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need alfa romeo tail lights

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Question From whismike on need alfa romeo tail lights

I have a 91 alfa romeo spider I'm doing a full restoration on it. I have everything I need but the rear center tail light plastic I can't find 1 anywhere. If you have any tIps poInters or know where I could fInd 1 I would really apprecIate It. Thank you

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Response From nickwarner Top Rated Answer

You might find some good links to british car parts outlets through

Alfa Romeo 156 possible overheating issues

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Question From Graham1982 on Alfa Romeo 156 possible overheating issues

Dear all:

First post so please be gentle. Please note that I am quite technically minded yet my field is electronics therefore whilst I understand concepts and have some experience of auto-salvage I intend to take this problem to the garage:

Ok recently purchased an Alfa Romeo 156 - 2001 model approx. Anyway was meaning to check water levels etc but was going to take it in for a service last Tuesday upshot it didn't happen. This is my wife's car and she has been driving it no issues for the past two weeks.

Anyway she is not the most observant and when I was in the car with her I noticed the temp gauge raising. It got to just before 100 but the warning light did not come on - I immediately got her to pull the car over, we went shopping and the engine cooled down. I bought some water and noticed that when I undid the lid on the tank there was NO water in there, just literaly a few isolated drops. Naturally I backed about 2 litres of water into it, ran it up and the temp seemed to be OK - disaster averted or so I thought.

Anyway the temp guage now fluctuates between 90 and nothing as if the guage doesn;t work properly. When the engine is idling at traffic lights for say less than a min the temp decreases but when the engine is under load say driving at 40 mph plus the guage rises past 90. unfortunately wife has only done round town driving since it happened so I don't know if the temp would keep rising if she was driving for a long period of time.

My thoughts are:

Cracked head (unlikely as no steam and I stopped before boil and no warning light that is assuming temp gauge is working)
Dodgy thermostat
Dodgy water pump

I also assume (based on my experience of much older 1980s Jaguar XJ6 engines) that if it was a cracked head the temp would rise much more quickly and steam would pour out/engine useless much more quickly.

Also, even when I noticed the temp problem initially prior to noticing no water in the tank the bonnet (hood) didn't feel overly hot. Also, the fan did not kick in.

Could anyone suggest if it is now game over for this car or a simple repair?



Response From Discretesignals

We don't have that vehicle here in the states, but you need to have the coolant system pressure tested while the engine is cold. Pressure testing will show leaks that occur under pressure.

Response From Graham1982


Thanks, I assume that when I go to the garage that is what will be done when I tell them the problems. I guess the purpose of my post was to find out from the initial symptoms if this looked like a write-off or a repair job that would be managable in terms of expense.

Thanks again


Response From Graham1982 Top Rated Answer


Slight update - realised that as the system was dry to start with it most likely needed coolant too - I was correct and I have put coolant in too (to the correct ratio). Also, from cold I sat in the car and put the heater on. It was what could be described as warm and as I didn't want to sit in there for ages burning petrol, the fact that heat is coming through the system would suggest that it is OK.

Service on Tuesday so who knows but I would still appreciate any further info



Response From Discretesignals

The coolant has to be going somewhere if your having to add coolant. The first thing the garage is going or should do is pressure test the system to see if there are any leaks and where those leaks are.

Car sounds like a lawn mower or go kart, maybe even motorcycle

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Question From Mastermonk on Car sounds like a lawn mower or go kart, maybe even motorcycle

Car sounds like a lawn mower or go kart, maybe even motorcycle. I believe that the problem exists with in the Muffler, or its pipes connecting it to the engine. Any ideas?

Car is a '97 Alfa Romeo Italian Build and European Spec.

Response From mopar_man1991

It could also be the donut gasket where the tailpipe connects the exhaust manifold...

Response From DrElectrics

Good call Mopar, Thats what i was just about to write. You can locate this easily. Under your hood, while car is off, go look under the motor, for where your exhaust pipe looks like it joins to it. There should be 2 pipes depending. There will then be what looks like a plate where it joins. Inside that is your gasket. Once found. Start car and get someone to rev a little for you, see if thats where the noise is coming from. OR, have you changed your exhaust lately to a bigger one?

Response From Mastermonk Top Rated Answer

I have located the problem it was where the Muffler connected to the engine, someone had literally held this thing together with wire that was coming lose, I went to the local high school hobby shop and they replaced it with some new bolts and a seal, she sounds purdy now!

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Amazing what the old "Coat Hangar and Duct Tape" tricks can pull. Did a shop do that to this car?


Response From Mastermonk

Well i bought it from a friend, he says he never noticed it before, he blames it on a shop he took it to.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Car would have to be well secured and jacked up and when running chase down the suspect areas. Perhaps with like a good oven mit you could move around/tug on pipes and help find the problem. Mufflers can look good and have all kinds of rust inside that makes noise too,


should i buy this car?

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Question From Guest on should i buy this car?

i've been offered a chance to buy a 2002 mazda 6 sport 2.3 (40,000 miles), its a beautiful car but i'm worried about fuel consumption. Anybody give me some advice please? Is the car reliable? I'm currently driving a alfa romeo 145 1.4 t-spark for maybe some comparisons with fuel. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Response From SantaRosaMechanic

sir, if your really concerned with the fuel consumption. i suggest dont buy the mazda. if your in the city the 1.4 will not be beaten by the mazda. but if your driving on a freeway the bigger engine is more economical to use. try to think about it if your on a 1.4 engine in a freeway youll always be on high rev. however with a bigger engine youll go to the required speed with the right rev. hope this helps.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

If the whole objective is fuel economy the Mazda 6 will probably not be close to the Alfa 1.4.

This site might help for cars that can meet US requirement - frequently LOWER MPGs than what can and will be sold elsewhere. You'll need to know what the specs are on that Mazda for the country it was originally destined and made for.

Here's a link that may help you decide??

Been a long time since there were many Alfas in the US or at least seen by me locally. A rough guess is that the Mazda would be less on maintenance and repair than the Alfa but in the used market a lot more needs to be considered.

Good luck