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2004 Infiniti G35 Noise

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Question From birdland1982 on 2004 Infiniti G35 Noise

I have a 2004 Inifiniti G35 sedan (3.5L V6) with 120K miles on it.

It has been making a terrible whirring/chugging/rumbling sound (almost like the engine of a semi-truck) when I drive it. The sound is loosely associated with when I depress the accelerator--it gets louder. However, it doesn't stop when I let up on the accelerator, but then gradually dies down.

I posted a video with the noise at:

I am in stop and go traffic, so you can hear the sound come and go.

It has been doing this for several days, after a period where it hadn't been making this noise. I have taken it to two mechanics in the past when this problem arose. The first one wasn't able to diagnose it. The second replaced the accelerator pedal. He also said it has a slow oil leak. Tonight, the oil light came on. I checked the oil level and it looked very low, so I added 3/4 L of oil. I haven't been able drive it since then to see if the problem has gone away.

Can someone tell me if this noise is related to the oil leak, and results from having low oil? Or is this a red herring and the problem is something else entirely?

Thank you in advance for your help!

link repaired

Response From Discretesignals

Might want to screw in an oil pressure gauge and see what the actual oil pressure is. Sounds like the chains are rattling around possibly due to low oil pressure. Other than for diagnosing the issue, you shouldn't run the engine anymore. It may be too late and will probably be needing another engine, so don't be surprised if that is what it comes down to.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Thanks HT, finally got it. My device wants it to show like this link........
Don't ask - I don't know why on that part.

OK - does sound like low oil pressure. Agree with DS that has to be verified mechanically and oil issue resolved if it was way too low or for another reason checked if massive engine damage has already occurred - awful hard to say just the good news for now is it runs at all so there's a chance a repair will do it - not sure without checking on a lot of assorted things,

(About links to YouTube) When original shows in my view with an extra {{.}} dot it will not show. I can't be alone that it takes removing that dot and the HTTP// sometimes you get to it or not the issue at all?? If the script can't be typed or copy/pasted as posted here instead of turning purple in my view (hyperlink) it has to be exact. A problem with this site only - why is anyone's guess? Tom

Response From birdland1982

Thanks, gentlemen. Here's the rest of the story:

I had it towed to a shop today. They added 2 quarts of oil and when they started it they didn't hear any noise. They found two slow leaks: valve covers and rear main seal (this is consistent with what previous techs found). They said not worth it to fix these right now, just recommended checking oil level every month (if not every time I get gas) and add oil as necessary (this is also similar advice to previous techs). Other then that, they said it has a clean bill of health. They think the noise was the timing chain which becomes loose with low levels of oil.

I drove it home and no noise, and car drove very smoothly. Hopefully no more issues.

Response From Discretesignals

Might want to at least check the oil pressure on that and have the valve covers resealed. You really think the wife is going to check the oil level on that every time she goes for a drive? LOL

The mechs don't want to do it because they want to wait and see if the engine blows up or shows any signs of mechanical problems. Or they are like me and hate working on Nissans...

Response From Tom Greenleaf

No! DS posted a likely reason - 5 stars for that and most would miss that IMO.

You added almost a qt. then the shop could add 2 more! You were near seize up just on that then for any reason it was that low on oil.

Your tech's suggestions I can't compete with being there but isn't right somewhere. You just don't use up about 3 quarts of oil and not need a repair unless you haven't touched anything for years or something like that maybe and that would be its own problem.

You could buy a case of oil and check it every couple miles and it isn't the answer.

OK - They said rear main seal and valve cover gaskets were seen as leaking. Understood and my experience is frequently by the time an engine really leaks (not just damp at rear main) it's beaten up by a worn crank and engine along with the valve covers leaking suggests excessive blow by and worn engine as well.

Fine, if that's all true and this is now just buying whatever time this engine has left that's fine and AYOR but would want to know for sure better that those who checked it in person suggested.

I will not argue with checking oil every time you get fuel and not waiting for warning of either low oil and check it or the death warning of oil pressure below spec - those frequently too late when they do come on properly!

Hey it's your car and money but sounds like you have a chance with saving this engine and it's really not sure to me it's ready to just buy time till it croaks!

