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07 hyundai accent

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Question From scottsrepair on 07 hyundai accent

Have a 07 hyundai accent, the timing belt broke and of course it bent valves, now customer says it is using oil, we have replaced the pcv and would like any help

Response From nickwarner

So you're saying you had the head rebuilt, installed it, and now the car is losing oil?

Response From scottsrepair

Yes, the timing belt broke at 96813 miles, bent all the intake valves we had them and the guides replaced, put everything back together, and now the check engine light flashes and they have had to add sometimes up to 2 quarts of oil at a time, they now have 100637 miles on it

Response From nickwarner

Pull the codes and post them. They don't fix the belt when they should, doubt they took care of it any other way either. Bet this used oil before and they're trying to screw you into giving them a new motor. If no external leaks and head is all good the customer is the only part needing replacement. We've all dealt with them. Good luck.

Response From Discretesignals

They have been driving it around for around 4,000 miles with the check engine light flashing? Yikes.

Response From nickwarner

They've been awarded the coveted Massengill award for being a complete and total douchebag. I have an artist carving it from marble as we speak.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Ah - those are just for decoration


Response From nickwarner Top Rated Answer

Small wonder they are called idiot lights.

Response From Hammer Time

That wouldn't be a surprise on a high mileage car when the new head increased the compression. Probably should have thought better about doing that head and just replaced the motor in the first place.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I can smell that situation. Belt was ignored long enough to break so what else on the maintenance was ignored. Lower end may have been marginal before.
Any way to find out how much oil it is using now and trust that info?

Is this the type customer that just spent some bucks and now YOU own everything ever wrong with the car type?

Never mind your technical/mechanical skills you need to be a mind reader as well,


hyundai slow cranking at times

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Question From radacheck on hyundai slow cranking at times

2002 hyundai accent, 1.6 engine, auto trans.
cranking speed fine except on rare occasions, turn key and very slow crank or no crank. sometimes starts to crank fine , then very slow then cranking speed ok.
return key to off and then try again cranks fine.
parts replaced with no effect.
battery cables,
also what is different on this hyundai then my other identical
hyundai is that i do not have to press the button on the side of the shifter to go from d to 2 to 1.
the slow cranking problem occurs about 1 percent of the time.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Would help if you can narrow down something common with the 1% of the time. Is that when the car is hot or had just been turned off within a few minutes - anything common to when that can happen?


Response From radacheck

Thanks for looking at our post. It only happens when it's cold, on the first start try.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

You've replaced about all that would come to mind and I was thinking a maybe of a tight engine from heat so that's out for now.

What comes to mind now is the battery and charging system. Battery may be new and still not right by itself or because it doesn't get or hold a full charge.

Sometimes when marginal a try to two warms things up and can surprisingly start more aggresively on a subsequent attempt.

I guess I'd be looking for voltage drop when starting - not to drop below about 10v while cranking and if so move on to testing that battery and charging system - also leaving open the possibility of a triclke drain that might be intermittent. Doesn't solve much right this second but is something to test out.

Perhaps a meter you could hook up to a power port/lighter would be best so you could just leave it where you can watch it over several starts from inside the car,


Response From radacheck

Thank you! I will try your suggestions.

2001 hyundai elantra fuses

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Question From Guest on 2001 hyundai elantra fuses

help my 2001 Hyundai electros radio ,dome lights ,and clock I killed by connecting the battery cables to wrong terminal. I looked at both fuses boxes and no mad fuses .what am I missing? Where is the missing fuse? thanks so much

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

Ron; Are you saying that you connected the battery backwards? Neg to Pos? Check the maxi-fuses in the power distribution box (in the engine compartment). Best way is to take them out and check for continuity with an ohmmeter. They can be blown without being visible. Hopefully, one has blown.

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

this Hyundai has no max fuse. just small fuses and relay switches. any other idea? thanks Ron

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

These pics show one, possibly two maxi-fuses.

Response From Guest

No Loran there is no max fuses. I have been all over this freaken car. none in fuse box’s under dash and none under hood. lots of black relay switches. not sure where they can be hiding. can you tell me on the two pic you kindly sent me where you see the max fuses and what amps they are? thanks again for your help. just for the heck of it. what do you think a Hyundai dealer would charge me for this problem? looking forward to your replay. thanks Ron

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

The one marked "BATT" should be a 100A maxi-fuse, according to the legend.

