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Engine capacity vs power

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Question From doofesh on Engine capacity vs power

How is it that a smaller engine can produce more power?

For example, the Skoda Superb v6 3.6 Litre engine produces 260 horsepower, while the Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 litre engine produces also 260 horsepower. Does this mean that the Genesis is more fuel efficient?

Also, does a larger capacity engine have an advantage over a smaller one? Regarding fuel efficiency, isn't it true that the maximum fuel the Superb would burn at some point is 3.6 liters , while the Genesis Coupe would burn only 2 liters maximum(so it uses a less amount fuel)?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

It's all in the engineering and what the people want and will buy. If you want fuel efficiency you aim for that and usually sacrifice HP. If you just want more HP you can play with how fuel is delivered, compressed and exhaust. Things like turbo charging are effectively force feeding the engine more that atmospheric pressure would give you making it behave as more displacement. If you want insane durability it may sacrifice fuel economy.

If you recall the air cooled VW Bug flat 4 cyl I was at a race track and without hiding some huge engine a guy or shop custom machined the engine such that it won that day doing a 9 second 1/4 mile! That's VERY fast if not familiar with times for that game. Engine may have only lasted a few races though - dunno and couldn't go talk to them but saw that in person. May not have used "gasoline" as the fuel either?

Lots of engineering and testing with compromises for what an engine can and will do. Factor efficiency, power, durability, price and demand for selling it all play a part. No Skodas sold in US that I know of. The US demands that a vehicle meet tons of specs to be sold here and many companies just won't do it,


Response From nickwarner

Don't look at the horsepower only, look at the RPM level it is at and what the torque rating of the engine is. A small engine with a short stroke and little pistons will rev like crazy and can make nice HP but only at ungodly high revs and with almost nothing on the low end would be worthless on the street. Bear in mind that I can pull an 80,000 gross weight on a semi down the highway doing maybe 1500 RPM and the engine is only rated at 350hp. But it puts out 1000 foot-pounds of torque and thats why it can do what it does and last a million miles before it gets ovehauled if its properly operated and maintained.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Crack me up. Bought new, a '78 Honda 550 Four K bike that red-lined at something insane like 12,000 RPM! Say what! Freaking thing would do 70+ MPH in second gear if your arse stayed on the thing! Wanted the 750 but it was a bit taller and was more insane no doubt but I could put both of my heels on the ground on the 550 so I bought that one.

I know they make much more insane stuff now but that frickin bike was a nuke with power as it was for me. Always weighed nothing myself so it flew and would have with minimal wings.

Had to get a "sissy" bar for the back as I was losing passengers! Not into speed really but it was fun and amazing until what we call is a June Bug hit me like a cannon ball in the chest at some ungodly speed was like an elephant rifle shot!

OMG and more now than then,


Response From Tom Greenleaf

This is actually my buddy Nick and his bike. Traffic? No problem.............



Response From Discretesignals

Tom where did you get that video of me being late for work??

You forgot to factor in the turbo charger on the Genesis's 2.0L if the Skoda is naturally aspirated.

Would you pay around $60,000 for a Hyundai

Response From nickwarner Top Rated Answer

I don't normally ride like that, but have you ever gotten on the road and within a few minutes realize you REALLY REALLY REALLY need to take a crap? That was what happened.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Drove quite a bit one of 500 made Merc. Cougars with some unknown HP as they lie. Said 400 or so - Bull. Was 427 "R" coded (1968)

Thing would make you lips curl! Everyitng chrome underhood. Factory done - no games. INSANITY ON WHEELS! Have been told a mint one is a MIL $$ car right now!

GenesisII 5.0 question for techs

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Question From LemonBalm on GenesisII 5.0 question for techs

I picked up a GenesisII Evo running the 5.0 software along with the OBDII advanced cable. What I am wondering is on imports I am often picking up an unable to read code warning and have been having to resort to utilizing the GlobalII area of the system for various vehicles in the 1997-2000 range seems to do well over 2000 and I have full datastream however as an example my 97 volvo will not diag on any system besides GlobalII. Wondering if one of you guys can point me in the right direction as far as updates or cards etc I may be in need of for this system?

Response From Hammer Time

That's because you don't have Euro software in your scanner.

Response From LemonBalm

The weird thing though is it did just fine with a 2006 s60, and have had no problem diagnosing BMW, MERC, etc but seems not to want to function on older models. Is is the software itself or just less info from the OBD available on older models?

Response From Hammer Time

They must be using a different communication format in the earlier years.

Response From LemonBalm Top Rated Answer

Ah ok, I will do a little hunting around and see what the company offers. I really dont want to go out for other tuning and diag systems just to work with one vehicle.

2010 Hyundai Genesis Intermittent AC

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Question From blessedvoldad on 2010 Hyundai Genesis Intermittent AC

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 - 75K Miles

Just bought this car from out of state and discovered on our way home (about 300 miles into the drive) that the AC has an intermittent cooling problem. The AC will operate as expected for 10-15 minutes and then it stops blowing cold air. The display indicates the fan is blowing at full speed but very little air comes out of the vents. Once this begins, if I turn the AC off for 15 minutes or so, the AC returns to normal and blows cold air as expected for 10-15 minutes. This cycle repeated for the entire trip. Any ideas on where to begin looking? All help is appreciated!