Just you should be well informed of risks of the advice you were told and fine with me if you are ready to give up on this engine or whole car just know that are are rolling the dice every time you drive it IMO,


Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

They had problems with blowing the rear timing cover paper gasket resulting in low oil pressure, so that is a possibility.

You would have to remove the timing chain cover to see it.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Couldn't make your link to video work yet - always trouble with those unless clickable for me.

Doesn't matter for now. Your oil light came on AND you found oil level low and added some but was it added to filled or just added some? C'mon sport - oil light isn't for entertainment it's fatal for an engine in no time at all to run at all without oil pressure for any reason one of which is low oil level.

You have a warning and possible fatal damage now for that engine. Sorry two techs with it didn't do better at finding the problem or telling you for sure what it even could be,


infiniti g35 how do i

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Question From tzotay_ on infiniti g35 how do i

can any one tell me how to take the face plates off of my infiniti 2003, so that i may unjam my cd player.help!

Response From Guest

i'm having the same problem, i've got an '03 4 door g35, and already had cd player replaced once at dealership...it was under warranty then, now it's not, and it is saying cd error...if you find out anything on this please let me know...i'm betting it's something simple and we could fix without taking to dealership

Response From Guest

I'm having the same problem "CD err fo " and wonder if you ever solved the problem ?

Response From Guest

I have that same problem. CD ERR FO. Did you ever find an answer about repairing this?

Response From Guest

some have had success by banging on the side of the unit ... or holding the eject button and sliding in another cd ... or pulling the fuse (or disconnecting the battery) for 30 minutes.
I am about to try these approaches ... will let you know.

Any other ideas?

Response From Guest

did you have your g35 CD fixed yet i have the same problem???

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

Did you ever figure out what was wrong with your cd player... Ive got a 2005 and the cd player is not working as well... Please if you have info on that let me know... Thanks

Response From Guest

i've had a 2004 G35 for over 2 yrs, already had the cd player replaced once and am going to complain about it again the next time i go in. it skips bad on store bought or burned cd's, it doesn't discriminate. it seems to especially have problems when it's cold out, and keeps skipping until the car warms up. original one when i bought it or one following replacement, the same problem is there, so i figure it's just a design defect rather than the specific units i've had being defective

Response From Guest

i am having the same problem now, i have had some success hitting the side of it, i think it is actually the CD's or the tracks for the disc changer getting jammed. I was told if you remove the two vents touching your face plate, that it is easily removed after that. GAH this is frustrating, i did clean my cd player the last time this happened and it corrected the problem, guys if you are havign this issue you have to remove the face plate and manually correct the problem, the error F0 does mean that there is a physical obstruction.. currently all my cd player will do is "disc check.... CD error f0"
so im gonna go beat on it and see if i can get it working again -.- if anyone figures something out post it for sure, this is an expensive unit to replace :S

Response From Guest

hey what kind of disc cleaner did you use? I am having the same problem

Response From Guest

the problem you guys are having is very serious and also imperative that you get it taken care of immediately before your AC and radio both get wHacked out of control.

my 6disc changer went out a while back. i didnt care bc i had ipod. well 2 weeks ago i wuz cruising, ipod thru tape adapter and no AC was on. i hear a pop from radio (component dmg) and radio n AC lights go out. AC comes on full blast next and i can only control radio from steering wheel. turns out cd changer sends bad signals out after that. therefore, burning other components. eventually AC n whole radio. it can also lead to draining of the car battery.

i looked into it and realized that a circuit board in the back of radio, which AC controls is connected too, has damaged components bc of the 6disc changer going out. a recall was made by infiniti about this. it happens to a lot of 2003 G35s. mine is a 2003 G35 sedan.

anyways, you gotta find a factory car stereo repair place and either ship your radio to them or drive your G35 there and let them work on it. it doesnt take long but finding the right people to do it is tough.

have a new 6disc changer installed bc that is the root problem and solder/fix components on circuit board. fixing only the circuit board will only last you a few weeks then the cd changer will catch back up and burn the new board.

Response From deberoyster

I am having the same problems with my CD Changer/AC and Radio. When was the recall?

Response From Sidom

Sooooooooooo.... What have we learned???????????????

In a nut shell...

