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2003 Jaguar X Type 3.0 Litre 80K miles

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Question From Sirius082 on 2003 Jaguar X Type 3.0 Litre 80K miles

Question: Does a Jaguar X Type 3.0 litre 6 cyl engine have a timing belt or a chain?

Response From Sidom Top Rated Answer

Timing chain

1998 jaguar xj8l

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Question From kodiak on 1998 jaguar xj8l

How do you remove the drivers side switch that operates the windows, mirrors and steering column and seat

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

F**k (content deleted)

Consider yourself banned!


Response From Hammer Time

Here are the instructions

jaguar stylish car

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Question From mubarakabbas on jaguar stylish car

Hi friends,
I plan to buy a jaguar car, what you peoples think about that..

Response From Double J Top Rated Answer


Good for you....If you can afford it,Go for it..
Heck,if you cant' afford it,Go for it...
You only live once...Enjoy..

But it says Mercedes-Benz..Mclaren-Roadster...(Jaguar???)..

Location of low port 2004 Jaguar X V-6

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Question From comnavguy on Location of low port 2004 Jaguar X V-6

I can find the high port on this car, but can not find the low service port.

Help. The lady is HOT

Response From Sidom Top Rated Answer

"Help. The lady is HOT"
I always thought that was a good thing?????????????????

Really about all you can do would be to start at the comp & trace the suction line all the way back to the orifice tube. I found some low side ports in some pretty crazy places before, only reaffirming my theory that engineers really do hate mechanics......

Response From comnavguy

If designers don't hate mechanics, they sure make it look as if they do. There is a special circle in Hell for them just for their lack of concern if not outright hatred.

The problem with tracing the line is that everything is under some shroud or something else.

If you or someone else knows where the port is...I'm HOT just trying to locate the thing.

Response From Hammer Time

I did some searching and found some differing answers
Here's one

Looking at the JTIS, it says the low and high side ports are next to each other in the right rear corner of the engine compartment. You can tell the difference between the two in that the high pressure side will run between the condensor (located in front of the radiator) and the dash where the low pressure port is going to be between the dash and the receiver (small metal bulb in the return line, which then leads to the compressor).

Here's another

OK, I found on the forums where it states to find the low-side AC Port, which on this model is located on the compressor, behind the driver's side wheel.

Response From Hammer Time

Some of those Jags don't even have one. They have to be cold charged with a machine.

2004 Jaguar x-type jaguarvoice retrofit

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Question From bullsnyder777 on 2004 Jaguar x-type jaguarvoice retrofit

I have a 2004 Jaguar X-Type and purchased a Jaguarvoice retrofit assembly, but need to know where it is mounted on the car. Any input would be appreciated

Response From skyluck Top Rated Answer

hi :
i think you have to install it in your media device i mean your media device must equipped with voice plugs.
good luck