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Certified Hummer H1-Alpha mechanic

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Question From osiokonkwo on Certified Hummer H1-Alpha mechanic

Gents, I am looking for a certified H1 Hummer mechanic to help me fix my 2008 H1 Alpha. A slight twist is that it is out of the country but I will spare no expense to get this done.

Any leads?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Hmmm? You are looking for the mechanic. Perhaps getting in touch with the manufacturer for info for your exact location may be your best bet. Frequently owner's manuals have contact info for help and just may suggest who or what place to get help,


Response From osiokonkwo

GM Has no representation in West Africa, at least not for Hummer.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

OK. What does it need? If you know what is wrong or needs attention many things can be fixed if even parts needed by mail or whatever. If specialty equipment is absolutely required you could be in trouble.

Not myself but some techs here can look up info or specs exactly for this if sold new to N. America where most regulars are at this site. I would hope some place could dig out info for you wherever you are. Just the problem if specific expensive equipment unique to the vehicle would likely be so expensive for a one time fix of something wouldn't be worth it OR you pay for that which you said you would. Some things can be outrageously expensive for certain work,


Response From osiokonkwo

Are any of these techs willing to travel and help me fix the vehicle?

Response From Hammer Time

Travel to South Africa?........................ Don't hold your breath.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

You're closer than I am HT!


Response From Tom Greenleaf

What the heck does it need? It's just after 2PM here as I write. People and regulars watch when they can. Seems more from Central and Eastern time zones.

You'll need to state exactly what engine, transmission and what you need to get anywhere. By your subject line you seek a Hummer Certified mechanic. Why wouldn't any mechanic be able to at least help?


Hummer H2 with loud clunking noise! (with video)

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Question From jimfromchile on Hummer H2 with loud clunking noise! (with video)

Hello everyone!


Well this started just two days ago... I was driving my 2003 Hummer H2 when all a sudden when turning this horrific loud clunk noise started to occur when I turn, it doesn't matter if I turn right or left it makes this noise. Immediately I thought it was the power steering fluid, so I checked and of course it did not have any... so I refilled it and fixed the leak. But even so it makes that awful noise any ideas on what it can be?

I live in Chile here in south america and also in a small town, going to a dealer is not an option. So please help?

Response From Hammer Time

Is that coming from the rear or the front?

Response From jimfromchile Top Rated Answer

Its from the front, I can kinda feel a small vibration coming from the center of the engine or underneath center of the dash

Response From Hammer Time

You need to get it u[p in the air and inspected. It sounds like a drive axle binding or hitting something.

Hummer H3 transmission

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Question From shnedy on Hummer H3 transmission

I have a Hummer H3 2006 5 cylinder stock. It has 74,000 miles on it. The transmission will go in to low gear and runs like normal and will go in to reverse and works fine. but if it is in drive its like being in neutral. What happend was we moved the h3 out of the drive way and drove only a few yards then heard a pop sound and that was it .no drive or 3rd or 2nd gear . only low or 1st and R . what could it be?

Response From martycpeterson

My H3 just did the exact same thing after pulling out of my driveway. What ended up being the problem? And was it spendy?

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

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