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1996 buick regal

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Question From Guest on 1996 buick regal

i have a 1996 buick regal how do change fuel pump and does it have a rest

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Most fuel pumps (electric) are in the fuel tank which almost always needs to be taken out to replace it. Best to empty the gas tank as it would be heavy and spill gas for removal.

WARNING! This can be dangerous as you are dealing with fuel. Strange but an empty tank can explode and a full one just makes a monster fire. Use all caution not to make sparks of any kind, T

PS: What did you mean "Does it have a rest?"

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

thank you for the reply

my ford thunderbird has a reset on it but i could not find one on the buick for the fuel pump

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Some Fords put it in the trunk. They are there to shut off the fuel in case of a collision and I haven't found many to be wrong but it's worth a check if that's all it is, T

1936 Buick

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Question From ThePirate on 1936 Buick

I am looking for a steering wheel for a 36 Buick

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Don't have one - they can be fixed if needed. Neat old cars!


1990 Buick Reatta

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Question From 4Brawner on 1990 Buick Reatta

I have a 1990 Buick Reatta that needs some electrical work. Specifically, the electrical panel in the dashboard needs to be secure due to the headlight button being pushed in too far. Should I go to a Buick dealership to repair it or a local auto shop.

Response From dmac0923

im not being a smart a$$ but your really going to have to elaborate some more about the problem your experiencing to get some advice on the forum. i cant speak for everyone but i have no idea what you need help with.

Response From Double J Top Rated Answer

Here is a picture of what I think you are referring to.

If thats the case, you can go to a local qualified shop for repairs....

Fig. 11 Headlamp Switch Removal & Installation. 1990-91 Reatta & 1990-92 Riviera

1936 Buick Series 40

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Question From Guest on 1936 Buick Series 40

Have numerous parts for sale and would like to know where to view or purchase parts catalogue. Only ones I can find are small parts would like one with motor transmission, etc.

(on edit - added a pic of the 36 Buick Series 40....... TomG 11-2008)

Response From ThePirate

I am looking for a 36 buick steering you have one?

Response From Guest


Just found your posting, do you happen to still have any parts for the 36, looking for body parts such as emblems, trim pieces, front bumper. Please get back to me.

Response From Guest

Hi, I'm looking for a transmission for a 36 40 series

Response From Guest

I need the hood hinge,and a door hinge for front door passenger side lower hinge.Hope you can help.
Thank You

Response From Guest

what parts do you have left to sell? thanks Dino.

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

Looking for tail lights for a 36 buick and running board spears.
Let me know if you have them.

Response From Guest

Need hood ornament and front bumper for a model 90 1936 Buick. Doors for 1936 special or century and center pillars.

Response From Guest

Do you still have the parts from the 36?

Response From Guest

Please send a list of the parts for the 36 buick that you have.

1996 Buick skylark wiring

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Question From dsawyer44 on 1996 Buick skylark wiring

I'm looking for the wiring for the instrument cluster on a 1996 Buick skylark. Thanks It's a 2.4 liter.

Response From Hammer Time

That's part of the entire inside harness.

Response From dsawyer44

I'm looking for the colors and wire numbers for the connector that plugs into the dash cluster.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

You should have specified that.

Response From dsawyer44

Thanks for all your help. What i was trying to find out was what wires or number on the connector were for the srs light and also the seat belt light.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I don't have that but please make up you mind what you are looking for. I doubt the instrument cluster has anything to do withe SRS or seat belt light but if they are lit you will need higher end equipment than just wire colors and plug #s,


Response From dsawyer44

Here's the problem. I changed the instrument cluster because there was a problem with the passlock system. Yes the passlock goes through the cluster. After i changed the cluster, i now have a srs and seat belt light on. I never had this problem until i changed the cluster. I wanted to know which wires control the srs and seat belt lights in the cluster.

Response From Hammer Time

You're way over your head here. I gave you the use of every wire going into the cluster. This is not your daddy's 55 Chevy. It has modules and digital data lines.

Response From Discretesignals

Tried a salvage yard?