Apparently these cd changer units are flawed and are also somehow tied in with the a/c module causing a/c problems...

The best solution would be to separate the two and go with a single unit with a changer in the trunk...

While Car Junky.com does not condom or recommend technical abuse in way, shape or form.........apparently beating the cr@p out of these does help.......sometimes.....

Jk306 or Kenray, if you guys have any tech info you would like to add............pm me & I would be more than happy to add it for you. Considering the length & time of this tread....... I imagine it will be source of many searches to come...

Anyone else I'd be more than happy to answer any tech help requests in the forum but I DO NOT RESPOND TO PMS

Response From Hammer Time

This thread is now 4 years old. Didn't you read the notice that was given at 3 years that the thread was too old?

Response From rennyboy06

This is really educative cos i bought a used 2003 G35 sedan and it had the CD problem just 2months after i bought it. the dealership referred me to a specialist who charged me $700 but i didn't fixed it since i had my ipod. A couple of months later the Ac unit started having problem and dealership weren't so sure of the problem telling me they will replace a unit which cost $500 and if it doesn't work they will replace the whole board for $2000. i ended up trading the sedan for a 2006 G35 coupe and just one year of me having this car, the CD problem started yesterday. I wish i had this information then i wouldn't have bought another infiniti n i wouldn't advice nobody to buy it cos the manufacturers should know all these problems but they not doing anything about it.

Response From Guest

INFINITY G-35 2003 cd player wont eject....

MY CD Player is currently reading ERR FO-what does that mean? it sounds like it is cointinously trying to get the cd out and it cant....it keeps trying all the time, even when car is completely turned off. It has drained my battery every single night and i have to jump start it every day this week so far! I just went to the stereo place and they want to take it apart and ship it off....I'm thinking this sounds expensive! Any other techniques I can try before I have to send it off? AC is still working great and I cannot afford to lose out on that (being it's been 95 all week!). Help please

Response From Guest

Wow, my problem is absolutely identical to yours.... first CD changer went out, then months later the whole front console locked up while blasting AC. The radio still works via the steering wheel controls.

Some questions though....

I found a shop in Florida (link below) that generally describes the same problem and allows you to ship your radio to them for "repair." However, you are saying that "a new 6disc changer" needs to be installed because the changer is the root of the problem.
1) Buy "new" do you mean a used changer in working order should be installed? As far as I know they don't make brand new changers for a 2003 G35.
2) Do you think "repairing" the CD changer will suffice. That also begs the question just how do these guys repair the changer in the first place.


Response From Guest

I went to a place in Miami where they said this happens because the CD changer is packed so tight that it jams, and of course, the physical obstruction, since the A/C is on the same module short circuits. They said this problem could be eliminated by changing the whole unit A/C and changer controls, with an aftermarket kit that separates the two components. However, they recommended that a single disc player be installed instead of the changer to prevent further issues with the limited space. The whole installation costs under $400 compared to what the dealership will charge, about $1800.

Response From Hammer Time

This thread is 3 years old so it's not likely to benefit anyone.

Response From carjunky

you need to find out what type of screws or hex nuts are holding in the radio from the front. There may be little covers hiding the screws. look around the outside of your radios to see if you can find a screw or hex nut. Then simple unscrew this and it should remove the radio for you.

2003 Infinity I 35 Sedan 6 CYL

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Question From comnavguy on 2003 Infinity I 35 Sedan 6 CYL

We have a misfire on this 6 cyl engine and I just need to know which cylinder is number 4.

Is it the middle rear or the middle front?


Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

94 Jeep Infinity radio problem

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Question From Guest on 94 Jeep Infinity radio problem

I just bought a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the factory Infinity radio (with amp)still installed. The speakers go silent after turning the radio on (takes about 3 seconds). Turn the radio off and on again and same thing happens. Any ideas will be greatly appriciated.

Response From DrElectrics

Sounds to me like the amp is faulty. If you are getting power for 3 seconds before silence then there could be a connection fault or even power supply to your amp. Check it and make sure all RCA's are connected as well as speaker and power wires.

Response From Guest

Thanks for the advice, I'll try a used amp. I see a few around on the web for sale.

Response From DrElectrics Top Rated Answer

Make sure you buy it from a respected online dealer..eBay can be risky.