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1994 GMC Sonoma Coolant leak/Overheat

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Question From RyRy on 1994 GMC Sonoma Coolant leak/Overheat

4.3 v6

That link is somewhat a picture of my engine, although mine do not look gold I have a stream of coolant leaking from the right side gold indentation you see on that picture. The hole is pin-size and is coming directly from the center of that golden circular indentation.(to the right and a bit lower from the water pump in/outlet).

First off I would like to know what those to circular indentations are? I heard of freeze plugs but I thought those were on the sides and maybe rear of the block.

Would this be something I could possibly fix?

Also, once I have this coolant leak problem fixed, I'm guessing I should probably change the thermostat? Seeing how I changed the water pump myself a few months ago and didn't bother to change the thermostat as well? I'm hoping that was the reason my engine sprung a leak in the first place.

Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Response From Hammer Time

Those are freeze plugs

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Sure you can fix it. Those are brass freeze plugs in that picture. Yours are probably steel plugs. You just have to drain the coolant and then pop the freeze plug out with a hammer and drift/old screwdriver. Smack the plug at the bottom, so you cause it to swing like a barn door. Then you can pull it out with a pliers or your teeth, if you wish.

They have a special freeze plug tool/adapters. You may be able to rent one. Put a little bit of silicone around the new plugs edge and pop it in with the tool. You may need to pull the radiator, so you can get a good swing with your hammer.

Removing the plug using a old screw stick or dull chisel/drift

Popping new plug in using one of many tools and methods.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Love your sense of humor DS.

I've used about every known bad word to get some of those out! Back in as I've never owned the tool a socket that matches and a hammer to get the new one(s) in worked for me anyway. Always put that brown gasket cement on them and all worked.

Last comment on this is that if one rusted out to expect others to as well in time. Some funky emergency ones can and do work for impossible to get at ones and just need to ask at a real parts store.

I've been able in some POS vehicles to put the right size inside the old one as the outer ring of them are not the likely area to fail.

Good luck with the fix,


change struts 2003 GMC Envoy XL

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Question From geojo on change struts 2003 GMC Envoy XL

Procedure for strut change on 2003 GMC Envoy xl 4wd 4.2L

Response From Hammer Time

That vehicle doesn't have struts.

Response From geojo

If my GMC Envoy xl doesnt have struts why does Monroe sell one part number 171341 for this vechical?

Response From MarineGrunt

Alldata calls them shocks. I have a 2005 but I assume it's the same procedure. Let me know if this isn't what you're looking for.

Shock, Shock Component, and/or Spring Replacement

Tools Required

  • J45400 Strut Spring Compressor

  • Removal Procedure
    1. Raise and support the vehicle. Refer to Vehicle Lifting.
    2. Remove the tire and wheel.
    3. Remove the shock module from the vehicle.

    1. Remove the shock module yoke to shock absorber pinch bolt and nut.

    1. Spread the shock module yoke at the pinch bolt using a flat-bladed tool.
    2. Remove the shock module yoke from the shock absorber.

    1. Install pieces of heater hose to the shock module spring where J45400 contacts lower part of spring.
    2. Install the shock module (2) into the J45400 (1).

    1. Turn the spring compressor forcing screw (1) until the coil spring (2) is compressed.

    Important: The spring is compressed when the shock absorber moves freely.

    1. Remove the shock absorber upper retaining nut.
    2. Remove the shock absorber from the shock module.
    3. Loosen the compressor forcing screw until the upper mounting plate and coil spring may be removed.
    4. Remove the upper mounting plate and coil spring from the J45400.

    Installation Procedure

    1. Install the coil spring and upper mounting plate to the J45400.
    2. Turn the spring compressor forcing screw (1) until the coil spring is compressed.
    3. Install the shock absorber to the shock module.

    1. Install the shock absorber retaining nut.

    Tighten the shock absorber retaining nut to 45 Nm (33 ft. lbs.) .

    Notice: Refer to Fastener in Service Precautions.

    1. Remove the shock module (2) from the J45400 (1).
    2. Remove the pieces of heater hose from the shock module spring.

    1. Install the shock module yoke to the shock absorber.
    2. Install the shock module yoke to shock absorber pinch bolt and nut.

    Tighten the shock module yoke to shock absorber pinch bolt to 70 Nm (52 ft. lbs.) .

    1. Install the shock module to the vehicle.
    2. Install the tire and wheel.
    3. Lower the vehicle.

    Response From Hammer Time

    Those are great instructions but this is a 4WD and doesn't even have coil springs or struts in the front.

    Response From MarineGrunt

    We have a 2005 XL XLT and is a 4WD too. That's what alldatadiy has for ours. I just kind of figured it would be the same.

    Response From Hammer Time

    That picture came from Alldata for this exact vehicle.

    I just looked at a 2005 and it shows the exact same suspension.

    Response From MarineGrunt

    I looked under our vehicle and it definitely has the springs. I also looked at a parts explosion on alldatadiy and it shows the same image as the one you posted. But, looking under our vehicle, it seems to match up with the replacement instructions I posted above.