Response From Guest

sorry I spelled your name wrong. thanks Loren

Response From Guest

thanks loren where do I buy a OHMETER and #2 are the max fuse black like with 3 prongs? thanks for your help so much. ron

Overall reliability of 2003 Hyundai Elantras?

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Question From Vitamink on Overall reliability of 2003 Hyundai Elantras?

So, my 1993 Olds Cutlass is starting to spring too many problems and is drinking too much gas for the daily commute. I need to replace it with something, but my budget is limited...hoping to spend less than 4k on a "new" used car.

Saw a 2003 Hyundai Elantra (Automatic trans, 2.0L 4 cyl. engine) for sale, with 96k on it, that might fit the bill for a back-and-forth car to take daddy to work. However, our local mechanic isn't thrilled with Hyundais and recommends sticking with either Honda or Toyota for cars of that era.

Any of y'all have any thoughts about this?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

You want a "new" car for $4,000 bucks - you are dreaming. I'm not able to promote one brand over another on the used market which will matter a ton on how well it was cared for. Whatever you find you want to consider have it inspected by YOUR mechanic as a pre-purchase requisite and if seller doesn't allow that skip that one and move on.

Things can happen by surprise to anything but you can rule out a lot first and not jump out of a frying pan into a fire most of the time.

If your trusted mechanic suggests some place or model I'd consider that a lot in your choice,


Response From Vitamink

Hah, when I say "new", I meant "new to me." Hence the quotes. I know I'm not going to get anything wonderful for the amount of money I have to spend. Really I'm just looking for opinions on the overall reliability of the brand.

Getting any vehicle checked out by a mechanic is a prerequisite before I part with any cash.

Thanks for your input.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Right, check out any with YOUR mechanic. Owner/seller has the right to go and you pay for the inspection. I didn't mean or think you meant 'new' as in new and you can get lucky or not. Some seller's knew why to sell and some have put in so much $$ they gave up and just some dinky problem may lurk? Used is used no matter the reputation unless on the top 10 worst it's back to each car one by one.

Your price range doesn't help but bad cars are out there for many times that also. Some have hidden accident damage that wasn't fixed so well or a host of things.

Most mechanics and shops should go thru a check list checking out a car. Tires good and match. Evidence of poor maintenance or repairs and so on.

Ask if it's ready and will pass your place's inspection and if codes have been cleared which can make you wait to get it all legal if you do buy it or find some nightmare being covered up. Used is used. I don't believe in pricing cars that old as it would be all about real condition by that age.

Does seller have repair records and has routine services been done? It's rare to get a used car that isn't going to need something soon or right away so the costs of the unexpected of the best out there has to be considered.

#1 already said is have it checked out FIRST. What is your current car worth do you think? Will your mechanic buy it from you?

Whole thing can be hard work and take time to swap out used for used so make the time and do the homework now, not after the thing is yours,


Response From nickwarner

I would agree with your mechanic. A Honda or Toyota is a better built car and a Hyundai is cheap right off the factory line. Big thing with any car is how it was maintained and driven. A Civic owned by a commuter and taken in for regular maintenance would be a good buy, one owned by a 22 year old that thinks he's going to be in the next Fast N Furious movie would obviously be a money pit.

A car that sold for $25,000 brand new is likely to be built with better materials than something that sold for $17,000. Personally, I'm not a fan of Korean cars, but some people have had good luck with them. Whatever car you look at buying, be sure to let your mechanic get a look at it before laying down any cash on it.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

I wouldn't put a Hyundai in the same league as a Honda or Toyota either but they are still not a bad car. The price isn't comparable with Honda or Toyota either so you buy what you can afford. Hyundai isn't that bad.

99 hyundai accent Headlights wont work

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Question From tillerbuck on 99 hyundai accent Headlights wont work

99 hyundai accent, headlights worked only on brights for several days, now they wont work at all bulbs are good wat could be wrong

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

tillerbuck; Although this sounds like a dimmer switch problem, I'd first check the headlamp bulbs, themselves, first. It is common for a customer to lose one headlamp and not notice. Until, the other one goes out.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

I deleted the other duplicate.