running voltages in the 13.5 to 14.8 area with a raised idle now so you aren't do this all again soon.

BTW + IMO, normally dash bulbs last longer than this??


1995 Lexus

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Question From Guest on 1995 Lexus

Having a problem with car shaking. Was told it was the rear control arms (suspension arms). My question is is the 1995 Lexus ES300 compatable with the same part for the 1995 Toyota Camary on this part?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Salvage yards should know for sure. Some vehicles it can make a difference in the month they were made not just the model year, T