    Response From Hammer Time

    I don't know what the deal is. Something is wrong here because Alldata usually isn't.

    Response From MarineGrunt Top Rated Answer

    I have no idea. If we didn't have an Envoy I wouldn't have been able to add to this thread at all. You would know well before I would. Maybe alldata just has the wrong parts explosion or left out the springs.

    I'm glad I looked at this thread. From the looks of my front tires I noticed it has a negative camber. They looked fine last fall. The wife probably drilled a curb or something and didn't tell me.

    Response From Hammer Time

    No, I suspect there are different suspensions within the same year and Alldata just didn't cover one of them.

    Response From Tom Greenleaf

    Guess we need to know which type or correct data on this thing. I dare say we've all run into conflicting data from parts outlets to whatever up to a mid year odd ball.

    OP - can you send a pic?


    Response From MarineGrunt

    That makes sense. There are quite a few different trim packages.

    Response From Discretesignals

    That is a diagram of an S-10 blazer or Jimmy's front suspension... someone goofed.

    Response From Tom Greenleaf

    Somethings all wrong with this. Either named wrong vehicle, year, 4 wheeler or not. Original poster, you have to know what you have as the two shown are approached all differently as the guys showed,


    Response From Tom Greenleaf

    It seems like this is a name game for what you are after. If what I would call just a strut you can replace just the "shock" part inside while compressing spring which isn't all that DIY friendly or safe with junky spring re-tractors/compressor. Strong bolts at bottom would alter or could the alignment so could new "shocks" anyway if pressurized with gas (many are) the vehicle height would be altered and hence alignment.

    If bouncing too much or leaking that indicates replacement needed.

    I'll try to look up the # you posted to see if what I would call only a shock but bet not at the moment,


    Response From Tom Greenleaf

    You part # thru Monroe if correct I would only call a strut........ Shown here...........

    Reason that doesn't say shock is that one is whole and pre installed in spring assy. I would still be asking for a strut cartridge which does act as a shock if all this is correct,


    Response From Tom Greenleaf

    No telling Hammer where you know I look things up. This apparently calls them either and I would call those a strut but that info could be all wet!

    Showed this......... Gabriel Ultra/Shock/Strut - Front / Part Number: G51718 Warranty: Limited Lifetime
    Notes: Strut must be rotated to align notch with lower control arm. Quantity per car: 2. Shock/Strut should always be replaced in pairs

    Yes - inside the set up or available all ready for lots more if that type at all??


    1996 gmc no spark

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    Question From nugget on 1996 gmc no spark

    1996 gmc 5.7 turns over but no spark. ICM tested OK, replaced coil, replaced CPS, power to ICM, but still no spark ??????

    Response From Discretesignals

    Where are you checking for spark at? Coil or plugs?

    Response From nugget Top Rated Answer


    Response From Discretesignals

    Trouble codes stored in the PCM?

    Do you have access to a scan tool that can read data stream information? If so, you can look at the RPM value while cranking to see if it shows RPM speed.

    If you have RPM showing, then you could do a ignition module bypass test to see if you can get the coil to fire. That would eliminate igniter, coil and power/ground to the coil and igniter. Then you would be left with the IC trigger circuit after verifying injector activity.


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    Question From gameover9103 on headlight..!!

    does a 2005 gmc yukon have desame headlight as an 2005 gmc yukon denali..!??

    Response From gameover9103

    thankx for the help..!!

    Response From Hammer Time

    They would both be the same but they both have an option for HID headlamps so one may have the option and the other may not. The HID option makes the bulbs very expensive, especially if purchased with the transformer.

    Response From gameover9103 Top Rated Answer

    so..if i have purchased a halo headlight for the gmc yukon denali...will if fit for the regular gmc yukon..??

    Response From Sidom

    Both have the same factory part #. There is a different # for the luxury package but according to my data base that package was available for both models....

    Response From Hammer Time

    I couldn't tell you for sure.

    93 gmc Hose hanging from rear end!

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    Question From m1984dec on 93 gmc Hose hanging from rear end!

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    There is a hose hanging from the driver side just to the side of the rear dif that looks like was suppose to connect just above the rear dif. It may be a cable not sure have not looked very close. Its black with what looks to be a white inner lining.
    Can anyone tell me what this is and how detrimental to the daily operation of the truck?

    Response From Tom Greenleaf

    If in fact that hose is to the differential then it probably has a valve at the end (mushroomish) and was intended to hang up higher on frame as a vent for the air on top of gear oil in differential such that water wouldn't get in if submersed so easily.

    If so - just look for a clip of where it might have gone up higher and clip it back there or if rusted tie it back up. IMO not critical unless you do lots of underwater driving


    Response From m1984dec Top Rated Answer

    Thanks thats a relief!

    Response From Tom Greenleaf

    You are welcome - just make sure that's what it is and not a brake cable,