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lexus trouble!!!

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Question From Cal on lexus trouble!!!

Need help..1994 lexus es300 wont start...located in seattle..cold Temp..clicking sond appers..when attemping to start ....help..pls.

Response From DrElectrics

Hey matey,

Try this


Response From way2old

Can you jump it from another vehicle?? If yes, check the battery and cables.

Response From Cal

But do u think thats the promblem..because i here a clickin sound coming from the engine...also the battery is new and premium grade...

Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

Usually a cicking noise without the starter engaging indicates low amperage and voltage getting to the starter. Check the cables to be sure they are clean and tight. If possible, check both ends of cables to be sure they are tight.

lexus shutdown

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Question From mcarajo on lexus shutdown

antitheft in a 1990 Lexus GS 400 will not permit vehicle to start also keys locked in trunk w/ no spare key avaliable ... now what ..??

Response From Sidom Top Rated Answer

If the keys are in the trunk & you have no spare, how are you able to try to start the car to know you have a problem?

Most cars have a trunk release lever/button somewhere. Try to find it. If you can't you may have to remove the back seat to get the keys....

If you do have a security problem, then it's going to have to be resolved, no bypasses for Lexus's that I'm aware of.....

Response From mcarajo

Correct U are ... about the key .. it happened on my 250 alomg time ago .. the antitheft kicks in and the vehicle will not start . yes no spare and the trunl lever will not open the trunk

Response From Sidom

Try pushing down on the trunk lid while someone pulls the lever & see if that will help open it...............

Coolant Leaking

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Question From randomdvguest on Coolant Leaking

Ok, so I have a serious coolant leak and it's coming from here.

This is what it looks like underneath.

Can anyone help diagnose this problem?

Response From randomdvguest

Ok, I found a heater hose that needed replacing, so I have replaced the heater hose. However, I needed to remove the thermostat housing in order to get to said hose.
The car is still leaking coolant.

I believe that it is coming from the thermostat housing now. The thermostat housing needed a gasket change.
Here is what the gasket looked like. I scraped it off.

The only problem is, I couldnt find the correct gasket size anywhere. Apparently the thermostat housing has been changed from the originally manufactured one. All the parts stores that searched up my car model said my car came with a different sized thermostat housing. All the ones they had were too big of a size.
So, under the suggestion of a couple of parts stores, I set about making my own gasket
I bought a sheet of gasket making paper. Here is what it looks like.

I am quite sure the leak is coming from the thermostat housing. However, when I turn the car on, the distributor from the first picture is over it, so I cannot see the leak properly.
Do you suggest I just leave the car off and pour water into the top radiator hose with the distributor taken off so I can see the leak better?

Also, I am not sure about the gasket materials they suggested. Does it look correct? Do I need some extra sealing for it? Perhaps I didn't tighten things properly?

I have called it a day for now as it is dark and I don't have a garage. Will take another look at it tomorrow.

Response From Hammer Time

Yeah, that's common in Masaeratis

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Did they recently legalize a controlled substance at this location?


Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

I'm going to guess and say it is a Toyota or Lexus?

Response From Hammer Time

He keeps pasting pictures that don't show. He's been asked numerous times for the year, make and model. I'm not playing a guessing game to try to him him if he can't be bothered.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Same here. Gotta go and no time for it now,


Response From Tom Greenleaf

Are we going to play "Where's Waldo" with a thread again?

OK - look for this guy in that pic and if find him we'll know what kind of car this is also.......

DS - bet you can find him!


Response From randomdvguest

Yeah, that's common in Masaeratis

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Let's begin with what exact vehicle and engine this is.

That pic didn't help me anyway. Coolant leaks in general will be highest and most forward of where evidence is found.

Pressure tester is very helpful for finding exact source when/if active leak is happening.

Some common trouble spots include, radiator, hoses and clamps, water pumps, manifold gaskets and anything carrying coolant.

Tricky leaks are usually hose or radiators (IMO) that can shoot a fish line leak at another item sometimes found by light or placing something in suspect path to see it get wet.

Intermittent leaking more likely to be sealed shaft of a water pump (vent hole usually first) not all but should show evidence if not active,


1995 Lexus

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Question From Guest on 1995 Lexus

Having a problem with car shaking. Was told it was the rear control arms (suspension arms). My question is is the 1995 Lexus ES300 compatable with the same part for the 1995 Toyota Camary on this part?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Salvage yards should know for sure. Some vehicles it can make a difference in the month they were made not just the model year, T

knock Sensor location in a lexus 93 es300

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Question From carminejg3 on knock Sensor location in a lexus 93 es300

Does anyone know where i could find the knock sensor in thie lexus 93, es300 model?

Response From Indytech Top Rated Answer

Knock sensor location
On top front of engine under intake manifold .
Manifold needs to be removed to change sensor.
Indy .