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land rover discovery

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Question From Guest on land rover discovery

what causes 3 lights to stay on continiously on my 01 land rover discovery se 7. abs, traction control and hill descent light will not go off. is it a wheel sensor possibly?

Response From saharatj98 Top Rated Answer


Land Rover air cond problem

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Question From ROVER01 on Land Rover air cond problem

I have a 2001 Land Rover Discovery II, It has dual comfort control, driver, passenger controls, cool air works on the drivers side but not on the passenger side, the air does come full force, but not cool...I suspect a servo motor, or a stuck flap, when I press in diagnostic test, no fault codes show up..???

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

The first check should be taking operating pressures. Many systems duct air thru evaperator coil which should be one even temp but with a low system charge can have cooler and warmer spots directed to one side or the other. Usually it's driver's side that suffers but with this vehicle it might have been engineered for "right" hand drive and results reversed.

Begin with those pressures before taking on trying to diagnose the barbed wire mess of how or what could be at fault in ductwork sensing temps and controls, actuators and diverter doors,


Response From ROVER01

Thanks for your reply, In my limited experience with air conditioning, I never considered the pressure in the system, your answer tells me a shop is the next step.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

It's not unlike a Doctor's visit. You weigh in and get your blood pressure taken and go from there.

Just understand that pressures are telling of what's happening in the heat exchange operation which A/C is all about.

You could do a test by hand with no tools at all and find what I expect which is a low charge. Two lines, High and Low go into the firewall - high side is triggered to evaporate (expand) which makes it cool to the touch and should be able to stay that temp for its residence time in the evaporator so the larger line out should be almost exactly the same temp if you are touching the right spots. Bet the output (larger) is warmer and it shouldn't be in yours - classic low charge.

Hey - I can only guess from here. Odds are it will be found low and the reason a leak of course and then finding and fixing that is the long time fix. Just pray it isn't dash, duct and controls with a dual zone system,


My Land Rover 95 disco has head light issues

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Question From Crutch on My Land Rover 95 disco has head light issues

Year of vehicle 95
Make of vehicle Land Rover
Model of vehicle Discovery 1
Engine size 3.9? I think

I might make a video if you guys like. Upload it to youtube.

When my lights are on park light, the dash lights up and the park lights are on.
When I switch it up to normal lights on, the front lights come on, the rear do not. And the dash and parking lights stop working.
When I switch them to bright, all of the lights go off.

I am wondering if it is a switch issue. The part is 75 dollars. I made a mistake buying a Land Rover, but its done made. PLEASE help me figure this out.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Hmmm? If you're taking poll, I'll vote for the switch


Response From Crutch

Thanks my friend. Do you suppose it might help if I made a video?

Showed you what was going on? To be honest, I don't know if its the fuses. I can't tell because I can't even find the fuse box. The haynes repair book is out of print, and the Land Rover forums are filled with soccer moms, and rich snobs who just send it off. I don't have cash to waist, I work for a living.

I think I might as well try the switch... or sell the thing for parts.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I really don't know what's the most likely. Guess I'd be testing for power with a test light at the wiring at the switch to try to make sure. I really can't see how blown fuses could do just what you describe but worth checking them all out anyway. Do that with the test light or an volt/ohm meter not just by looking at them. For the record - I haven't known real fuses to be intermittent much - either good or bad and no in between. There are breakers that can reset but that's not what's really demonstrated here or they'd be blinking on and off - I would think??


Response From Crutch

Again I thank you for your help. I noticed a popping sound, around the radio area. Is it possible to have a loose hot wife? Maybe just floating inside or around my Dash? I don't even have the thing insured yet. I hate to go out side and find it melted...

The SUV really is nice, if you discount the electrical insanity, and the popping cd player.

I really need to find someone who can fix this, and not cost me an arm and a leg.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Is it possible to have a loose hot wife? Maybe just floating inside or around my Dash?

WIFE! If she's loose and floating around in or around your dash then you're on your own

Seriously - If you hear something unusual then try to find that. It could be ground or hot wire causing issues,


Land Rover

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Question From Bunzo on Land Rover

I have a 2002 land rover discovery 2 td5. It is automatic. It has a 2.5 diesel engine and has 212000km.
It is not starting after billowing black smoke. I also realise that there is a oil leak on the turbo. It is also showing a warning light for transmission temp high (it is flickering on intervals).
This all happened after I had couple trips towing a trailer with furniture. We have checked the glow plugs they seem to be ok. What could be the problem?

Response From nickwarner Top Rated Answer

Your trans temp is high, have you found a reason before you break the trans? Is your engine temp also getting high? Black smoke is from overfueling. Is your turbo intact and working right? Is this leak in it external or internal? What method of testing did you use to determine that the glow plugs were working properly. Also, what is the ambient air temp where this vehicle is at? Did the black smoke come just prior to stalling out on the road, or did you park it after your trip and now that you come back to it the thing won't run? Have you checked the air filter and fuel filter?

wondering why the brakes are wearing at low mileage

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Question From Guest on wondering why the brakes are wearing at low mileage

I own a 2005 Land Rover LR3 with 17,000 miles and i just had an inspection done at the dealer and they told me that the rear brakes are 40 percent worn and the front 70 percent. I asked them why at only under 20k miles, and They told me this is normal for Land Rovers. does anyone else believe this?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

That's a bit early but possible. I'll probably get yelled at from every front but you can just replace the pads/linings at low miles if in good judgment all else looks well but I would do one axle at a time and let them break in then go for the other.

You can buy products that will last longer but it also depends on your driving habits. If you use two feet with an automatic trans it's YOU!

If you are a DIYer say so and if not get all the right work done. This is brakes and your life so don't fool around.

Always best to do something right and well. It costs to do that, T