Response From Discretesignals

Could be the evaporator is freezing up.

Do you hear the blower running when air isn't blowing out the vents? Does it blow out any of the other vents such as floor or defroster?

Response From Hammer Time

That's what I was getting at when I asked the question.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

blessedvoldad : At a glance that sound like evaporator icing as mentioned. If so you would notice lower air flow out vents without changing fan speed setting and lack of condensate dripping out to ground which goes without notice driving along.

Seems like since you noticed this 300 miles into trip you are not going back for a fix no matter what unless it has some transferable warranty of some kind.

If, and this is still if icing and can duplicate it now where your destination is you could just park engine running when this happens and shut down A/C after noticing no water/condensate dripping and then as it melts would commonly make one huge puddle as it melts then work again. When happening you might also notice a frosted up return line from the evaporator seen underhood.

Could be some other cause entirely and needs the observations to begin to narrow it down. If you are going to take this on please indicate what what Skills and equipment you have. If under warranty and might be if even thru manufacturer do check on that.

If not taking on the problem just detail your observations as best you can to the shop of your choice that does have A/C experience and the equipment.

A/C is one area where doing things wrong easily makes problems worse and more expensive,


Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Sorry HT, didn't scroll down to see your reply. This 14 inch CRT monitor stinks.

Response From Hammer Time

Did you have the blower turned down to low before this happened?

otc genisys evo

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Question From autojoe on otc genisys evo

I use several scan tools including snap on.I was thinking about buying a otc genisys evo.Does anyone think this is a better scan tool then a snap on?

Response From Sidom

I guess it depends on how much you want to spend. I've noticed OTC is usally cheaper that SO especially on updates. I haven't used OTC too much but both OTC & SO have gaps in coverage. The advantage the Modis or Verus has over OTC is a 4 channel DSO compared to OTCs 2 channel.

If you are going to go with OTC it seems like a Pegisys might be a better bet, unless you are getting a real good deal on the Genisys. I got to use a Pegisys a little bit ago for just a little bit. I did like it's touch screen better than the Verus. Plus I noticed you got Euro & med truck as part of the package.

If you decide on SO I would stay away from the Verus right now. I think they released it to soon. Our shop got one a few weeks back & I still have got use to it yet. It's a nice unit but I've noticed when things get fast I still grab my Modis 1st......

I will have to admitt the Pegisys did impress me. I would like to demo one for a week... The one thing I'm leary about is the 2 channel scope. Most of time it's fine but there are a few times where you need that 3rd & 4th channel.....

Response From Guest

i currently have the "pegishit" and have finally got otc to take it back.i have had nothing but trouble with it.i think it was released too 6 months i have had it it has been 2 otc 2 times amd updated at least 4 times.not a good product

Response From Sidom

What problems were you having with it?

Response From wolffer0

I purchased an evo 4.0 6 weeks ago and found out the tool keeps locking up on me, I wasted my time with tech support and am now stuck with a tool that locks up every time I use it. The OTC reps point fingers at each other and I sit with a turd I have to send in for repair. That equals to me purchasing a tool that basicly is refurbished. tech support reads que cards. the famed printer option only works with obsolete printers. BIG PLUS is that the battery goes dead by itself in 3 days plugged into it so don't expect it to be ready when you need it. OTC tech says that is how the tool is designed and claims no secret to It. The classic does not have the battery drain so go for that one if you are not going to use it every day. I will be posting my experience with this tool on you tube so other people know what to expect because no customer service to keep customer happy equals bad publicity. the tool was neat when it works but it has made me lose more jobs because of not working. I was a loyal customer that started with a 2000. then a 4000. now a new evo that locks up every use. there is limited info about this unit so BEWARE ! now I am stuck with it and I don't want anyone else blindly purchasing this unit without a real world opinion about it from a former OTC loyal customer. Wish I would have at least tried the snap on unit.I was treated real bad in this deal ! I shure hope not every one is getting a lemon like mine.

Response From wolffer0

Its been a year now and it has been sent to repair 3 times. still locks up after about 8 cars worth of use and it is out of warranty. the tech told me that I am messing it up somehow and that they will charge me to repair it. I am just going to have to post the conversation on you tube so everyone intersted in buying one can see how it turns out in the end.

Response From autojoe

I have a pico 4 channel high resolution scope.........I just need a scan tool.I have a auto enginuity scan tool/escan scan tool and a snap on scan tool....the mtg2500.I love my auto enginuity and also my escan.

Response From Hammer Time

Although the OTC will do much more on a GM product, I would prefer using the snap on any time. The menu system in the OTC is pretty slow.

Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

That answer would be dependent upon which Snappy tool you are using. If you are using entry level Snappy tool, the Genesis will be better. If you are using the higher end Snappy, the Genesis will disappoint you.